Fox Searchlight May Let Marc Webb Direct THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Sequel for Sony If He Directs Two Movies at Fox

     July 30, 2012


Sony wants Marc Webb to direct the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and Webb wants to come back to continue the story he started to tell in the first movie.  Yet last we heard, the studio feared that Webb may not be able to return due to “obstacles”.  The problem is Fox Searchlight, who has a claim on Webb—the director still owes the studio that made (500) Days of Summer at least one more film.  Fox gave Webb some time to direct The Amazing Spider-Man, but is understandably unwilling to give him another couple years to make the sequel.  Unfortunately for Webb, Sony needs to find a new director soon to make the announced May 2, 2014 release date for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel.  So if Webb can’t make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next, he can’t make it at all.  Hit the jump for a possible solution.

marc-webb-amazing spider man 2 sequel

The LA Times indicates that Fox would consider giving Webb time to make another Spider-Man movie if he committed to a two-picture deal with them.  Webb is hesitant to make such a long-term commitment.  But I am sure all the aspiring filmmakers out there envy a director who gets to make two giant superhero movies and then return to Fox Searchlight, a studio known for its creative fare.  The negotiations are still in progress, but we should know soon enough how this shakes out since Sony has that self-imposed ticking clock of the looming release date.

One candidate for Webb’s next Fox Searchlight project—whenever it may come about—is Age of Rage.  The script by Mark Heyman (Black Swan) is “set in a post-apocalyptic society where all the adults have died and a group of teens sets about trying to establish a new society.”  Idea: Sony and Fox join forces and make that the plot of the new Spider-Man.  Everybody wins!


  • Webhead

    Oh hell yes.

  • Strong Enough

    But why though? it’s not like Sony will take a huge hit if he doesn’t come back. Even if they get another director would anyone notice the change? he basically directed a generic flick that wasn’t really all that special. He didn’t put a stamp on it like Raimi did. Even the music was blahhhh. A week later everyone forgot about the flick.

    The damage has been done though. First time impressions go along way. This trilogy won’t be all that special. i’m waiting on the 2021 reboot.

    • Anonymous

      andrew is the best spider man there is i really cant wait to see the second one marc webb is ganna kill it if he comes back and andrew is ganna do a great job you guys are just haters on marc good job marc webb i have loved spider man since i was little and you just brought it back to my life thanks

      • LeonRaywood

        I disagree Andrew was terrible. A wasted opportunity.

      • Anonymous

        andrew is going to do a great job on the second one andrew is the best spidey there is now i mean toby did good but not better then andrew.Andrew will always be the best and he is more funny then toby so andrew thums up.

      • Anonymous

        webb you mabe spidey come back to life great job on the graphics on every thing really hope you could make the second one your ganna do a great job if you do

      • Anonymous

        spider man was way better then batman andrew hope to see you in the second amazing spider man i know your ganna do a great job

      • Anonymous

        LEON RAYWOOD YOUR WACK Andrew WAS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY THERE WAS cant wait for the movie to come in blue ray its goin to look amazing

      • Anonymous

        like honestly stop comparing andrew and toby cause i dont hear anyone complaining about emma being different marc really hope you could make the amazing spider man 2

  • ozzie

    This was the best spiderman production to date … i don’t know why so many old timers are clinging to raimi’s fake spiderman and power ranger villains …

    webb did a great job and garfield made peter parker come to life. webb will be missed if he can’t make it. i for one can’t wait for the goblin to toss gwen off the bridge. i cant wait for the next one.

    • MisterEd

      “Old timers”? LOL What we’re you born a year ago or something? Raimi’s films are relatively recent, junior. If you had people who were demanding that no more Spider-Man film were made after the 70′s tv series came out, then you would have a point. But those that got attached to the Raimi films? Those are old? Jeeesus. LOL Kids these days. Go play with your Spider-Man Legos.

      • Angmal

        Brilliant, MisterEd, my thoughts exactly. It’s amazing that a series that finished only five years ago is only for ‘old people’ now. I predict within the next decade anyone who complains about a franchise being rebooted within six months of the original film coming out will be called an old, out of touch nostalgist. Mainstream movies are considered disposable now, when they should be valued as art, in my opinion.

      • aaronsullivan

        Well, the Raimi Spider-man was 10 years ago and the last good one was 8 years ago. That really is a long time. Considering the stories are retold and re-imagined just about every one to two years on TV, I’m not sure why there is such a big issue. I mean, I’m 38 and that’s around a quarter of my life ago..

