An Extended Clip from TOY STORY 3

     December 20, 2009


An extended clip from Toy Story 3 aired today on ABC Family and has found its ways to the interwebs through the magic of YouTubes.  I feel bad showing you this clip because it’s so good you’re going to be sad once it’s over.  It’s not a some cute stand-alone clip that you can enjoy but one that relates to the plot and when it was over I think I audibly shouted “No!” at my computer.

Following an introduction by director Lee Unkrich, the clip has Andy dividing up which toys are going with him to college, are going to the attic, and going to the curb.  I won’t say anything beyond that so just watch the clip after the jump and then remember that the film’s release date of June 18, 2010 technically isn’t an eternity away.  It only feels like it.


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