Mary Jane Cut from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 [Update: Role May Be Recast]

     June 19, 2013


We previously reported that Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) would be playing Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and we had seen some set photos of the talented young actress as the iconic character.  However, director Marc Webb later said that this would be a brief appearance to set up the third installment, and now it looks like the character has been nixed from part 2 altogether.  In the latest issue of EW [via CBM], which focuses on Woodley and her lead role in the upcoming film Divergent, she told the publication, “Of course I’m bummed. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a specific reason…Based on the proposed plot, I completely understand the need for holding off on introducing [Mary Jane] until the next film.”  There’s no word if Woodley’s scenes will be held until the next movie, or if these scenes will stay on the cutting room floor.

Woodley will next be seen in The Spectacular Now, and this August she’s set to start filming on the adaptation of The Fault in Our StarsThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in 3D on May 2, 2014.  As we reported a couple days ago, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is set for June 10, 2016, and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 is due out on May 4, 2018. [Update: Now it looks like the Mary Jane role may be recast.  More after the jump.]

the-amazing-spider-man-2-shailene-woodleyAdam here.  Webb has now released a statement about the decision, which follows below:

“I made a creative decision to streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship. Shailene is an incredibly talented actress and while we only shot a few scenes with Mary Jane, we all love working with her.”

THR adds in its report that it’s likely that Woodley will not return for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and that the role will be recast.  The reason for the change is not stated, but Sony could be worried that Woodley might be too busy with a franchise of her own.  Summit has already enlisted a screenwriter to start working on the Divergent sequel Insurgent, and if Divergent is a hit with audiences then it’s possible that the actress could start filming the follow-up as early as late next year or early 2015.

With Sony already announcing release dates for Spidey 3 and 4, the studio is clearly eager to keep the franchise going at a rapid pace, which means that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 could feasibly start production in early 2015 as well.  I quite liked the choice of Woodley as Mary Jane so I’m personally hoping that things can be worked out, but leading a series of her own isn’t necessarily a bad trade off for Woodley and Webb has shown a knack for casting great actors in his rebooted Spidey franchise, so I’m sure the replacement would be a sufficient choice.


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  • WAldenIV

    I can’t help but wonder if the backlash against her had anything to do with her being cut. I wonder if she’ll still have the role for the 3rd film.

    • ddpryor

      Probably a combination of that and they really thought about the death of Gwen Stacey. They most likely feel that setting up a Peter-Mary relationship would lessen the impact of Gwen’s death.
      Also this thing is jammed packed full of characters so to do her justice and to no overwhelm the audience they cut the minor scenes.

    • Greyson

      Me too. I have a horrible suspicion, “lose weight and come back for the next one.”

  • Christopher

    Hopefully she’s recast by the time production on the third film begins.

    • sammy

      Shut up you picky nerd, i doubt your crusty sock is any better looking than this girl

      • Christopher

        No, but my wife sure is.

      • Matt Lane

        I find that hard to believe

      • Murdoch

        Nice profile photo, Matt. Post-op?

      • Strong Enough


      • Matt Lane

        it’s my gf

      • sammy

        Again your crusty sock doesn’t count as a partner

        But well done you and other geeks have just hounded this girl because she wasn’t ‘hot’ enough. Congratulations how many other Hollywood films have been the casting agency for? None thought so, sadsack pat yourself on the back you called a girl ugly behind a computer screen because she’s not as sexy as a cartoon cartoon character.

        Well done nerds you’ve just proven how backwards you all are, i guess i’ll get the white knight replies now.

      • Christopher

        Is using a sock as a masturbation aid a thing people actually do? I mean, I’ve seen it depicted in horrendous teen comedies, but I’ve never heard of them being used for that purpose in real life. Frankly it seems like a rather filthy thing to do. Imagine all the sock lint and pilled cotton your glans would be covered in? Disgusting.

        Now, onto other matters; I, for one, have not “hounded this girl.” To “hound” something typically means to harass. I have not done such a thing to this actress. I’ve had no contact at all with her, and even if I wanted to for some reason, I have no idea how I would even go about such a series of actions.

