Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift Offered Roles of Cosette and Eponine in LES MISERABLES [Updated]

     January 3, 2012


With recent word that director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) would be recording live vocals from his actors rather than pre-recording them, it made sense to pad his line-up with actors who possessed some singing talent. Or singers who possessed some acting talent. Well, in this case, he’s done both, as Amanda Seyfried (In Time) and Taylor Swift (Valentine’s Day) have been offered roles in the cinematic musical, Les Miserables. Seyfried has been offered the role of Cosette, a part in which her operatic background should come in handy. Country singer Swift has been offered the role of Eponine, having beaten out such actresses as Lea Michele (Glee), Scarlett Johansson (We Bought a Zoo) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Ides of March). Hit the jump for more on Les Miserables. [Update: Deadline reports Seyfried has signed on to play Cosette]

TwitchFilm reported on the offerings of the roles to both Seyfried and Swift. As Cosette and Eponine have a tumultuous relationship in the story, it will be interesting to see how these two play out. Les Miserables also stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen and Eddie Redmayne. The film opens on December 7, 2012. Check out the synopsis from the musical below (via Broadway Home Musical):

Jean Valjean, an ex-con, has transformed himself to become mayor and the owner of a factory. But when he is moved to help one of his former workers, Fantine, Valjean’s past is brought to light, and he is forced to abandon everything to run from Javert, the chief of police, dead set on bringing him to justice. Nine years later, Cosette, Fantine’s child, has been raised by Valjean and has fallen in love with Marius, a fighter in the French revolution (after whom another, named Eponine, also pines). With Javert on the hunt and a revolution tearing the city apart, in the end, everyone is forced to question what they’re willing to sacrifice in pursuit of love and justice.


  • Nick

    I don’t have a problem with Seyfried, but anybody know if T-Swift can actually act?

    • flor

      her singing is already horrible enough. have you seen Valentine’s Day? She’s all over the place. She really is bd

  • tomincmh

    If this is true (especially on Swift), I’ve really lost all interest in this movie. From Tom Hooper being named director, Anne Hathaway playing Fantine, and Taylor Swift of all people being cast as Eponine, this project’s decision makers have really dropped the ball on this.

    Considering the executive producers of this are the same geniuses who decided to cast Nick Jonas as Marius in the Les Mis 25th anniversary concert, I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

    • flor

      This whole comment is perfection

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  • abefroman

    This is some great news! I wondered when people would find out that Taylor actually began in music theatre. My roommate knew her growing up and told me that Taylor was Maria in the Sound of Music and Sandy in Grease and some other roles? Now we can see just how good she is as Eponine. Break a leg, Taylor!

  • sense 11

    Its going to be hot to look at i know that much, to listen I don’t know


  • sw

    OK, “Les Misérables” has absolutely nothing to do with the French Revolution so stop saying that it does. If you don’t believe me take a look at the official synopsis:

    You will notice that the action starts in 1815 and ends in 1833 (well the synopsis only jumps to 1832). Remember the French Revolution was in 1789. Do the math.

    My favorite comments about Taylor (seen elsewhere):

    – Is Marni Nixon still alive and available?

    – Maybe Kanye West will interrupt her in the middle of “On My Own,” and take over the song… we can only hope.

    And here’s one from me: It’s normal to cry during “Les Mis” but it’s usually for different reasons.

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  • Melody

    If Taylor Swift is Eponine its going to ruin the whole movie for me. Her voice is ordinary and weak, plus her acting in Valentine’s Day was stiff. If they choose her, it’ll be because they know her fans will watch it.

    Lea Michele is a Broadway veteran.
    Scarlet Johansson has a Tony award for acting in a play and she has released songs.
    Evan Rachel Wood is a brilliant actress (Thirteen anyone?) who is particularly good at acting forlorn (total Eponine), and if anyone’s seen Across the Universe, you know she has a good voice.

    COME ON!

  • Casey

    Some of you need to SERIOUSLY shut the hell up. If they cast Taylor as Eponin, SO BE IT, she already confirmed her role and theres nothing you can do about it. Maybe when she was auditioning, they saw something special in her, so just, chill out.

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