THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Confirmed as First in Trilogy; Plus Was Spidey’s True Origin Edited Out of the Film?

     July 5, 2012


Amongst the massive amount of unbridled enthusiasm for The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, it seemed for a bit that Sony’s reboot The Amazing Spider-Man might hit theaters with little fanfare.  The pic finally premiered this past Tuesday to a record-setting $35 million and fairly positive reviews, and though we won’t know the full box office impact until later this weekend, the film is certainly off to a promising start.  With a healthy box office take, a sequel for The Amazing Spider-Man is all but guaranteed (writers were recently hired to perform a rewrite of James Vanderbilt’s follow-up screenplay).  Now an official message from Sony confirms what we already knew: The Amazing Spider-Man is the first in a planned trilogy.

Hit the jump for much more, including evidence that a great deal of Spidey’s origin was cut out of The Amazing Spider-Man at the last minute, and the possible inclusion of the Sinister Six in further films.  Beware, MAJOR SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man follow.

andrew-garfield-the-amazing-spider-man-trilogySony made the formal announcement of the planned Spidey trilogy on the film’s official Facebook page:

“It’s finally here! The Amazing Spider-Man is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents.”

The disappearance of his parents is what leads Peter Parker down the path of eventually being bitten by a radioactive spider in The Amazing Spider-Man, and thus is key.  He’s engrossed by his parents’ disappearance and goes snooping around Oscorp after finding some notes left behind by his father.  He’s bitten by the spider, shares a formula with Dr. Connors and then…he basically drops his whole investigation into what happened to his parents altogether.

amazing-spider-man-movie-image-lizard-1This is one of the many fractures found in The Amazing Spider-Man, and now we may have a good idea as to why some of the film’s scenes feel a little odd.  Devin over at Badass Digest did some investigatin’ to put together a great piece that looks at some of what was edited out of the finished film.  It’s no secret that director Marc Webb performed significant reshoots, and a number of images that were released just a few months ago show scenes that don’t appear in the finished film.

Rumors swirled that the reboot would be tweaking Spider-Man’s origin story, with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker discovering that there’s something already in his DNA that activates after the spider bites him, thus making him predestined for superpowers.  This revelation doesn’t occur in the finished film, but hints of its existence are all over the plays.

Dr. Connors’ superior, Rajit Ratha (played by Irrfan Khan) is set up as a villainous presence at the beginning of the film, but after his confrontation with the Lizard on the bridge he disappears entirely. Images and trailers show a confrontation between Ratha and a Lizard-fied Connors in his sewer lair, with Spider-Man showing up as well.  Someone at the Supherhero Hype message boards assembled the following based on screengrabs and images:



amazing-spider-man-2-sequel-andrew-garfieldAll evidence points to there being an expository scene during the sequence above, in which Ratha and/or Connors reveals to Parker his true origin.  A specific line from one of the trailers, “Do you think what happened to you, Peter, was an accident? Do you have any idea what you really are?” definitely sounds like Ratha, and could have been his dying words.

Another hint to Peter’s true origin actually appears in the finished film, per Badass Digest:

“The first major hint is still in the movie. Curt Connors is talking about how every other subject upon whom cross-species DNA merging was attempted died. He does not know that he is speaking to the one success story. But how did Peter survive? The movie leaves this sort of dangling there, but the clues are in front of your face. Peter was bitten by a spider… a spider that Peter’s father bred. A spider like the one under glass in the film’s prologue. A spider like the one on the chalk board in his father’s office.”

If you read Devin’s full piece, it becomes clear that some major, major changes were made to The Amazing Spider-Man just before its theatrical release.  All evidence points to Peter’s origin being the main focus of the changes, but the question now becomes why?  It’s possible that Sony just didn’t like how the film played with this “new” origin story, so they opted to go the ambiguous route.  Based on their announcement of a trilogy focusing on “how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents,” it’s also possible that decided to save the origin reveal for a further sequel.