        Honestly, I’d never even heard of this woman until it was announced a few months ago that she’d been cast in this film. Since then, I don’t believe I’ve even mentioned my thoughts on her casting on the internet at all until this morning. Also note that at no point did I ever call her “ugly.” She isn’t ugly, far from it, actually. If anything she’s just average-looking, in a “girl you’d run into a supermarket” sort of way. There’s nothing wrong with that.

        No, what I said was that she isn’t attractive enough for the role. I’m not being superficial when I say that. This isn’t a matter of me wanting new fapping material in The Amazing Spider-Man (Emma Stone provides that in spades, incidentally). One of the characters physically-defining attributes is that she’s gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that she was a super-model for a number of years in the comic books. This actress does not fit that look, unfortunately.

        You’ve been (very poorly) flinging insults at me since the very beginning of this, and appear to be taking her nixing from the picture rather personally. What gives? Given your low literacy level, I highly doubt you’re her agent, or anyone involved in the production. So what is it, then? Are you a friend of hers? Family member? Obsessed fan? A member of the sock club?

      • sammy

        Nope just a guy who is sick of coming on websites like these and either seeing racist remarks or sexist remarks, so i’m responding but you’ve just contradicting yourself by saying you didn’t say she pretty enough for the role but then go on to say you want her recasted but she ‘doesn’t look the part’ when she’s probably twice the actress Emma Stone, but they have brought in Felicity Jones so that is probably another actress will outshine Emma Stone, that is why i’m insulting you and your sock of a wife because you’re a typical fanboy who will judge an actress just on appearance only without seeing her act.

        Yes i’m spelling every word wrong aren’t I, idiot not only do you go on the internet to call girls ugly you also a grammar Nazi you absolute cretin

      • Christopher

        “Considering Mary Jane was a supermodel for a while in the comics, yeah. Frankly this actress just isn’t attractive enough for the character.”

        “No, what I said was that she isn’t attractive enough for the role. I’m not being superficial when I say that. This isn’t a matter of me wanting new fapping material in The Amazing Spider-Man (Emma Stone provides that in spades, incidentally). One of the characters physically-defining attributes is that she’s gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that she was a super-model for a number of years in the comic books. This actress does not fit that look, unfortunately.”

        I fail to see where I’ve allegedly contradicted myself, since I’ve been pretty consistent with my opinion on the matter.

        You call me “idiot,” yet you’re the one with an apparent low level of reading comprehension; the one having immense trouble with punctuation and sentence structure; the one so passionate about a non-issue, that he’s resorted to childish insults and hostility toward someone who is tryin to rationally discuss this.

        Oh, and now you’re insulting my wife, a person you’ve had absolutely no contact with in any way. Grow up.

      • sammy

        Yes if you’re wife is a sock i’m insulting your wife. You’ve never met this actress, you only heard of her 3 months ago but she’s alright for you to insult, but yeah sorry for insulting your wife apparently.

        Where you said she wasn’t pretty is where you’ve contradicted yourself, that is why i’m going after you because you’re just the typical fanboy who will bash an actress for not being pretty enough to be in a movie about a superhero who can climb walls; shoot webs out of his hands, but what do I know i’m just an idiot with grammar problems *sigh*

        This isn’t a right place for this argument though, i’m in the mecca of fanboys, ya know judging something before you see and calling women ugly for fitting their idea of beauty from a comic book.

        It’s embarrassing that i’m seen as the idiot or the troll

  • brNdon

    It looks like they finally realized that’s not Mary Jane. That was my one big problem with all 3 Raimi films as well. Kirsten Dunst was not Mary Jane, either. Mary Jane is supposed to be the kind of chick who walks into a room and cause everyones jaws to drop. Even the married guys who are sitting next to their wives.

    • Eric

      what do you mean, both actresses are very atractive

      • LEM

        There’s a big difference between attractive and drop dead gorgeous. I think Dunst is a complete butter face and Woodley is cute but neither fit the role at all.

      • JBug

        I personally felt Dunst would have been the perfect Gwen Stacey (being she is a natural blonde), while Emma Stone would be the perfect MJ (naturally red hair). Dunst fits the perky, best friend character better, while Stone is the perfect sassy girl next door. Either way, it’s a moot point.

      • Reina

        ahhh such a good point. I forgot that Emma Stone looks fabulous with red hair.

      • Eli

        Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde. She died it red when she first came to LA to get noticed in casting sessions.

