February 4, 2012


Unless you’re lucky enough to attend a sneak-peek screening of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man, you’ll have to wait another five months until the movie comes out. A lot of promotional material has been released for Marc Webb’s installment in the Spider-Man movie franchise. There was the original trailer last year, a related video game trailer and tons of images.  We’re expecting a new trailer and perhaps some viral marketing to kick in this week following the limited preview, so we thought we’d do a recap on the images we’ve collected so far. The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary. The film opens on July 3rd. Hit the jump to check out our comprehensive image gallery, and be sure to check back here on Collider February 7th at midnight (the night of the 6th) for the debut of the new trailer.

For more Spider-Man coverage: the new trailer, over 25 new images, our recap from the footage shown at the Spider-Man preview event, and the beginning of the viral campaign.

Check out all the images from The Amazing Spider-Man below:




  • Aaron Paul’s Pussy Juice

    I just be feelin this shit whack, mah.

  • Farzan

    The thing is the previous films had a good cast. Maybe Dunst was the only miscast, but people liked the orignal cast. This film is a reimagining/reboot with a new set of cast and on top of that, its coming a mear 10 years after the original Raimi version. Point is nobody asked for this.

    The first 3 films made a sh*t load of money for Sony and they all of a sudden decide to reboot it after the 3rd film (which wasn’t Raimi’s fault since the producers interfered). Instead of giving Raimi another chance to make another awesome sequel like Spidey 2, they decide to reboot the series. That’s why theirs no buzz for this film and why Sony is giving sneaks previews

    • ipolos

      I hate it when people say Spiderman 3 wasnt raimi’s fault. Sure, the studio interfered and pressured him to include venom. But raimi picked topher grace, raimi made spiderman dance, and raimi made spiderman cry. not the studio. he made peter marker turn emo, not the studio. the first 2 movies are some of all time favorite movies, but it doesnt mean I can’t recognize when someone royally messes up, and raimi messed up, studio interference or not

      • John

        I don’t like how the reboot is based on the Ultimate Comicbook storylines. The prefer them make it based on the 60s comics (Like Raimi) and I hate the new costume! It looks like shit.

        Them making it darker is so stupid and lame, STOP trying to rip off Nolan’s films! I’m sick of every damn movie these days going darker and more realistic! Wheres the ORIGINAILITY?

        Every movie is ripping off from the other film.

        I’m writing my own Spider-Man script and I think it’ll do JUSTICE to the characters and stay TRUE to the comics. I love Spider-Man and he is my favorite superhero of all time. I will see this…but I prefer a spiderman based off the 60s comics, and would like to see Liz Allen introduced.

  • brandon

    The reason for the reboot is the same reason they are going to reboot Fantastic Four, and the same reason they made X-Men First Class. If Fox and Sony Pictures don’t continue to make movies frequently, they lose the rights to them, which really sucks for us because Marvel would do a much better job if they had control.

    • Konti

      Yeah, because Thor, Iron Man 2 and Captain America are much better movies than x-men: first class…

      oh, wait… It’s not true. It’s actually the exact opposite of that!
      How is that possible?!

  • Brian

    Someone…please…tell me how his feet stick to anything through a pair of Nikes made to look like part of the costume?

    • DudeBro

      Better question: How the f*** does he get the mask over that ridiculous tidal wave of hair? Who possibly thought that Peter Parker looking like Gozer the Gozerian was a good idea?

      • 90ina30

        and they better have in the storyline that he has an interest in fashion design and maybe even took courses at the Fashion Institute for us to believe that he……



      • M&M

        “Gozer the Gozerian”… lol, that is PRICELESS!


    Is anyone else getting a Battlefield Earth vibe with all these dutch angles?

  • anton


  • Bryce Forestieri

    Damn! Andrew Garfield is fine!

  • tery

    This movie is going to blow. IMHO, the reason those two, Emma and Andrew are dating is because the movie is crap so the studio is doing some superficial PR by pairing these two together. Pah lease!
    And Andrew looks like a goddamn douche.

