Columbia Pictures President Says Marc Webb Might not Direct THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel Due to “Obstacles”

     July 19, 2012


The Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t torn up the summer season, but it’s been a moderate hit by grossing $210 million in the past couple of weeks (yes, by today’s standards and budgets, $210 million doesn’t count as a homerun), and there’s enough support for Sony to feel good about making a sequel.  Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have been tapped to write the script, but it’s looking like director Marc Webb might not return.

In an interview with THR, Columbia Pictures President Doug Belgrad says they’d like Webb to return, but there are “obstacles”.  Specifically, Webb owes another movie to 20th Century Fox (which distributed (500) Days of Summer through Fox Searchlight).  Columbia has already scheduled The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for May 2, 2014, so filming will begin sometime next year.  If Fox calls in its option, then Webb is out for the web-slinger’s sequel.  Hit the jump for more.

amazing-spider-man-marc-webbAs we previously reported, The Amazing Spider-Man is the first film in a planned trilogy (aren’t they all?), and people who have seen the movie know that it leaves some big unanswered questions.  Sadly, in today’s blockbuster marketplace, I doubt the studio will mind bringing in another director to provide the answers.  We already saw how The Amazing Spider-Man went through some drastic cuts and reshoots leading up to its release (although Belgrad tells THR that scenes were cut because they weren’t happy with the Lizard special effects*).  This is not a director’s franchise, and the studio’s main goal is making sure that Spider-Man’s next adventure is ready to kick off summer 2014, Webb or no Webb.

*An excuse no one should believe for a second.  How does that conversation go?

Belgrad: We need you cut these scenes because the Lizard effects aren’t good enough.

Webb: But removing these scenes will drastically alter the plot and remove key reveals about Peter Parker’s fate!

Belgrad: Dammit, man!  None of that matters if the Lizard effects look even worse than they do now!


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  • tarek

    Yeah… Sony lies like a tooth-puller.

    Who’s next to massacre this franchise ?

  • Evan

    Studios rushing sequels. Don’t you love it?

  • JZ

    Okay, so let me get this straight.

    Make a popular movie, have it come out a relative success, and then immediately drop the guy who made it and offer it to someone who’s probably guaranteed to ram the whole deal into the ground?

    Clever, clever… you know what? BITCH SLAP, MOTHA F***ERS!!!

    These guys know how to ruin anything. Keep the stuff that works, or go home. Bunch of morons… >:|

  • Ryan

    It sounds like Sony is trying to make it so Webb has his obligations that he can’t break. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to hear of new potential directors if Sony is trying for a release date of 2014.

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  • Arthur

    That’s too bad, I really liked Webb’s approach on the webslinger. The studios want to obtain the same success as the dark knight franchise by making things dark and gritty but they don’t seem to understand that the key was waiting for Nolan to be ready to make the sequels.

  • Pocketses

    I’m not sure which is more disappointing, that Webb might not be back, seeing as in my eyes, he put together one of the most entertaining films of the summer so far, or that this site is incapable of reporting a news article without their personal spin on the movie in question anymore.

    You’re not reporting on the box office success or your opinion of the flick here, you’re reporting whether or not the film’s director will be back for the confirmed sequel.

    I know the word professionalism is pretty much a dead one at this point in society, but I would expect a bit more of an attempt.

    • Underground Anthem TX

      Actually, Pocketses, it’s THEIR website. They can do or say whatever the f**k they want.

      It’s not CNN for god’s sake; it’s an entertainment website, run by dudes who are just like us– they have OPINIONS, and they’re gonna share them. You are allowed to comment, positively or negatively, or you can go somewhere else to get your “professional” journalism about a freaking Spider-Man movie.

  • Darrow

    Collider articles have pretty much always had a personal spin. Though I don’t always agree with what is stated, the nature of the sight is somewhat casual. In fact, I’d deem Collider to be more of a blog-news site than a straight, “professional” news site. In the case of this article, I appreciated the added, editorial remarks and it would appear as though others did as well. You must work for Sony…

  • J.R.

    I like this part = “Obstacles” HA!
    Marc Webb not directing the sequel is the same thing that happened with Katie Holmes “Choosing another project” instead of TDK!…… life is hard, but he had the chance to prove something, didn’t he?

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  • J.R.

    btw for those who enjoyed this Spidey movie go check the boxoffice numbers and you’ll see why the “change of director” is all about.
    This franchise was rushed to a reboot, leaving behind the inconclusive and bad Raimi trilogy, this movie had his moments but you have to admit it wasn’t that good! at least to see it ones and buy it on HD nothing more, but it still better than Spidey 3 ;)

  • Strong Enough

    Cause the movie sucks and Marc Webb needs more experience with directing

    He has no style or vision. They should have went with someone more experienced with at least 3 films under their belt but who is unknown to the public

    • Joe

      For the first time, I actually agree with Strong Enough. TAS wasn’t a good movie and Webb needs to shoulder 50% blame. Raimi’s first films two aged really well.

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  • Joe

    For the first time, I actually agree with Strong Enough. TAS wasn\’t a good movie and Webb needs to shoulder 50% blame. Raimi\’s first films two aged really well.

  • aaronsullivan

    Would be a big shame. The characters in this movie felt so much more genuine and relatable than the entertaining but surface stereotypes of the Raimi movies. I also think he’s the first director since James Cameron to actually make the 3D more involving and useful as a storytelling tool with a live action movie.

    Furthermore, all of the beats of the origin story were so much more deeply felt the way it was set up in this recent movie. Go back and watch the original after seeing this one. It’s funny, but simple.

    He seems to have a very particular style and strong voice as a director and I’d really like to see what would come next from him now that the origin story is over.

    Also, Marc Webb pulled off this success sandwiched between Avengers and The Dark Knight with a general attitude that it’s “too soon” to reboot.

    If there’s a complication, I don’t think it’s disappointment in the director’s ability.

    (Can you guys switch back to Disqus please? This commenting thing is broken. I write a ton of comments that don’t show and they aren’t the least bit controversial.)

    • tarek

      ” I also think he’s the first director since James Cameron to actually make the 3D more involving and useful as a storytelling tool with a live action movie.”

      What ? are you kidding us or something like that ? The 3D in Amazing Spider-man was cr@p. From 1 to 10, ( 10 is Cameron’s Avatar ) , Webb’s Spider-man deserves 1.5 and that is too much kind of me.

      It was obvious that many 3D scenes were deleted during the editing, and replaced with plain 2D. Why ? dunno. maybe they looked like Cr@p or were too blurry…

      You are talking with your emotions buddy, Don’t be a fanboy.

  • Miles Morales

    86 the Webb. I was disappointed because I am a fan of 500 Days Of Summer. I say give it to the following directors

    1) Gary Ross

    2) David Fincher

    3) Sam Raimi ( Wouldnt that be a curve ball? lol Martin Cambell directed two different Bond flicks why not?

    4) Antoine Fuqua

    5) Peter Berg

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