      • Julio Navas

        No. In fact Emma Stone is a natural blonde, not redhead.

      • Lex Walker

        I think Sam Raimi really missed a golden opportunity with that first trilogy when he cast Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy instead of MJ. She’d have been a perfect Mary Jane. And, she can act so…win/win.

    • Christopher

      Considering Mary Jane was a supermodel for a while in the comics, yeah. Frankly this actress just isn’t attractive enough for the character.

      That, and can we please, finally, get a NATURAL REDHEAD to portray her?

      • sammy

        Yes get a natural redhead, its not like we can’t dye somebodies hair, no thats to simple. We can’t have a black human torch, but we need a natural redhead because I need a live action MJ to get my rocks off

      • Christopher

        Most dyed red hair doesn’t look natural. Besides, natural redheads are underused in Hollywood.

      • sammy

        So what about Emma Stone when she’s a Redhead? Its looks red she’s not in blackface

      • Christopher

        I said “most.”

        And “blackface?” What the hell is wrong with you?

      • Don’t be daft.

        What do you want, Christopher? Would you like a parade of women to line up in front of you, while you inspect them and ask them to turn around and such, like a Saudi oil sheik? How picky do you have to be?

      • sammy

        You’re acting like she’s in blackface the outrage from you people.

        Like don’t be daft said, what sort of woman do you want? Please remember they’re all 18 years old they are not all flawless beauty queens. They’ll replace her now because of nerd outrage due to some geek not having someone to beat his meat to because to nerds that is all women are supermodels who hook up with the school nerd.

        Who do you want as her placement aka the girl who won’t be pretty enough because she’s not a supermodel, that argument is so dumb, name a young actress who actually looks like a supermodel?

    •‎ tarek

      you are just obsessed with sex man! ^^

      • RiddleThemThis

        Next they’re going to have a black bond, a white blade and an asian shaft and tarek will be just fine and dandy with it.

      •‎ tarek

        As long as they nail Peter Parker ( which is not the case with Andrew) I am ok. I liked Kristen Dunst.
        Well, I they ask me, I will suggest Liv Tyler.

        A black James bond ? Why not ? it isn’t a comic book character.

      • JBug

        Nick Fury is white in the comics. Marvel nailed it with Sam Jackson.

      • doctor_robot

        nick fury is black in the ultimate marvel universe.

      • JBug

        I didn’t know that, but I looked it up and I believe they designed ultimate nick fury to look like Samuel Jackson.

      • Lex Walker

        They did, which added to the awesomeness of the casting.

    • Don’t be so superficial.

      Who would be good enough, then?

      The last thing we need (even though I think this current movie series is unecessary, and Spidey should go back to Marvel) is the “Michael Bay” treatment… Mary Jane washes a car in super slo-mo… a Victoria’s Secret model in a red wig… but completely unable to act, only capable of wearing a single blank expression on her face throughout the movie.

      Go watch Transformers if that’s what you want. We need a girl who can act, not just make your nether regions feel tight.

      • axalon

        You’re in the wrong industry if you’re worried about superficiality. The fact of the matter is that Mary Jane is a supermodel, plain and simple. It’s been like that for decades. I personally think Woodley can/could pull it off and is a much better choice than Dunst was.

      • Don’t be so superficial.

        axalon: “I just want a girl whose rump makes me want to eat big slices of cheesecake right off her booo-taaaaaay!!!”

      • Christopher

        Are you implying that extremely attractive women just inherently lack any sort of genuine acting ability? Because that’s a rather narrow-minded attitude.

      • Don’t be daft.

        The fact you can’t even name an actress who’s both “hot” and has the required degree of acting skills tells me you value the cheesecake factor over all else.

        That’s a common attitude, and hey, it’s made Michael Bay a very rich man. But I’ll take merely “very attractive” with acting ability, over “super hot” but can barely get her lines out without tripping on her face.

