New Images from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN; First Trailer Arrives Next Week [Updated with More Images]

     July 14, 2011


Comic-Con attendees are counting down the days until they get their first look at footage from The Amazing Spider-Man, but Hall H attendees won’t be too far ahead of the curve.  New images from the film will be in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and lo-res screencaps of scans from the magazine have gone online (it’s like low-resolution squared).  Director Mark Webb also tells EW that “Ultimately what this movie is about is a kid who grows up looking for his father and finds himself. And that’s a Spider-Man story we haven’t seen before,” which is true.  We’ve just seen that story in plenty of other movies before.

SHH reports that the first trailer for the film will be attached to some prints of Captain America: The First Avenger and that the trailer will run 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  Hit the jump to check out the lo-res images and the EW cover.  Click here for Steve’s recent interview with screenwriter Steve Kloves.  The film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Rhys Ifans.  The Amazing Spider-Man opens in 3D on July 3, 2012. [Update 2: We've updated the story with more images that are all high-quality.]

Images via Entertainment Weekly.

Also, hilariously, EW “exclusively confirms” that Rhys Ifans is playing the Lizard.  If that’s the case, I would like to exclusively confirm that Andrew Garfield is playing Spider-Man because “exclusively confirm” apparently now means “report old news that everyone already knew.”

  • drew

    well he looks more like spiderman than toby did more slender and agile but it all hinges on his ability to play the character of peter not just look like him

    • Ryan

      More like Spidey than Tobey did? Did you see Spidey? Did you see that the costume looks like the costume? Did you see that this guy doesn’t really look like any incarnation of Pete, while at the same time having a costume that looks like something Kick-Ass forgot to put on? :)

      • UltimateSonicWarrior

        He looks like a mix between Ultimate Peter and Peter from the MTV series. And I completely disagree about the costume. Plus, see the new one.

  • LAME

    “Also, hilariously, EW “exclusively confirms” that Rhys Ifans is playing the Lizard. If that’s the case, I would like to exclusively confirm that Andrew Garfield is playing Spider-Man because “exclusively confirm” apparently now means “report old news that everyone already knew.””

    Grow up, Matt.

    • broski

      He has a point, though.

  • Tarek

    Sorry, but I don’t buy it. It was a bad casting for this role.

    • broski

      If you know anything about Spidey at all, you’d know Andrew Garfield is way better casting than Tobey McCrybaby. With the exception of the dumb Twilight hairdo, he looks like he jumped straight out of the pages of a Steve Ditko or Mark Bagley drawn comic book.

      He’s also a much better actor than Tobey.

      • Tarek

        Sorry Bro. but we didn’t read the same comics. I prefer the John Romita style

        My Peter looks like this:

      • broski

        The John Romita style is too old-fashioned. They’re obviously going for a more modern day high school Spidey and pulling from Ultimate Spider-Man, which means that Andrew Garfield is the perfect choice. Deal with it.

      • broski

        A lot of comic book artists and writers also seem to agree with me here.

        “Spider-Man is a juggernaut in and of himself, so you have the luxury of getting 500 tests and picking the best talent that will make the character. That’s what they’re saying they did, and I’m going to take them at their word. They didn’t feel pressured to put in a guy everybody knows, who’s one of the sexiest guys under 25 or anything. Peter Parker has a skinny neck and isn’t the biggest guy on the block. He doesn’t usually get picked first when it’s time to put together a baseball team at recess. As I look at images of Andrew Garfield, he sort of falls into that category.”
        – Todd McFarlane

        “I think this displays yet again Terry Gilliam’s brilliant eye for casting. Garfield was excellent as Anton in “The Adventures of Doctor Parnassus,” and if he brings to “Spider-Man” even a fraction of both the intensity and vulnerability that he displayed in Gilliam’s latest masterwork, then fans will be more than satisfied with the casting choice. If nothing else, I hope they’ll seek out “Parnassus” to get a preview of the next Peter Parker, since “Parnassus” is a film that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.”
        – Peter David

        ” I think he’s a great choice. I picture-googled him this morning, which made me feel a bit creepy, and looked at about ten consecutive pages of images, which made me seem creepier still. But in some shots he looks like a drawing of Peter Parker. From some angles, he looks like the brilliant Mike Wieringo’s Parker, and from others he’s like a Romita Snr. Either way, he’s a great fit and I loved him in “Red Riding.”"
        – Mark Millar

        The only thing I’m really worried about at this point is the script…the past 3 movies didn’t at all portray the witty smartass Parker/Spidey that I love and grew up with. I can only hope that they’ll show off that side of the character in this movie.

      • New Hit

        “I think this displays yet again Terry Gilliam’s brilliant eye for casting.”

        That’s a joke, right. Garfield had done plenty of strong work before he was in the Gilliam film: Boy A, Doctor Who, Lions for Lambs. To claim that was Gilliam’s casting coup is condescending to the casting directors and filmmakers who took a chance on him before that other work.

  • lugo

    the mask looks creepy

  • Migz13

    He certainly does look more like spidey with a slender build. I’ll reserve further judgement until I see some effing footage.

