Has COSMOPOLIS’ Sarah Gadon Become the New Mary Jane in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2? [Updated: No]

     June 21, 2013


Yesterday, we reported that Shailene Woodley (The Descendants), who was set to play Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, had been cut from the picture because director Marc Webb wanted to “streamline the story and focus on Peter and Gwen and their relationship.”  The character would appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but would likely be recast.  However, a new wrinkle has emerged as the production has possibly cast their new MJ already by hiring Sarah Gadon (Cosmopolis).

Hit the jump for more.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in 3D on May 2, 2014. [Update: The actress has taken to Twitter to clear things up: "To all those a twitter, I will not be playing MJ in Spider-Man. I have a role in the film, but it is not that one :)."]

Last night, ET Canada [via JoBlo] tweeted the following:


That’s pretty vague, but it’s possible that the studio wants to lock down an actress to play Mary Jane so the production can hit the ground running on The Amazing Spider-Man 3.  There’s also the disappointing possibility that Webb’s statement was false, and they felt Woodley’s performance wasn’t in line with their vision for the character, so they hired Gadon to play the role.  I personally have no problem with Gadon since I’ve only seen her in Cosmopolis and Antiviral, and she was fine in both if not particularly memorable due to being overshadowed by incredibly unhinged lead characters. Of course, it’s also possible that Gadon isn’t playing Mary Jane at all.

I’m sure this will all be sorted out soon, but it does raise the question of how vital the Mary Jane role is to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Is it something that can be excised completely with no harm to the story?  Because when they tried to cut most of the Rajit Ratha (Irrfan Khan) role from The Amazing Spider-Man, it only led to confusion.


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  • Greyson

    I enjoyed the movie, but I watched those deleted scenes with the Lizard and they were horrible. I preferred the underdeveloped version of the character we got in the final cut. He should have cut the scene with the cranes all turning to help spidey get to the villain too.

  • sense11


  • carl napolitano

    Yes now we are moving in the right direction! Instead of that Alf looking gal.

  • Jones

    Im calling it: Andrew Garfields next girlfriend!

    • femroc

      Lucky girl – gets to star with Andrew G. and Robert Pattinson.

  • Dylan D

    much hotter, wow,

  • Mikey

    Wow, you ridiculous people got your way. Is she pretty enough for you now? Who cares about her acting ability, so long as she’s pretty, right?


    • YSW

      She’s not a bad actress, but she hasn’t has anything stellar to call her a “good actress” yet…let’s just give her a chance if she does turn out to be Mary Jane.

    • http://www.facebook.com/buffyangel808 Ethan Steers

      Totally with you. These people are making my stomach turn. That poor girl.

  • Don’t be daft.

    Michael Bay for the win!!!! No one cares if she can act or not, and frankly they couldn’t care if the movie’s good or not. Some ‘splosions and hot girls in tight clothes, they’ll throw you all their cash!

    • YSW

      Meh…”Battleship” had Swimsuit Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker and ended up being a flop. An audience can only take so much Michael Bay-esque material until they finally snap and demand something better I guess?

    • RiddleThemThis

      I love how the only movies people mention when talking about Michael Bay are Transformers. I personally loved the Rock and the bad boys films, while there were lots of explosions, I dont remember a lot of hot girls in tight clothes in those.

      • Pipps

        Gee. You liked Bad Boys 2?! I rest my case. Just as Transformers 2, it shows how little Mr. Bay thinks of us insignificant, laughable latinos in general.

  • Snarky

    Physically, she is a much better choice for MJ. That being said, I still find Woodley more attractive on a personal level.

    • YSW

      Woodley does have the acting chops…but when the outrage of the fanboy’s and the not-so flattering set photo’s started cropping up…the studios will probably notice.

  • Neo_

    Decent actress, saw her in cosmopolis

  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    The hell, Woodley is a better actress, also hotter.

    • Chaster

      I would disagree on both accounts.

  • Pk

    Why couldn’t they go with a natural red head like Sophia turner or Molly Quinn?

    • crafty

      Sophia Turner is too young.

      • Pk

        How old is she?

      • Hari

        14 in September

      • Ellie

        Sophie Turner is 17, she only plays 14-year-old Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. Still, too young compared to Andrew Garfield.

      • Delilah

        Sophie Turner is also a natural blond.

  • Philip

    I thought Shailene was more attractive than this girl. Seriously, what was wrong with Shailene Woodley? Oh, well, what this means is that Shailene will find a better movie to be in and probably get nominated for an Oscar. Who needs Spider-man.

    • ignorantwhhhhore

      well she’s already doing the divergent series so Idk why she would want to be committed to another role except for that cash money

    • Ridge

      Now I have a reason to watch The Amazing Crapman next year, this girl looks more like MJ… that girl, Woodley, looks more like a mercenary or a tough police girl, i have never seen any spark of hot or beauty in her… but this is just my opinion

      • Khan

        No, I agree.

  • doctor_robot

    i think that this is a better choice… if she really is mj. and, much better than dunst.

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  • YSW

    For all we know she could be Betty Brandt…maybe Webb is going the Raimi route and is casting a blonde in a brunette role. (Raimi cast Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brandt, hence: blonde—brunette).

    But she could be a serviceable Mary Jane, she’s a serviceable actress that’s been in a handful of Cronenberg films (Brandon Cronenberg’s “Antiviral”, David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method” (She was Michael Fassbender’s wife) and “Cosmopolis”). She’s certainly not a “bad actress”, and to be frank…she is a “better looking” choice than Shailene (in the looks department at least).

  • Still a fan

    Ugh… if they are reshooting those Mary Jane scenes again after they said they were cutting them, sadly shows they’re just making this up as they go along. Worked great for Alien 3…

    • Reijanrobo

      BAHAHAHA!!! SO true!

  • Smallfreack

    Amazing, pretty and classic, love it

  • sammy

    Nerds you happy now? You’ve got your wanking material now

  • LEM

    I think Deborah Ann Woll would be a good choice.

  • Alan Burnett

    No discussion of the internet hate of Woodley? Wow, Goldberg is such a susceptible fanboy. Sony basically FUCKED OVER WOODLEY and his comment is on … umm, Khan? If true, then Sony did the wrong thing by Woodley in a number of ways, especially in the way they have handled replacing her. From now on, she won’t be the girl that was on that TV show and appeared in the Payne film, he’ll be the girl that wasn’t attractive enough to be MJ and her press coverage for ‘Divergent’ will be defined by those questions.

  • Julio Navas

    In the picture below she kind of looks like the blonde version of Rooney Mara. Anyway, great casting choice, way better than Woodley for the role.

  • Julio Navas

    I have nothing on Woodley, but in all of the pictures we have seen of her as Mary Jane, she looks too manly, and Mary Jane is the total opposite.

  • http://iKillRats.com/ Charlie Kelly

    that other chick just wasnt attractive enough HA i bet thats the real reason, i heard shaina showed up looking like a different person, looking haggard

  • boogyman

    woodley was definitely not the right choice for MJ. I’ve seen her in the secret life and the descendants. In both roles she plays a whiny little girl. That is the opposite of MJ.
    Hopefully they cast the right girl. Looks had nothing to do with it.