      • Christopher

        I wasn’t aware I was supposed to list off a name of talented, beautiful actresses. All right then;

        Gemma Arterton
        Eva Green
        Natalie Portman
        Rachel McAdams
        Christina Hendricks
        Jennifer Lawrence
        Allison Brie
        Zooey Deschanel
        Emily Blunt
        Anne Hathaway
        Mary Elizabeth Winstead
        Kate Winslet
        Olivia Wilde
        Maggie Gyllenhaal
        Emma Stone
        Jewel Staite
        Scarlet Johansson
        Aisha Tyler
        Hayley Atwell
        Lena Headey
        Julianne Moore
        Kristen Bell
        Malin Ackerman
        Anna Kendrick
        Aubrey Plaza
        Zoe Saldana

        Should I go on? Note that I’m not saying any of these women should portray Mary Jane (because I’m sure someone will think that), I’m just naming off some extremely attractive, talented actressses.

      • Don’t be daft.

        That list was a cop out and you know it. Most of the actresses on it wouldn’t make a good Mary Jane Watson for any number of reasons. And a lot of them are “only” as attractive as Woodley, or even less.

      • Christopher

        To quote myself “Note that I’m not saying any of these women should portray Mary Jane, I’m just naming off some extremely attractive, talented actresses.” You alleged (for some reason) that I was unable to name any women who are both attractive, and good actors. But I did, so…

      • sammy

        Not many of these actresses are that talented, some are plain bad or are just overrated.

        Also the girl who played MJ is in that cateorgy, she gave a better performance in the descendents than most of these actresses have ever given.

      • brNdon

        Her hotness is a big part of who Mary Jane is in the comics. She’s a model/actress. She’s mega hot. Her character being those things is one of the big parts of her relationship with Perter Parker and it plays on the insecurities of his character. That is the on thing that Raimi did not really nail with his movies.

    • jennylouis

      yes but you have to realize their opposite there is no way a drop dead gorgeous girl will end up with the peter parkers they have chosen for these movies for example megan fox would never end up with toby mcguire or garfield

      • Nathan

        Yet another cynical narrow minded point of view.
        Part of the point of mary jane’s character in the original comics is that the nice guy peter parker CAN end up with her. It’s an optimistic outlook that we need to see more of today.

  • LEM

    They can replace her with someone who actually fits the character finally.

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  • Matt

    I wonder if the real reason is she showed up a bit overweight. I don’t know if anyone else could tell from the set photos, but she had definitely put on weight from when I last saw her in The Descendants. And I don’t mean to bring that up to be cruel. Maybe it was just the angle of the photographs but it seemed that she had. I guess this tells us Felicity Jones will have a larger role in this.

  • Sean Chandler

    This doesn’t establish my confidence in the filmmakers, but as a decision in and of itself, it seems wise. To me it seemed really foolish to have Parker interested in both Gwen and Mary Jane in the same movie. Given Emma Stone’s popularity and likeability, they were just setting it up for people to HATE Mary Jane.

  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    I don’t understand the interest in this new series at all. It’s a rehash of the Raimi movies with different bad guys and a love interest. Now they’re adding too many villains (just like Spiderman 3) and cutting major characters.

    • doctor_robot

      how so? because spider-man is in it? and he fights villains? your comment makes little sense to me.

    • Christopher

      Beyond having a few of the same characters and Uncle Ben dying, Amazing Spider-Man really has nothing in common with the Raimi films. The plot and tone are both dramatically-different.

    • Jason Richards

      The last one made over 700 million world wide. People are interested.

  • Ethan Steers

    I don’t understand the hate for her. Lose weight? Get prettier? You people are disgusting.

    • sensibletunic

      No hate for her. Don’t want to drive anybody to an eating disorder or plastic surgeon, either. But we’re allowed to insist that the role may have been miscast, aren’t we?

      • sammy

        Yes but based on the performance not the looks of the actress, i doubt you’ve either said this about a man

      • Ethan Steers

        Saying that you don’t like her because she may not fit the role based on acting ability is one thing, but don’t pretend like that is what is happening in this comments thread.

  • carl napolitano

    Why Can they not get Mary Jane right in these movies!?!?!?!?! Because that’s not what Mary Jane should look like!

    • JBug

      More than looks, the MJ’s character is what’s harder and more important to get down. Out of all the comic book female characters, her’s has the most personality and is the most involved emotionally with the corresponding super hero.

  • carl napolitano
    • ScaredForMovies

      It’s easy to say she looks like this in the comics, but why not give us some examples of a young actress you think fits the bill. I’ve heard lots of people complain about MJ, but nobody is really offering any opinions on who could live up to everyones lofty, super model expectations. I’m curious.