  • sense 11

    I’m looking forward to putting the Sam Raimi Spider-man trilogy behind me. I know most of you like it but It never felt right to me, especially Aunt May, god did I hate that character.

    BTW Emma looks stunning, those eyes:)

    • Rockslide

      Agreed on all points.

  • MC ATTAck

    Still no digging the costume, and another thing this guy has a very long neck! that´s very odd.

    • Tarek

      that’s exactly the two things that tickled me. He can’t be Peter Parker. Plus this horrible suit…

      • sense 11

        nga please, looks way better then the last one, even when it was real it looked CGI

      • Tarek

        NGA ? like “National Gallery of Art” ? or “Northwest Geophysical Associates” ? or maybe it is “No Girls Allowed” ? ^^

        Come on sense 11. Get back to your senses. This Andrew Garfield is a terrible choice. Admit it. And do you really think that this Latex glove-like suit makes justice to spiderman ? What an insult. ^^

      • sense 11

        Never, Andrew is a fantastic actor, you should watch his other movies. To me he already looks much more like Spiderman then Tobey ever did

        Tobey is great tho, just not under Sam Raimi’s hallmark movie direction.

  • Jason

    Andrew Garfield is a great actor with a fantastic British TV history behind him. If you liked him in Social network, look up Boy A, where he plays a child murderer let out into public with a new identity and also Red Riding, where is plays a journolist in the 70′s investigating the Ripper Murders.

    I think he’s going to do incredibly well.
    Looks the part too.

  • Jake

    I really wanted spider-man 4 with Raimi and Maguire but i’m really not just saying this because of that, that costume looks fucking AWFUL. Not to mention he doesn’t look like Peter Parker but Jesus, that costume looks like a kids spidey costume you can pick up at the local store. Wow. Just seriously awful. awful. awful.

    • sense 11

      Please tell me where i can buy a suit like that, i want specifics

      • Jake

        Your local wall mart.

      • sense 11

        riiiight, good luck with that

      • Joe

        Easy steps to making your own spidey costume:
        1. Buy several basketballs
        2. Puncture them and cut them up
        3. Stitch several of them together to form ‘fabric’
        4. Cut to size
        5. Paint in Red and Blue
        6. Stick cut-out of spider on chest area

        WALLAH! Your own amazing spidey costume!

  • broski

    The people saying he doesn’t look like Peter Parker need to pick up a damn comic book. Tobey looked and (for the last two movies) acted nothing like him.

    • Jazzy Jace

      @ Broski: I could agree more with you. His look is more in keeping with the Ditko/Romita versions. People who disagree, think they’re comic book fans and should STFU!

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  • Ed

    I think the costume looks good. The trailer has to really sell me though.

  • Your Mom

    Why does his head look like a basketball?

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  • Jazzy Jace

    Spider 3 was absolute shit, due to the studio insisting Rami use Venom (he didn’t want to). Gwen Stacy was reduced to being a bimbo (not so in the comics). I for one am looking fwd to this, because the cast is great, mechanical web shooters (about time!) will be seen and used and Andrew Garfield (not sporting a Twilight hairdo as one retard said!) but a homage to the Romita classic renderings.

  • Jazzy Jace

    AG will be awesome and we know he does a great American accent. Easily the best thing in The Social Network.

  • Nick

    he looks like a basketball.

  • a.j.

    I like the cast and dont mind the idea of a reboot (even if it means more high school parker, and the inevitable “learning to use the powers” montage)… but still hate the new costume, specially those shiny things on the boots. let’s just hope this movie ends up being a nice suprise like x-men first class, and not a major fiasco killed by its own hype, like green lantern…

    • a.j.

      and there´s more chemistry in that picture of peter and gwen than there was in three movies with maguire and dunst.

  • Lance

    He looks like a hipster doofus, and don’t say Parker is a hipster doofus. Peter Parker was never the Michael Cera type.

  • Scott

    I cant get past the suit. What is wrong with the original? Why make it look like a bad guy outfit from the Power Rangers? I realize they kept the classic tone, but that pic of Spidey with his back to the camera doesnt say SPIDEY to me. In fact, it is more similar to Spidey 2099. Again, I am nitpicking. If I walk out of it thinking Stan Lee sould have written it then I am sold.

  • mason

    The suit looks exactly like it should: like a 17-year-old made it.

    • KP

      No it doesn’t. It looks like a 17 year old couldn’t afford it.

      • mason

        Really? Because it looks like shit (shit usually doesn’t peak over $180).

  • Seriously?

    No one notices that Gwen is cleaning a wounded Parker? I’m pissed to know that Gwen finds out he is Spiderman.. That was a big moment in Spiderman 2 when MJ discovered Pete was Spidey, and we’re finding out a year before the movie comes out. Why watch it? He becomes Spidey, he fights the lizard, Gwen discovers him, big finale, set up for sequel..

    • Jazzy Jace

      You’re assuming Gwen knows he’s Spidey. Parker always had a cover story, didn’t he?

