New THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Set Photos and Video Featuring Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx

     April 29, 2013


The deluge of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos continues.  Last week, we got our first official look at Jamie Foxx in his non-Electro form, and these unofficial set photos provide more shots of the antagonist and his atrocious hairstyle.  I’ll caution that these set photos are moving us closer to understanding the character’s arc and his relationship to Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield), so spoiler-phobes should consider themselves warned.  Director Marc Webb has also released a couple of innocuous set photos, and we’ve thrown those in as well.

Hit the jump to check out the set photos.  The film also stars Emma Stone, Dane DeHaanShailene WoodleyPaul GiamattiFelicity JonesChris Cooper, and Sally FieldThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in 3D on May 2, 2014. [Update: We've added behind-the-scenes video]

Via Daily Mail and Marc Webb.

Via CS:

Here’s the official synopsis for The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

In The Amazing Spider-Man™ 2, for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), life is busy – between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away – but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past.

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  • Mark

    OMFG! JAMIE FOXX IS NORBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • mattedscreen

      I was just thinking the same thing!

  • Agent777

    They are really taking this a weird Superman 3/ Batman Forever direction. Will it’s always beena formula for success… hasn’t it. No? I guess not.

    • Gögi

      dumbest comment on here. you’ve come to this conclusion based on what?

  • Convoy

    You know I have to go see this for the comb over.

  • spartacus

    apart from jamie foxx looking like an idiot..this spiderman looks like the one you call out for your kids birthday parties…i really didnt mind the first amazing spiderman, but i have this feeling this will suck huge amounts of donkey balls..just looks like something id expect to see on a happy meal box..everything looks way to stereotypical…i really hope im wrong.

    • eddie

      yea, i dont like the suit either… it looks to glossy. but its possible that it wont look like that in the movie? think iron mans suit in the iron man movies. on the set they use a certain suit and than touch it up on screen using cgi. my guess is theyll be doing that.

      • spartacus

        your right..even with the last amazing spiderman the set photos of the suit looked terrible..then i didnt think it looked too shabby in the movie..but the suit is my only concerns for this getting a real sort of ‘batman forever’ or even worse..’batman and robin’ vibe from it..i hope im wrong cause even though the first amazing spiderman wasnt incredible, i think it was a solid base to make something decent with this whole would be a shame if it sucked.

    • miguel

      Totally agree on enjoying the first one and that this one looks like it will suck and the suit looking like a “birthday party” costume or something someone would wear on Hollywood Blvd. It also looks like they just “repurposed” one of the alternate suits from Raimi’s trilogy.

    • Kojak

      Haha, just what i thought, Spiderfail!. Just give him a call, let him do his thing, give him 10 dollars and some milk and cookies He will be happy and your kids will love it, and oh by the way, here he is:

  • osarumen

    this is so hilarious hahahahaha!! i cant laugh!! looool

  • M&M

    Didn’t much care for the first one and from what I’m seeing here I suspect I won’t like this one either.

  • croc

    its hard to call a movie just on mere set photos but i agree with most people in being skeptical. and what’s with Andrew Garfield not bothering to put on some pounds for the role? if he didnt have a bulge in those photos i’d think its a girl.

    • Skinny

      Ultimate spider man IS skinny… please dont judge if you have no idea what your talking about.

      • eternalozzie

        Thank you for posting that pic … Garfield is exactly what spiderman looked like in the beginning …

      • croc

        well firstly this is the amazing spider-man, not ultimate (i’ve seen a few episodes from the animates series – and he looks bigger than the comic image you posted, ie normal). but if you want to go further back and talk about ‘the amazing spider-man and friends’ for instance, with firestar and iceman, he looks normal sized too, similar to the ultimate animated series. its only the later editions of comics that have made him alot skinnier and lanky. no one’s asking him to look like the 1994 ‘spider-man: the animated series’ where he looks like a real superhero.

      • Skinny

        Dont know why the other post didnt show but the current Spider-Man movies takes a lot of influences from the Ultimate Spider-man comics.

