Watch: Jeremy Renner Lashes Out in Deleted Scene from AMERICAN HUSTLE

     March 7, 2014


Though American Hustle failed to land a single win out of its 10 nominations at the Oscars last weekend, the film remains a hit with audiences with a worldwide box office total of $248.2 million.  Director David O. Russell’s latest feature hits Blu-ray and DVD in a couple of weeks, and in anticipation of the home video release a deleted scene from the pic has been released online.  It’s no secret that Russell has a very particular way of working that involves plenty of improvisation and the creation of new scenes on the fly, and that energy is prevalent in this deleted scenes which finds the core characters played by Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, and Christian Bale giving a tour of New Jersey to “the Sheikh”, played by Michael Peña.  All does not go as planned, resulting in Renner’s character losing his cool in front of some New Jersey residents.

Hit the jump to watch the new deleted scene.  It’s unclear exactly how many deleted scenes will be included on the Blu-ray/DVD, but there’s likely plenty of footage that didn’t make the finished film.  American Hustle will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on March 18th.  Click here to pre-order.


  • Ancalagon

    Seems characteristic of this movie that the best moment was Bradley Cooper’s character over-enunciating “the ghet-to,” haha.

  • Jesse

    Would have much preferred to see this in the film over Cooper being a more obnoxious version of himself. Just like his one line here, he was almost completely unnecessary for the plot in most of his scenes. Carmine’s vulnerability and desperation is so evident here, yet in context of physical comedy. Just brilliant.

  • BenP

    I can’t stand Bradley Cooper either, I wish they had deleted more of his scenes. I know the character was supposed to be irritating, hence Amy Adams’ lovely, subtle change of expression right at the end, but he was also loud, overpowering and ultimately boring. Perhaps he should do SNL, he would be great in that format.

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