    • Ali

      Seeing as how Andrew and Emma where previously trying to keep their relationship a secret and how there are so many star sightings of them around los angles together I highly doubt it’s a silly PR stunt.

      • NorrTron

        Someone cares way too much.

    • Jazzy Jace

      You sound more like a douchebag, tery!

  • Chad

    It already looks better than the 3 Raimi-Power ranger crapfests. Dunst was terrible, Maguire is a one note talent, Dafoe looked ridicuous in that power rangers outfit.. only Molina as Doc Ock was impressive.

  • AlexHeyNa

    I have high hopes for this movie. Not necessarily a whole lot of faith, just hopes. I’m a huge Spidey fan, and I’m definitely excited to see this. The cast is great (aside from Martin Sheen and Sally Field…they’re great actors, but they’re too big of names to be playing such small parts…just doesn’t fit), the director is great, the cinematography looks like it’s going to be great (based on the official images), and the story sounds interesting.

    However, that picture of Parker playing basketball gives me the awful feeling that it’s going to be as cheesy as Spider-man 3.

    I’m still rooting for it, though. If it sucks, it sucks. Oh well. The Dark Knight Rises is what this summer is about, anyway.

    • O.R.

      This is probably the best comment I’ve read on an Amazing Spider-Man thread on Collider. Optimistic but grounded, and not a single note of irony in the whole thing. Thank you.

  • hongsy

    they actually have the nerve to use the tagline THE UNTOLD STORY? If I’m not mistaken, the story was told 3 times in the last few years.

    (awful photos, by the way. the worst kind of bland, photoshopped nonsense that proves that nobody behind this gives that much of a shit)

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  • Aurora Vampiris

    I’m getting a distinct First Class vibe with all these comments. I think this film’s going to be nice – I don’t care about the costume as long as the film’s a brilliant character-based story. Andrew Garfield seems to be sincere and passionate enough about the film anyway.

    Also, why is everyone complaining about the cheesiness (of both the Raimi and Webb versions)?

    The comics DID have Parker trying to make it into the football team, right? And fighting Flash behind the school? And doing all kinds of goofy things before finally become a super-hero?

  • snapperhead

    I was hoping for a giant, walking crocodile in a lab coat. This Lizard looks pretty awful.
    Oh well, didn’t have much interest in re-watching the origin story anyway…

    • Aurora Vampiris

      “I was hoping for a giant, walking crocodile in a lab coat.”

      Was that sarcasm? :P

      • snapperhead

        My wife asks me that all the time.

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  • Scotty

    Andrew Garfield is soooooooo so so so nice looking in the suit, i will watch it, one. because I want to stare at him and two. cause it looks awesome. Can’t Wait!

  • PrawnHunter

    as a previous poster said, the tag-line “the untold story” is shockingly crass. this story’s been told across every media platform available. not sure what makes this iteration even remotely relevant. yet again, hollywood is extending its palms to us and mumbling “spare some change?”

  • rickytariq

    I happen to own the first spiderman comic and this new movie is a disgrace to it. This movie must be based on the “new” amazing spiderman comics which dont compare. but i honestly think ghost rider will be better. Raimi’s suit for spidey was pretty awesome, the new looks retarded, and where tf is mary jane at??? the lizard looks like a rip off of the croc from batman, and id rather see the webs come from his wrist other than the tech he uses because it just makes more sense to me but whatev. Avengers is gonna be way better than this. And im gonna flip if spidey ends up making an appearance in it!!!

    • matthew

      You have to be 13…Ghost Rider looks better??? are you fucking kidding me. You wish it was more like the first edition of spiderman but you don’t like the web coming out of the “high tech” shooters?? that IS the orginal web shooter….and Raimi put out horrible movies of the spiderman franchicse. I don’t agree with all of whats in this new take on it, but don’t say Raimi did a better job….

  • excpired

    People skateboard in the 21st century? I thought that died out when black people picked it up and tried to be punk.

  • Besides

    Funny, I was wondering about when this franchise reboots again in eight or so years, what will it look like? Hell, reboot Superman, Reboot Trek – Reboot everything.

    It’s all new – AND all the same old…

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