New Images from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2; Roberto Orci Talks THE SINISTER SIX, VENOM, and More

     January 16, 2014


Sony Pictures has released more images from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and we’re starting to get to the “flipbook stage” where, by the time the film is released in May, there will probably be so many images, clips, and trailers that you’ll be able to put together the movie without seeing it.  We’re only in January, and I would say that one of these images already takes things too far, but this strategy is nothing new for blockbusters.  It’s total secrecy during filming and then spilling almost everything afterwards.  I personally find it irritating, but I suppose it’s nice for the people who are super-excited for Spidey’s next adventure.

Hit the jump to check out the images, and if you want to jump even further ahead in the Spider-Man saga, there are also some new comments from writer Roberto Orci on how they’re handling The Sinister Six, Venom, and more.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, Dane DeHaan, and Sally Field, and opens in 3D on May 2nd.

the-amazing-spider-man-2-andrew-garfield-3Images via Total Film.

Speaking to IGN, Orci says that although Drew Goddard is taking lead on Sinister Six, they’re all working on each other’s projects, which also includes The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Venom.  He also says they’re still figuring out how to do it, but did mention the idea of using anti-heroes in the vein of The Shield’s Vic Mackey:

That’s the discussion we’re having right now; how exactly do you do that, and how do you do it without betraying the audience and making them all mean? Drew Goddard [Cabin in the Woods] is going to be writing that one, so it’s kind of his problem. [Laughs] I’m kidding. We’re all working on each other’s stuff. So we want to be true to it, but there are some antiheroes in this day and age. There’s been examples of that even on TV — Vic Mackey on The Shield, one of the great antiheroes of all time. There are ways to milk that story. Audiences have seen everything. They’ve seen all the good guys who never do anything wrong. Is there a story in seeing the other side? That’s the challenge, and that’s the fun. I’m not sure how we’re going to do that yet.

the-amazing-spider-man-2-andrew-garfield-paul-giamattiOrci also strongly indicated that villains will be coming out of Oscorp, including Venom:

Yeah. Oscorp plays an important part in how our villains get created, obviously, in the first one. So because Peter becoming Spider-Man came out of that, rather than saying, “And then this alien came from space,” or whatever, they’re doing human-hybrid, weird stuff at Oscorp. That’s where Gwen Stacy works anyway as well. So the idea of it representing the good and the bad of science, that it can do great things, but it can also mess you up and do weird things and transform people — as all science can be used for good or bad. So it’s nice to have that organizing principal, but it wasn’t like, “We must keep it at Oscorp.” It flowed naturally from the story development.

So if you’re expecting the alien symbiote, you might want to let that go right now.

the-amazing-spider-man-2-jamie-foxx-1As for how they plan to include the villains from a narrative perspective, Orci says they want to make sure they have some thematic purpose rather than being randomly dropped in:

The way we do it is to make sure that their presence is based on a character thing that necessary for the theme of the movie. You can’t just throw somebody in there to show up and make it harder on Spider-Man. The stories that we have for these guys, they’re tragic villains, you’re going to find out, a little bit. It’s not as simple as “Evil dude shows up.” Jamie Foxx has some very touching scenes. As long as I can describe their stories and character terms, then I feel like it’s okay. If you can’t, then you know you’re having them crash-land out of nowhere, and what’s that about?

the-amazing-spider-man-2-jamie-foxxFinally, he explained how the “brain trust” is going to function with regards to the future Spider-Man movies:

So the idea of, let’s get a core group of writers and producers and directors — and even though I might not be the one writing Venom, I’ll be in the meetings talking about how to make it interesting. We could be putting in easter eggs and planning ahead in the previous movies, and then that guy over there is going to write that movie, and Ed Solomon’s gonna write another one with us. So having a committee, a board, of people who are creative, who are filmmaker, who just keep it all together, that’s kind of going back to the way we started [in television].




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  • Jack le Critic

    Gwen gets it…probably…unfortunatey :s

    • Brandon

      It’s basically given away in the trailer when Spider-Man shoots a web straight down in that same tower..

  • Pierre

    That last picture looks awfully familiar.

    • JBug

      This whole things seems half-baked.

  • mack

    Thats who jaime foxx reminda me of. Mre Freeze!! hahaha

  • JBug

    I like the idea of having a consistent team of writers, but I think having all the villains have similar back story makes them boring. The only thing that really differentiates them is their power.

    • Devin Reed

      I agree. It’s a disappointment that even Venom will have origins with Oscorp.

      • cezar211091 .

        no way,shit.

    • cezar211091 .

      i agree.the thing that bothers me the most are the doc ock arms

  • Michael N.

    What an awful looking suit. Looks like something that belongs in a video game.
    And the trailers so far has contain nothing more, than the worst CGI I have seen in a long time.

  • Karkaju

    Sounds good and all and the trailers so far look entertaining, but I just can’t stop
    thinking how much Spiderman suit looks like a Halloween costume. I hope it
    feels different in the movie.

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    I really don’t care about this movie sadly.

    • Person

      Don’t say sadly, it means you have taste.

      • Carlos Shabo

        has Marc Webb made a bad movie yet? ummm no

      • BadEmployee

        The Amazing Spider-Man.

  • yrulaughing

    “What killed the dinosaurs? Electricity!”

    • cezar211091 .


  • Matt

    I wish Roberto Orci would talk a career change.

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  • The Flobbit

    I have absolutely no interest in this movie.

    And that’s sad.

  • The Flobbit

    And just like that, I know how the entire movie will go. Sigh…

  • nao

    Orci is a bloviating hack with an ego issue.

  • Agent777

    “Duh, yeah, we just like, you know, everything comes from Oscorp, cuz, I remeber it from cartoon show when I kid…Uh… Batman and Robin is my favorite movie.” – Roberto Orci

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    The Electro CGI looks disgusting (at least from the picture).

  • MJ

    These photos look so lame. Like a 1980′s movie.

  • eternalozzie

    Wow … all the negativity here …. are there no happy movie nerds in collider comments?

  • Dev1359

    All you morons who think this costume looks terrible clearly know absolutely nothing about Spider-Man. By far the best live action Spidey costume to date, he looks straight out of an Ultimate Spider-Man comic book.

    • Norman Dostal

      NERD RAGE-love it

      • Dev1359

        Not raging at all, his costume is awesome and I couldn’t be happier about someone finally getting it right. Now we just have to hope the movie will be just as good because the first one was pretty disappointing.

      • MJ

        When you call people morons and you insist you have the only right answer on something — yes, my friend, that is “nerd rage”

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  • cezar211091 .

    looks pretty good.i just hope there aren’t too many villains,cause the last time we’ve had that,it sucked.sandman was great,goblin was meh,but venom was total shit and the actor was boring and too small.anyway,spider-man 3 was a thousand times better than TASM