      • carl napolitano

        here you go…

        shes in supes, but you know, were just saying for sh-ts and giggles…

        Might be to old …but come onnnnn!

        Not to bad…

        Shes an interesting choice…

        Not my top choice, but, dye her hair red-ish blonde…and could work…

        i think any one of these would be a better choice, looks wise, acting i dont know…maybe not, but it cant be worse than the guy playing spiderman. acting wise.

      • Lex Walker

        They’re all too old compared to Andrew Garfield. They can play younger, but not nearly enough to fit.

      • carl napolitano

        New topic: Theres to many bad guys in this movie anyway…if they already have 3 and 4 in the works, by the time we get to 4, its going to be 12 bad guys vs a spidey that never wears his mask and has really cool emo hair!

      • Lex Walker

        Emo hair alone prepares anyone to take on 10 villains at a time, I don’t see the problem.

      • Matt Lane

        uh, Amanda seyfried and megan fox are younger than Garfield, and Rachel mcadams in only 34, wtf are you talking about

      • For the record

        Supermodel…this is the key…supermodels are not 5 feet tall, or 34 when their career takes off….which is when Peter meets MJ…yes, again, she needs to be Victorias secret hot, not cutsey actress….the same would be said if the role was reversed…you wouldn’t cast Henry Cavil in the role of Perry White, and give the part of superman to Johna Hill, because they would be seriously miss cast. That’s it.

        Would anyone have taken Superman seriously if they had gone ahead with Nicholas Cage? He’s a very talented actor, who in recent years has become a parody, but still…he wasn’t when they dreamed up that casting…It’s simple. Supermodel…Think Claudi Schiffer – but much younger.

        Clearly you see the difference. No one is saying Shailene isn’t attractive, but everyone is saying she isn’t a Supermodel, and she doesn’t have to be.

      • Lex Walker

        Seyfried might be the exception of that list, but McAdams is waaay too old considering the context of the movie and who Mary Jane is. Megan Fox, I guess the best way to describe it, is that she’s got a lot of miles on her considering her age. She’s pushing 30 and she looks it and that doesn’t work in the context of high school or even college freshmen, as opposed to Seyfried (who I overlooked the first time I read that list) who still looks pretty young (possibly because of her big eyes).

      • Kpaqu1

        Talking about too old, Garfield is 29 and is still playing high school age.

      • Jason Richards

        Seyfried would be a good choice. She’s a decent actress and can pull off the model look.

      • sammy

        yes get a bunch of 40 year olds to play a 18 year old…idiot

      • carl napolitano

        You are just a tad bit angry dude…you do realize we are talking about a fake person in a crappy spiderman reboot that sucks???
        you should calm down and drink a big ole cup of shut the f-ck up and go back to playing in your moms basement with your barbie dolls! mmmmmmkkkkkkk! see you late booster!

      • sammy

        So everyone else can just rip this girl apart because she doesn’t look like a cartoon? Andrew Garfield doesn’t really climb walls folks? Is Dane Dehaan rich enough for harry osborn?

      • Jason Richards

        Garfield is a 30 year old playing an 18 year old.

      • sammy

        No one gripes on about it though

      • ScaredForMovies

        Some decent choices. Although a few are a little too old. I know Garfield is 30 but he has a baby head. I don’t really care that they’re replacing MJ but everyone keeps saying she’s a super model. Just type in weird looking super models into Google. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • carl napolitano

        True, its a tough role to cast. But Nolan didnt exactly pick sueprmodel/typical comic book looking women for the batman movies. I think everyone was worried about Hathaway before they saw her in the suite.

      • sammy

        Suit*** Was she wearing a sofa? Dick

        Not geeks were saying she wasn’t ‘hot’ enough

      • bitchmuffin

        All of those woman look to old compared to Garfield maybe seyfried could pull it off, but idk. I think evan rachael wood would be perfect, she looks really young. she may not be the big boobed archetype of comic book woman, you’re picturing but she is an attainable hot for andrew garfield.

      • bitchmuffin

        and remember you want someone who can act not just random red headed supermodel

  • carl napolitano
    • DM725

      Oh dear god…

  • Roy Batty

    good. lets hope they recast. this chick has none of MJs vavavoom, and watching her act is like watching paint dry.

