Sony Sets May 2, 2014 Release Date for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

     August 5, 2011


Even though Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man only recently completed filming, Sony has already gotten a jump on the sequel as they’ve dated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for a May 2nd, 2014 release. While this seems a bit ridiculous, it makes sense. Screenwriter James Vanderbilt wrote Webb’s reboot, and this past March he was hired to pen a script for the sequel. Apparently Sony liked what they saw (in both Webb’s film and Vanderbilt’s sequel script), as they’ve gone ahead and dated the follow-up. Hit the jump for my thoughts on this move, including the studio’s plans for an inevitable trilogy.

It wouldn’t be incredibly surprising if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 began filming before or closely after the first film is released next July. The obvious plan would be for the studio to release a Spider-Man film every two years (2012, 2014 and 2016) in order to complete a trilogy. There’s no doubt that Webb and the actors have options for a trilogy in their contracts, so getting everyone back together shouldn’t be a problem. While it’s usually disheartening to see a release date announced before a film has even begun pre-production, it’s promising to know that Vanderbilt started working on the script back in March, so this won’t be one of those haphazardly rushed scripts that barely exists once filming begins.

We liked what we saw from Webb’s reboot at Comic-Con, and the cast is definitely talented. From the footage that was shown, it’s obvious the director is focusing intently on character, and the interactions between Garfield and Stone were spot-on. Hopefully the finished film delivers the goods. The Amazing Spider-Man stars Garfield, Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen and Sally Field. It opens in IMAX 3D on July 3rd, 2012.

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  • Tey

    I seriously can’t wait for this! Andrew Garfield is gonna be a fantastic Peter Parker! I know it

  • Tarek

    Meh. A forgettable trilogy I bet.

    • troll destroyer

      oh look, its Tarek the Troll, here on yet ANOTHER comic film related thread to make some empty insult on a film he has yet to see. Pathetic. I’d like to strap you and Matt Goldberg to a rocket and launch you fickle dbags into the nearest mountain.

      • tarek

        Still…It will suck. ^^

      • Troll Destroyer

        Oh yes, it will most certainly suck…for YOU, since your feeble mind has already made itself up. Too bad this film will make mountains of cash and actually has the potential to be a REAL film and not a wink-nudge, dated-CGI cheesefest. See you on your next worthless comment ;)

      • tarek

        How did you know that I have a feeble mind ? Are you Professor Xavier ? ^^

  • Brian

    Agreed. Meh.

    • Jesus

      Disagree. Weh?

      • Strong Enough


  • ozzie

    people love spider-man … these movies are going to be hits.

    andrew garfield’s spider-man is going to be more believable.

    these producers won’t make the green goblin a power rangers villain.

    there are many reasons this is going to be the best spider-man incarnation to date.

    shouldn’t all the comic movie geeks be over on the cat woman post picking it apart any ways?

  • Dan

    I’m sick of most the money going to excessive sequels, prequels, remakes, and reboots. And the rest of the money goes to “original” blockbuster projects, which are mostly rehashes of shit we’ve seen before, with a different name and newer CG effects.

    The Hollywood model for movie making is profit motivated only. Quality is secondary.

    Koreans and Europeans and American Independent filmmakers consistently make great films.

    • Ricardo

      Then don’t watch the blockbusters… You can keep your Koreans, Europeans and American independent filmmakers. I’ll take a hollywood movie any day of the week some of us like movies where stuff blows up. Some of us want to see a new spiderman movie.

  • j jonah jameson


    (Unless you bring J.K. Simmons back in the next one)

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  • broski

    I can’t wait for this movie. The Raimi/Tobey dickriders can suck it.

  • Lorraine Titmuss

    There are many Spider-Man villains and love interests that weren’t included in the previous films which they can utilise in future sequels and give us new stories while leaving out the overused Mary-Jane Watson out of some more films.

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