Whatever the case may be, I assume we’ll find out “the real meaning” behind Parker’s parents’ disappearance in one of the two sequels that are sure to follow.  In the meantime, I highly suggest you read Devin’s full write-up on the matter over at Badass Digest.  But while we’re on the subject of Spider-Man sequels, two of the main Amazing Spider-Man producers recently talked a bit about the franchise going forward, and hinted at including the notorious Sinister Six group of villains in further films.  Click over to the next page for more.

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  • UziGunner

    If they do sinister six i want The Lizard, Rhino, Scorpion, Shocker, Mysterio, Doc Ock, or Electro, Vulture

  • Colin

    So was that Norman Osborn in the short part in the film’s credits? The guy with the hat? It seems to be because they made it seem like the Lizard was talking to himself.

    • bob

      it would make sense as dr. connors did work at oscorp

    • AlexHeyNa

      I think it was Morbius, the vampire. He wears a trench coat, he has scraggly hair, he lives in shadows, he can “vanish”, and there was a shot focusing on Connors’ neck, which is exactly what a vampire would be looking at.

      • UziGunner

        Its possible it is Electro, its him or Mysterio I think. You can’t say its Morbius because there wasn’t really any connection to him. Ok maybe the trench coat like you said, but last i checked in the comics is that The Lizard had a pretty long face and not a human head like the movie, so you can’t just officially announce that.

      • AlexHeyNa

        @UziGunner I didn’t officially announce anything… All I said is I think it’s him.

      • Joe

        Personally I think its gonna be either Norman Osbourne or The Chameleon – disguised as Norman Osbourne.

  • Mike

    Rhys Ifans did an interview with and he said that it was most definitely NOT Norman Osborn. Here is the link to said interview, the part that I am talking about is down towards the bottom, but it’s a good overall read……

    • Math

      It’s not Norman? I was sure it was him. In the original comics, before we know that Norman is the Green Goblin, Norman is always shown as a dark mysterious character planning Spider-man’s demise. He always appeared in shadows so the readers couldn’t know who he really was. So I was convinced the guy was Norman, but if Ifans says it’s not him, now I’m really going to spend the next couple years scratching my head wondering about who it could be. Man, now I can’t wait for the next movies to see where they go with that! This movie really brought me back to my younger days where I kept wondering what was going to happen next. I really like that movie, even though I’m really not a fan of making Peter Parker pre-engineered to become Spider-man. I don’t mind having some departure from the original source, but that’s just too much departure. But I’ll give them the chance to fully play it out before I pass jugement. They are up to a great start and I can’t wait to see more.

      • daveyboy

        I was positive it was Norman Osbourne,because when Peter first goes into Oscorp, the show a silhouette of him on their huge screen but you dont really see his face,mainly just his hair(more of a Defoe haircut,not the classic weird comic book hair)…at the post credits scene,it sure looked to me like the same guy…once again,just a silhouette, but the guy has the same hair and profile as the Osbourne picture earlier. I also felt the guy sounded like he was doing a Defoe-as-Osbourne impression,but thats more of an opinion. I say of course the actors involved are going to deny anything that would be a potential spoiler…Dennis Leary talked in interviews like Captain Stacy would stay alive for more than one movie…

  • Electro

    The guy appeared and disappeared with thunder/lightning = Electro.

    • AlexHeyNa

      Wrong. Morbius.

      • Ben

        How is he wrong and you’re so right?? You already posted you “think” it’s Morbius based on nothing but what your idea of what Morbius would be like. Dude doesn’t even wear a trench coat in the comics. The shot was focusing on Connors’ neck because of the patch of lizard skin he still had.

  • Ash Talon

    I’m glad they didn’t have Peter predestined to be Spider-Man. I didn’t like that aspect of Ang Lee’s Hulk, and I wouldn’t have liked it for Spider-Man. It isn’t about how these guys got their powers. It’s about what they do with them once they get them. Having someone predestined to become a hero makes their choice to do so become less important as an aspect of their morality.

    I just don’t everything having to be explained. It doesn’t really help things. I didn’t need an explanation of where the Aliens come from, and I don’t need an explanation why Peter Parker survives a radioactive spider bite. It just happens. Move along.