      • Ray

        i don’t know why they thought that approach would be one bit appealing…

      • Agent777

        I read Ultimate Spider-Man = I know next to nothing about Spider-Man. I read Stan Lee Spider-man, with a straight Ditko chaser, and a side of Romita. That’s Spider-Man. Not this Ultimate crap.

      • Ok?

        Ok?? Since your interpretation of Spider-man is what we almost must follow? If you dont like something just say you dont like it, you dont need to call it crap.

      • Ok?

        all must follow*

    • from the future

      Spiderman is supposed to look skinny, not some muscle-bound guy hanging on to webs, that would look ridiculous . . plus, he’s a teenager in the movie. .
      i believe the last Amazing Spiderman movie got Spiderman spot on, you know, all that chatty, teenage ridiculousness feel to it, it’s way better compared to the Tobey Maguire’s Emo Spiderman version . . don’t get me wrong, i like the Tobey Maguire version because it’s a Spiderman movie and was brilliant at the time, but after watching it again, i’ve realized Spiderman was emo from the first movie up to the last, with the black spiderman peaking its emo level rating . . .

  • nom79

    Being a fan of Spidey universe(the classic comic version that is), I had high hopes for a sequel to Webb’s reboot but these photos show nothing but disappointment. I’m not sure who’s in charge or writing and casting…..but they need a serious (re)boot!

    On a side note, Foxx looks horrible as Electro.

    (Stewie voice) Reboot this reboot……….QUICKLY!

    • LEM

      You had high hopes after Amazing Spiderman? I thought that movie was horrible.

  • Jamesy

    The suit looks like a cheap fancy dress costume?! And I can’t take Foxx seriously like that.

  • James

    People are so amusing. I wouldn’t judge a thing until you at least see a trailer of some sorts. Stop being so quick to brush this film off. It really is humorous to judge the overall film based of “set photos”

  • huh

    Where are spider-man’s muscles ? at least give him some muscles. The movie is gonna be okay i think,but these pics look pretty much gay.Especially the 8th one,like spidey is humping the shit out of electro,can’t take set photo’s without a laugh xD

    • eternalozzie

      homophobic knuckle dragger … Garfield looks just like ultimate spiderman.

      • huh

        man you don’t know how much gay you sounded right there

      • huhhh

        Says the guy who imagined that Spider-man was humping a dude.

      • huh

        yeey another dick who feels he’s somebody interesting

      • huhhh

        are you talking about yourself? Spot on!

      • huh

        i’m not even gonna waste my time replying to whatever stupid thing you’re gonna say next,because your brain is so undeveloped,it can’t perceive who i was talking to ahaha

      • huhhh

        Good job admitting defeat. Good day.

      • huh


      • Huhh

        Haha you replied even though you said you wouldnt. I win again!

      • Huhh

        “it can’t perceive who i was talking to ahaha” you know a person isnt “it” right?
        It(huh) can’t even type correctly…such a shame.

        And you know I was making a joke right??? It(huh) can’t under stand jokes…such a shame.

      • huh

        bhahahaha what a retard,you can’t even read,” it ” meaning your tiny brain,dude did you even finish elementary school? xD

      • huh

        and no it wan’t a joke…it was your opinion. I’m just mind-fucking you man,you know why? I bet your tiny brain can’t figure that out to

      • huh

        correction : wasn’t


    WOW THIS LOOKS REALLY BAD, SET PHOTOS LOOKS AWFUL….give me a break…. couple of set photos and it’s Batman Forever???? Good lord the overreaction is just painful to read. Wait for a trailer atleast.

  • LEM

    Ok seriously they must have written the Electro character white and then didn’t change the description after casting Foxx because no self respecting black guy would rock a comb over. No one should have one!! EVER!

  • Anonymous

    Dumb comment.

    • DG

      Wow what a dumb comment. Go somewhere else with your stupid opinions. =p

  • Liam

    The costume looks like a costume party outfit. What the fuck. Sam Raimi’s SPIDERMAN TRILOGY Costume still better.

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  • Anonymous

    Why the hell are they changing the suit, what was wrong with the suit in the amazing spider man 1

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