Sony May Push ‘All the Money in the World’ Due to Kevin Spacey Allegations [Updated]

     November 6, 2017


[Update: Sony has officially cancelled the AFI premiere screening of All the Money in the World, adding in a statement that the movie is “a superb film and more than worthy of its place of honor in the AFI fest. But given the current allegations surrounding one of its actors and out of respect for those impacted, it would be inappropriate to celebrate at a gala at this difficult time.” The studio says the film will still open wide on December 22nd as planned. Our original story follows below.]

House of Cards may not be the only project facing a significant delay due to the mounting (and super disturbing) sexual harassment allegations regarding actor Kevin Spacey. Sony Pictures had planned a major Oscar push for the performer’s physical transformation as billionaire J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott’s upcoming drama All the Money in the World, but after Anthony Rapp broke his silence on sexual harassment he says he encountered at the hands of Spacey, Sony ditched the Spacey-focused Oscar campaign. The studio had planned on forging ahead by switching gears, campaigning Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg’s turns in the true story drama instead. But now the whole awards campaign might be scrapped altogether, along with the release.

Per Variety, Sony is considering moving the release date of All the Money in the World and canceling its world premiere at the American Film Institute, which is slotted for next week. A final decision has not been made, but in the face of mounting allegations of Spacey’s behavior over the years—including on the set of House of Cards—it appears the studio is considering that simply scrapping Spacey’s Oscar campaign may not be enough. If the film does get pushed, Variety says there’s a good chance it will land in June 2018. The film is complete, and while Variety notes that some producers think the studio should move forward as planned, apparently Scott himself has urged Sony to cancel the AFI premiere.


Image via Sony Pictures

This news comes in the wake of Netflix effectively firing Spacey from House of Cards, announcing that it would not move forward with the show if Spacey is involved. Producer Media Rights Capital has suspended Spacey from the series and is currently mulling its options. Season 6 had just started production when the first allegations surfaced, and filming has sense been suspended while producers consider a way to write Spacey out of the show’s final season. Netflix and MRC are also reportedly eyeing a few ideas for House of Cards spinoffs, so it appears they’re keen on keeping the brand alive—just without Spacey’s involvement. Netflix also announced that it won’t be moving forward with the Spacey-led biopic Gore, which just finished shooting. It’s unclear if that’ll land at another studio or if the film will be just shelved.

As for All the Money in the World, we should be hearing word soon. The film wasn’t really considered a major Oscar player beyond Supporting Actor consideration for Spacey, so pushing the release date likely won’t impact the awards season all that much.

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