  • JCRZ88

    It really did annoy me that they did not finish the story in this first film…but more of that in a second, my guess is that it will be Norman since they bring him up repeatedly in the film, also it would make sense to follow the story line of the “super human formula” that Dr. Connors created in this first film. Or they could save Norman Osborn for the third film and it becomes this big reveal and anticipation of the Green Goblin.

    Now Steve Kloves ( who wrote Harry Potter series) did a good job in the potter films to make each movie stand alone. Yes you knew their was more to the story, but when the movie finished you felt like you saw a complete movie with a beginning middle and end. Even Deathly Hallows Part 1 felt complete with the cliff hanger at the end.

    Spider-Man However felt incomplete. The movie starts with focus on his father, it continues throughout the first second half of the first act, then nothing. Also that other doctor seemed like a real threat but then nothing ever happens with him, he’s lost for good. I found this horribly annoying, along with a few others in my group. Now I understand they are setting up for a sequel but why not give it some sort of wrap up. And whats worse is that they totally keep the mystery going during the ending credits.

    Ending credit scenes are meant for neat cameos, little extra reveals, or in the Avengers case a good laugh, NOT TO SET UP THE FIRST ACT OF YOUR NEXT FILM!!

    Iron Man did a good job of introducing The Avengers without side tracking too much from the movie it was trying to tell, same with Thor. Even Star Wars left you satisfied even though you knew it wasnt over yet you knew that a story or a chapter of these characters lives was shared and your excited to meet them again in a few years.

    Without seeing the scenes Im not sure if it helped or hurt the film but I felt watching it that stuff was missing. Lazy filmmaking in my opinion

  • Jake

    I hope they never do Doc Ock again, he was already done perfectly in Spider-man 2, use different villains or villains that didn’t get their due on screen in the past (Venom).

    • Alice

      While I do adore Molina’s take on Doc Ock, its very different then the version in the comics. So I wouldn’t really complain if they did him again.

  • Ramone

    So they basically ripped off the first Hulk movie? WEAK.

  • ken

    everyone keeps saying that he abandoned his search for his parents I saw the same movie as everyone else and it was clearly a scene where he went google ing information and it showed his parents died in a plane crash so why would he continue to work for them?!

  • ken

    I know that people are griping bout his abandoning the search for his parents but I saw the same movie as everyone else and there is clearly a scene where he is google ing information on his computer and it showed that his parents died in a plane crash so why would he continue to search for them ?!

    • JCRZ88

      Well there is another question right there…was his goal to find them, or was his goal to find out about them. Was that really the first time he heard of his parents death and if so, poor editing to not capture that pivotal moment. If you blinked you would of missed that detail.

      Also Connors and that other guy hinted at a possible murder of the Parkers, so was this a loose end in what was deleted from the final film?
      Did connors kill them? Did Osborn Kill them? What were they hiding from anyways? Why leave Peter behind? How much does Aunt May really know?

      These types of loose endings are for TV shows where you will find out next week not for feature films. I know it wouldn’t but what if Spiderman tanked? We would never get those answers I feel like woody when after the last episode of Woody’s roundup….once again Lazy cheap filmmaking


    meh! Although i didn’t hate The (not so) Amazing Spiderman, i did not come out of the cinema thinking “wow” i want more of that. Just a bit too dull really, but a decent faithful Venom story might spark some interest in me :)

  • Nomis1700

    I thought TASM was okay. The sequel can be better. I think we’ll see Norman Osborn as the big green baddie in the sequel. Although, I hope they aim for the glider Goblin and not the burning Hulk version because it’d be too much the same as the Lizard.
    I really hope they introduce the Black Suit yet again, I thought that was very poorly done in Spider-Man 3 and especially Venom deserves a better approach. He’s my favorite Spidey villain. I want to see a Venom as big as the Hulk with big teeth and a gross long tongue wanting to kill Spidey. I want to see a big web slinging chase scene thru NYC between those two. I think they can make a pretty good story involving Eddie Brock.

