THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2’s Spidey and Electro Grace the Cover of This Week’s Entertainment Weekly; Plus New Image

     July 10, 2013


A week from now, Comic-Con 2013 kicks off in earnest, thus beginning five days of non-stop craziness and first looks at some of the most exciting films, TV shows, comics, etc. heading our way in the near future.  Entertainment Weekly is getting a jump on this year’s Con, as the cover of this week’s issue gives us our first official look at Andrew Garfield’s Spidey and Jamie Foxx’s Electro squaring off in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  The sequel is looking like it will have a number of villains—Paul Giamatti as Rhino is confirmed, and we’ve got Dane DeHaan playing Harry Osborn, though it’s unclear if he’ll go bad this time around—but the film’s principal baddie is Foxx’s Electro.  The character appears to undergo a drastic change in appearance in the film, and director Marc Webb’s take on the character is also rather different from the comics iteration.  I’m sure we’ll learn more during the film’s Hall H panel next Friday, so check back here for our full recap of the event.

Hit the jump to take a look at the EW cover and a new image from the film featuring Garfield and DeHaan.  Comic-Con 2013 runs from July 17th – 21st, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in 3D on May 2, 2014.

Via EW.



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  • brNdon

    Looks pretty F’n cool to me.

  • Kenny Smith

    I’m down with it, the Electro suit might be a bit much, but meh

    • DjangoBro

      more than the green and yellow costume? I’m sure… lol

      • Kenny Smith

        okay not exactly what I meant haha, that would be ridiculous. I meant the lightning bolt is a tad distracting

  • victorinox126

    Looks like a suit from Prometheus.

  • Reijanrobo

    Hmmm. I did not like the 1st movie but Electro was my favorite villain in the video games. I’m sold after seeing this.

  • Martin Michael Holik

    … now if you could just unveil the finished Rhino, that’d be like the cherry on the cake!

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  • RiddleThemThis

    I like the lightning bolts on his arms.

  • Nomis1700

    Damn, Spidey’s suit is perfect now!

    And about Electro, I’m quite digging the face but I think it looks better when in motion. As for the suit, can’t judge yet; there’s not too much visible.

    As for Foxx as Electro, I’m sure we’re getting a good performance, he’s a great actor. I just hope the character is well written and that Foxx can make it entirely his own. Then, we’re up for something special :)

  • Ozweego

    I just can’t get into these Amazing Spidermans. I guess the Raimi trilogy is still too fresh. Perhaps if they mixed it up a bit I might have looked at it differently. Oh well the youngens will love it, as well as the Raimi haters.

  • sense11

    Digg It :)

  • LEM

    More like Spidey and ElecBRO.

  • 97point6

    Can’t see spending one’s whole life screaming life peaked at Raimi’s #2.

  • Zenexo

    Need more than just a side profile shot. I’ll judge the look when I see a trailer.

  • OK

    Does he really need a lighting bolt on the sleeve? Could we not get the point from the electricity coursing through his veins?

  • GH

    BOOOOOOOOOOOH! Stupid. Completely stupid. Hope this bombs.

  • pronstar

    Not really sure about the lightening bolt on the suit, but it could be a sign that electro actually tried to be a superhero at first and then fails due in some way to the actions of spidey, which is why he hates him………..

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