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Earlier this week, we reported that The Amazing Spider-Man world might be branching out to include the spin-off Venom even though the eponymous character doesn’t appear in Spidey’s movie.  Instead, the plan would be to reverse engineer a future crossover a la The Avengers.  However, this crossover would stay within Sony Pictures.  We’re still waiting for studios to realize the mutual benefit of crossing over their Marvel properties, but it turns out that Sony and Disney almost made the first deal to do so.

Hit the jump to find out how The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers almost crossed over.  The Amazing Spider-Man opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on July 3rd.

According to Latino Review, there were never any plans to have the character interact, but they almost shared the same Manhattan.  The Amazing Spider-Man‘s late production designer J Michael Riva did some amazing work with Oscorp Tower, and the building almost found its way into The Avengers‘ Manhattan skyline, which would have made for an awesome Easter egg.


By the time the Oscorp building was fully designed, The Avengers digital Manhattan was already basically rendered and there was some up-conversion that needed to go down, so – for timing – it was scrapped.

However, there was a plan for a crossover between studios, which shows that they’re at least talking and open to the possibility of uniting their various superhero worlds.  Yes, it would have been small like a building in the background, but it’s a start.


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  • M-2

    Maybe the STARK aka AVENGER Tower will pop up in the background of the Amazing Spider-man film? Spidey 2 Nick Fury pops up to recruit the hero… LoL I know.. I Know… Im Pushing it, but at least Sony is open to the idea

  • Jonathan

    This is awesome and I would have loved to have seen this go down. My immediate reaction to the Oscorp inclusion is if there’s an intergalactic war going on in Manhattan, why would Spider-Man ignore it? Is he really serious about his days off?

    • David

      Peter Parker hadn’t been bitten in time, he watched it unfold from school or home and WISHED he could have been out there helping or something. YOU’RE THINKING TOO MUCH! :P

  • Django9000

    File this under: Oh, collider, you’re such a tease. Cool little factoid, though. Thanks for making me click on this -lol. Would’ve been cool!

  • Xie

    There would have been a mile wide smile on my face if spidey had a small cameo swinging through the streets kicking chituari off their speeder things and throwing Iron Man a thumbs up.

    Maybe some day.

  • nacixem

    …still hopeful for some kind of tie-in or a few Easter eggs hinting at a avenger tie in…

  • O.R.

    The other day I was commenting with my friends how cool it would be that Nick Fury showed up after the credits of TAS-M to recruit Peter Parker. You know, fanboy wishing. And then I practically had a stroke when I read the (slightly misleading) title. Would I be foolish to expect Nick Fury for the end of the (inevitable) sequel?

    • Tyler

      That could be a possibility. If the first step was a building, whos to say they wouldn’t push it further. Maybe not for The Avengers 2, because Marvel has stated that they will be introducing two more heros for the sequel. As of now, one is Black Panther and the other is Ant-Man. (Possibly Falcon showing up in a cameo in Captain America 2) Spiderman may not show up in 2, but itd be really cool to have him and another hero or two to round out the roster for The Avengers 3.

    • John

      I think the post- Avengers marvel films are going to sell significantly higher than the ore Avengers films, proving that combining multiple properties is financially beneficial I each properties individual installments. Once that happens, It wouldnt surprise me if Sony became a little more open to the idea.

      I think their only reservation is that, because Spiderman’s arc is being written completely apart from what Disney is doing, their vision of Spiderman might be compromised when plopped into the Avengers-verse. Thus, I think the most likely crossover, If any, will be a highly publicized cameo such as Arnold and Bruce Willis in the first Avengers

      • Tyler

        Where were Arnold and Bruce in The Avengers? Must have missed that part…

  • FFamilyguy

    Even if Collider just made up this article, the fact that everyone and their dog would click on this because they want it to happen, will show the greedy execs of Sony that this would be a benefit. Keep posting articles like this, even if they aren’t true… will wake those fat white basterds up!!!! Maybe they will realize that the Marvel Universe is something that all the fans want!!!!

  • Colin

    There always hope for Avengers 2.

  • Lance

    If the people who hate Prometheus have their way, the next Aliens movie will be a team up of the Avengers and Colonial Marines to take out a swarm of aliens brought to Earth by Thanos.

    “Ooh, that’s what we wanted all along!” they’ll coo in ecstasy. “No plot holes here!”

    • Ray

      I thought Prometheus was getting reviewed fairly well? I look forward to seeing it soon, I just know Fassbender and Noomi must have killed it [in good way] at least. I also look really forward to Thanos in A2 though.

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  • bigfella

    greed. that’s all it takes.
    if the money makes sense for all the fat cats it’ll definitely happen.

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  • Migzter13

    If there was DEFINITE date for the end of the world… now’s the time for the studios to set aside their differences and make like the Avengers themselves…

  • Alex

    I would love to see Nick Fury approach Spider-Man after the credits, and then Spider-Man turn him down! of course it would be more of SM just blowing him off and swinging away rather than a definitive NO since the universes will cross one day in the perfect Marvel Universe

  • Wino5eva

    honestly is about time. Sony needs to get its head out of its ass. Seriously, these super heros share the same city! and spiderman has been my favorite since i was a four year old little girl and thats not changing anytime soon. plus, could you imagine the banter between tony and peter? it’d be amazing

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