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  • Fist-O-Pain

    How can it be Morbius? Isn’t he more in Blade territory? I’m thinking it’s Mysterio (vanishing in jail cell). Or it’s Norman and they’re lying to not ruin anything. But honestly, this is the best Spider-Man in film ever. I don’t care if the story wasn’t the best, Garfield IS Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Much like RDJ being Tony Stark.

  • harry

    its Harry Potter all over again!

  • Saif

    TAspm was watchable but not upto mark..thinking its sequel could bang b.o

  • Mark

    “hints of its existence are all over the plays.”

    Kudos for not using an apostrophe in “its’” but “all over the “plays?”"


  • sense 11

    Personally, I think The Amazing Spiderman is far better than any movie of the last Trilogy. I was never emotionally involved in the last ones, in this one you actually care about the characters. More importantly Spiderman finally talks like Spiderman, that immature condescending, I know I can kick your ass at any moment tone is exactly what he should sound like. I loved it and cant wait to see what Norman Osborn has planned for Peter in the sequel

    To me that kid getting picked on by Flash, the one that Peter tries but fails to help is the Peter from the last trilogy, and I never liked that character.

    • chrissy

      I thought he wasn’t nerdy enough. I mean, no glasses and a skateboard? At least be a little stereotypical and leave out the contacts.

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  • Cory

    I know how everyone is upset that the movie seems incomplete and that’s cause it is. They probably cut out scenes once they realized how big it was Going to be and thus needed to save material for future films. I heard they did a lot of reshoots so it makes sense. In the end when Peter finally listens to the full message from Uncle Ben, uncle Ben says “that a lot of things in your life have been unresolved” and as he’s saying that line the camera is on peters wall where he has the wanted picture of uncle Ben’s murderer, uncle Ben and a picture of his parents. I don’t think that was accidental. I think they’re saying, we understand we haven’t gotten to some things yet, but we will.

  • Ismael

    You guys are all stupid. The mysterious character is someone that KNOWS the parker family. Mysterio and morbius don’t know anything about the parker family. It has to be someone that worked with Richard and curt or someone that studied Peters life and that leaves only 2 characters. And before i tell you that mysterious person doesn’t necessarily mean its a villan. Just someone who wanted peter to know the truth. Anyway its either ezekiel or eddie brock sr.

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  • cj

    @uzigunner, last you checked the lizard had a long snout not a human typ e head? I\’m pretty sure the original lizard done by Steve ditko did not have a long snout and did have a human type head you moron.

    • pickleduck

      eddie brock sr….oh. good thinking. seriously. that would be an interesting lead – into venom.

  • icegril1998

    UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHH this film just annoys me – though it has the good mystery to spidermans origin it is an exact copy of the earlier ( and better!) spiderman films ! Sony now wanting to produce a trilogy of these films just proves that they are going to follow the same story line of the earlier spiderman trilogies ! So why try and recreate such amazing movies ?! at least make it abit more different and give us something to make us think that this spiderman is the best not a copy ………………………….

    • hahaha

      are you retarded?
      how is this anywhere near the same as the first?
      in case you ARE retarded ( the green goblin and dr conners lizard are not the same. lolololol
      gwen stacy and mary jane are not the same.
      and… no one is tring to make “the best spider man” they are just telling the story how they want.
      if you are such a hater go watch opera or something.

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  • Zac

    Spider-Man’s parents had been agents for SHIELD, they had an issue where wolverine and spideys parents save the day… And all while spidey was in the womb. Their death is a mystery as to who killed them but not how and really not why exactly either.

  • Zimm

    According the the comics, his parents were killed in a plane crash orchestrated by the assassin “The Finisher” because they were on a CIA (before SHIELD was official) assignment to infiltrate the third Red Skull’s organization. Personally, I think a Venom or Carnage approach would be awesome for a villian for the next movie. Electro would be a good guess due the the appearing/disappearing with lightning….but as previously stated, it does not have to be a villian. Plus, if you think back, the comic book universe and graphic novel universe are a bit different; such as in the comics Nick Fury was a white man with a full head of hair, and in the graphic novels he was a bald black guy. They could easily create a new villian, or revamp an old one.

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