    • sammy

      Yes an animated woman has vavavoom

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  • Smallfreack

    i found it funny when people assume that divergent is gonna be a hit. there’s such a bunch of franchises coming up like The Mortal Instruments, 50 shades, Vampire Academy, the rest of the hunger games saga, and more, it’s not gonna be easy for this one to exceed, it’s too similar with the hunger games. This girl is sweet but she’s not an actress, and she’ll never be Mary Jane. Glad they change this.

    • scottish_punk

      Look at her list of accolades, and then try to say she’s not an actress. Granted, I didn’t find her right for MJ. That doesn’t mean she can’t act. She an up-and-coming actress, ready to break out, and she was amazing in THE DESCENDANTS. She’s an actress.

      • Smallfreack

        I saw the descendants and she sounds fake and forced, sorry but this is just my opinion.

      • Jason Richards

        She has done one movie that was at least passable and that’s the Descendants and I wasn’t as impressed with her as many of the critics were. Idk how good of an actress she really is.

  • Nate

    Looks like Sony finally saw those set pics too.

  • Brian Parker

    Not attractive enough? Where the hell is that coming from? Shailene Woodley is gorgeous. The fact that fan boys would reject an actress because of her looks is preposterous, especially if the director was impressed enough with her acting ability to cast her in the first place. Since when did our community become so superficial. It just sickens me.

    • Jason Richards

      Come on dude. In the comics Mary Jane is a super model. Shailene is a decent looking girl, but she’s totally wrong for the part. This is like casting Seth Rogen as James Bond.

      • Lex Walker

        That’s what the 007 franchise has been missing: a jewfro.

      • Brian Parker

        You’re just making my point for me. Superficial.

      • Brian Parker

        You’re just making my point for me. Superficial.

  • Reina

    In all honestly I wasn’t Shailene’s biggest fan to begin with so I don’t mind whatsoever.

  • jack

    they don’t need to cast a supermodel. Cast a girl who has that swagger that she knows she’s hot…MJ is a bombshell, but in the real world she just has to have sex appeal and be more attractive then any other female in the movie

  • carl napolitano

    Ohhhhh there re-casting!!!! Shocker!

  • doctor_robot

    i like this news. i was not feeling her for the role.

  • Zenexo

    God dammit I just hope this movie doesn’t suck!

  • Strong Enough

    she’s cute but not sexy. sorry i’m a pig man

  • Trav631

    Marc Webb said we all loved working with her! Why would you say that if she is going to be in ASM 3? because she is not. He said in a way not to imply she is fired but, they are moving on. They already knew there was going to be a ASM3 and 4 before the public did, and saw how Woodley would be busy with her new franchise Divergetnt, so she would be too busy. She probably was not contacted yet about the full release. You do not cut scenes out of the movie in production, you do it in post production, showing you that she has been axed. The announcement of of ASM 3 and 4 made Sony really want a MJ that was free to work on the movies, and that’s why they let Woodley go!

    Plain and simple. This may be a blessing in disguise, now we might get a MJ that has the looks and the acting talent. They Emma Stone to look like Gwen, they should get a actress that looks just like MJ! With the same chemisrty and acting talent!

  • Bee

    Karen Gillan for MJ!! She’s GORGEOUS!

  • melissa

    AAAWWWW I like her!!! that sucks. i hope they do not recast her. she is sure as shit hotter than kirsten dunce. i wanted to see shaylene in the movie. i like how it is full of so many characters….it makes it more exciting.

  • Hop

    Yay! This crapfest just got a little less doomed! Still, we do have the issue of 4 villains: Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin, New Goblin, and the setpieces have not been reassuring.
    Pass, pass, pass.

    • Christopher

      Just because Norman and Harry Osborn are in the film, doesn’t mean they’ll be Goblins. In fact I doubt the Green Goblin will appear until at least the third film.

  • DjangoBro

    Some of you guys sound like women… she’s not pretty enough, she’s too fat. I’m surprised that this is actually coming from MEN! This girl is beautiful, she reminds me of the singer JoJo, and that girl is hot too. You guys sound very pathetic when you are comparing a real life person to a comic character as far as looks go, which is absolutely dumb.

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  • monty

    As far as movie starlet standards go; that’s one ugly bitch.

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