  • Farzan

    Agree with the post above. The movie was generic and average at best. There was no memorable scene that stuck with you when it was over unlike Raimi’s films. It won’t matter if Webb comes back to direct the sequel. I say give another director the chance to bring back this awesome series to its past glory.

    • Chad

      Past glory? You mean wooden performances but it’s two awful leads — Maguire never played Parker “smart” —, the Power Rangers Goblin, unconvincing, rubber-looking special effects, emo Peter that was just sooooo bad, and the best Venom on the block? That glory?

      Webb created something the other superhero films this year couldn’t. He added real heart to it — Something Nolan has tried and tried but never achieved in any of his films.

      • MisterEd

        @Chad and yet Power Ranger Goblin and everything that looked fake in a “Hollywood movie” (I guess you were expecting a documentary) is a lot better than what Webb made with TASM. Because here’s a sum up of what he made:

        The Amazing Spider-Man = Spider-Man for the TWILIGHT GENERATION.

        There was so much crying and soap-opera crap in that film. Obviously catering to the chicks-flick demographic. Didn’t work. That movie came and went without making the impact that Raimi’s film made with the first one. It made money. But so does Paul Anderson’s and Michael Bay’s films.

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  • ed

    the movie had its flaws but it was still a good movie and i for one would like marc webb to come back so that i can see his vision for this franchise reboot. plus now that we got the origin story out of the way we can finally get to the good stuff. also raimi’s films werent that great. the characters were blah, the film was filled with cheesy lines and tobeys peter parker was way too mopey. the action was decent, but thats really the only compliment i can give it

  • LEM

    breaking who gives a fuck news.

    • Danno

      After I lol’d for a few minutes, I completely agree.

  • Leonardo

    Yeah everybody wins with that deal.

  • Miguel

    I think Webb directed a great film and I really hope he comes back for the sequel. The strength of his auteurial stamp was not in the action set pieces but the interaction between the characters – which has always been at the heart of Spider-Man. He may not have deconstructed an airplane in mid-air but the conversations between Gwen and Peter as well as Peter and Uncle Ben & Aunt May are far superior than anything character-wise in TDKR – and they made the action sequences have that much more weight to them.

    • Josh

      Eh, I thought the scene between Alfred and Bruce Wayne was pretty great.

    • LeonRaywood

      TASM had some of the worst chemistry I have ever seen. The direction does not compare to TDKR. It is laughable that’s you would compare trash like TASM with TDKR.

  • Rockslide

    I have mixed feelings about Webb’s TASM. I think I could go either way on him coming back. If he does, I would like to see someone help him out a ton on the action sequences. I think that is where TASM is most lacking.

    Its too bad we can’t have a Joss Whedon Spider-Man. I think that would be a dream come true, smart, funny, and action-packed. That’s how Spider-Man should be.

  • Rick

    Hmm . . . so what this means is, Sony may actually be willing to pay Webb more money for a sequel. I mean, if Fox Searchlight was chomping at the bit THAT much, they would not have let Webb make TASM. Yup, from the first announcement up to this point, it all smells like contract negotiations.

    That said, Webb did an OK job but action is clearly not his genre. His talent lies in Romantic comedy/dramedy and, especially now that Nora Ephron is gone, he should focus his talents there. After all, there just as good if not better directors for a Spider-Man movie, but as of now there are, imo, no better talents in the romantic genre.

  • Shock-wave

    I have officially gave up hope for this series if he is back.
    The Amazing Spider-Man, was awful in so many ways that i can count, starting from the script, to the acting, to editing…
    I really think they should go on different approach and going back to sources.
    This wasn’t true to the comics, or anything in the Spider-man’s origins…it had familiar elements, but this wasn’t a Spider-man movie.

  • Angmal

    Here’s an idea, Fox Searchlight: I guarantee that I will buy tickets to at least five of your next releases if you promise to NOT let Webb direct the next Spider-Man film.

    If any of you dipshits out there inexplicably love it and can’t understand why the majority of intelligent people think it was drab, amateurish, poorly edited and completely betrayed the character, go over to Badass Digest and read Film Crit Hulk’s thoughtful dissection of everything that is wrong with the film.

  • ScaredForMovies

    Wasn’t it awesome when he threw the football at the uprights and they bent instead of the football just exploding? Do you think he had to pay the school back?

  • Panos

    To be fair to Raimi , his first 2 movies were close to brilliant but he completely effed up the 3rd one.
    I watched TASM a couple of nights ago and it was far better than expected. Indeed it lacked on the action side but what a difference the characters and actors made. Garfield was enjoyable both as Spidey and Parker. Wouldn’t mind Webb coming back but then again I’d like to know the other options.. Like lets say Ratner????? Please no!

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