    • broski

      In Ultimate Spider-Man, MJ is Peter’s best friend (similar to how Gwen is in this movie) and in it, Peter revealed his secret to her REALLY early on, it was like issue #13 or something I think. They’re drawing a lot from Ultimate Spider-Man it seems (much more modern day looking, Peter is in high school and is much more skinny and flexible looking, they’re using the younger more hip version of Aunt May, etc.)…so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing with Gwen what Brian Michael Bendis did with MJ in writing USM.

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  • dannyboy3030

    me like spider-man. cept last one. that one stink

  • Frank Chang

    Better start hoarding those 1st appearance of the Lizard in Amazing Spiderman #6. The movie looks like a disappointment though from an adult perspective. Kids may love it because they can identify with a teenage Peter Parker and most were born when Tobey’s Spidey run began and he was already an adult in the 1st one. Costume looks nowhere near Tobey’s – it sucks.

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  • FarmHand

    This guys looks AWFUL!!! Loved him in Social Network, but he looks all kinds of WRONG in this. Those mechanical webslingers look stupid, too. These pictures confirmed all my fears about this project. BOOOOO!!!

  • DM725

    If they use Ultimate Spiderman as a blueprint then it should be a pretty good movie. If they let the director do what he wants like Raimi did then we’ll get the same characters doing extremely uncharacteristic things. The only person I can think of that was perfect was J.K Simmons as J.J.J.

  • brandon

    I Like everything about this except for the boots. Whats with the Boots???

  • jojosodope

    I’m picking up a real heavy Ben Reilly feel. I like the costume quite a bit, most likely because most of the Spidey I have read, is Ult. He looks very teenagery, and it feels right. I adore Tobey’s performance, but I always felt he looked A BIT old for the part. AG looks the part, at least.

  • ozzie

    everyone who is bitching about the way spiderman looks and was cast for this movie don’t know anything about spiderman’s origin.

    garfield is a dead ringer for peter parker at 17 and is a spectacular actor. The costume looks just like something a teen could patch together.

    Farmhand who doesn’t like the look of the webshooters or garfield as spiderman needs to stick to farming.

    • broski

      Thank you.

  • tarek

    But why spiderman is wearing gold shoes ? Just asking ^^

  • Anton

    I’ll admit that when I first heard Raimi was stepping down I was a bit disappointed. I don’t often say this, but I feel good about this movie. I think Webb is a strong, eager director. Andrew Garfield has proven his acting chops (I was a big fan of Red Riding) and I feel like he really fits the role well. I also find Emma Stone to be very captivating anytime she’s on screen; a much better love interest than Kirsten Dunst (no disrespect to Ms. Dunst). The supporting cast speaks for itself. I haven’t read a lot into the production of this film, but from what I’ve seen they rely a lot less on CGI which I feel is a plus. And I like the look of the costume, not sure about all this animosity, but I guess it’s to be expected on a message board where anyone can post.

  • zxcvb

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look

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  • Sam

    i mean web cartridges people…thats enough to tickle my fancy. hopefully we get to see him run out of them in the movie

  • Jim

    Okay, I’m an old fart here (50) and grew up reading the Ditko and Romita Spidermans (and still have my collection, which I stopped probably after the famous “drug” issue). I don’t see any resemblance to Peter Parker at all. I DO think he looks a LOT like Robin Curtis’s incarnation of Lt. Saavik in “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.” (See image below.) It looks like Robin may actually possess a stronger XY chromosome pairing than Mr. Garfield, but that may be a bit harsh.

    Compare the following photo of Robin to the close up photo above of Mr. Garfield with, I assume, is supposed to be the actress playing Gwen Stacy(?). Sharpen his Brook Shields brows to a fine point and add a wig, and you’ve got Lt. Saavik (I’m not even sure you’d have to put pointy tips on his ears, from what I can tell in the photos):

  • SciFan

    I can’t wait for the DVD to come out so that I can Netflix it!
    No way I’ll see this turkey in the theaters.

  • Jeff T.

    It’s weird that you can see his eyes through the mask.

  • myrto07

    First the suit sucks
    Second we want MJ
    Third Peter meets Gwen at EmpireState
    Forth websplingers seriously???
    what are his abilities then?????

  • usman
  • Johnnythayyer smith
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  • Funkydoodler

    I liked Tobey as Spidreman, but I think this new cat will makes a good one too. Body type is better suited and looks more like the comics. the hairs is kinda funny but hey what can you do. the natural web shooter was cool and they based it for real world type of thinking but the web shooters are more geared for the comic book and will show more of Peters smarts like in the comics. the costume is cool but very busy and don’t think it works for the movie and the silver on the bottom throws me some as to why they chose to to that. The new movie really has to wow me because i’m really not tha impressed yet.

  • kent

    it depends on what incarnation of peter ure talking about that will make u feel as if andrew garfeild looks like spider man alot. for me the on image that had me feeling like garfeild looked like peter was the civil war issue where peter unmasks himself to an entire crowd that one image of peters face to me looks really similiar to garfeilds.

  • Stanley hoo

    I can’t wait for Spidey. I love those movies


    Looks incredible!! Cant wait to see it

  • glencarter

    Cant wait to see this movie!

  • glencarter1
  • alina.mary06


  • ari