Are ANCHORMAN 2 and ZOOLANDER 2 Still Alive?

     May 3, 2010

During the last couple of days we’ve reported some heartbreaking news to comedy fans.  First, there was the news that the sequel to Anchorman was apparently dead after Paramount had passed on the project due to some budget issues .  Then, a few days later, came news via Ben Stiller’s twitter that Zoolander 2 was having some problems getting a green light over at Paramount due to some funding issues too.

However, Deadline reports that now turns out that both projects might still have some life to them after all.  To find out why Paramount is hesitant about making both films and why there is still some hope that we might see the further adventures of Ron Burgundy and Derek Zoolander on the big screen soon hit the jump.

According to Deadline, Paramount is still interested in pursuing sequels to both Anchorman and Zoolander.  The problem is that the studio wants both films to have a budget that doesn’t go over $40 million.  This seems to especially be a problem for Anchorman 2, which is aiming for a budget that will be close to $70 million.   It’s still unknown how much money Zoolander 2 will cost to make and if they can pull it off with a budget of $40 million.

It seems that Paramount passing on both projects shocked and confused a lot of the internet last week.  How could a studio pass on two popular cult films which have been big hits on DVD?  Well, it seems that we now have an answer: both films weren’t hits overseas.  Anchorman grossed $85 million domestic, but only $5 million overseas.  Meanwhile, Zoolander grossed $45 million domestic and did $15 million overseas.

All we can do now is hope for the best and let Paramount know that there still a demand for these sequels by twittering a lot and often about how Zoolander is still so hot right now and how not having Anchorman 2 makes us feel like we are in a glass case of emotion.

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  • MCP

    Glad to see both movies get axed, for once Hollywood got it right.

    End of Line

  • terk

    Alright, Ramses up in the mix. Dig this dudes take on stuff.

  • Rusty Mantackle

    If Paramount is reading this: BRING BACK RON BURGUNDY AND DEREK ZOOLANDER!! The fans demand it! Every friend of mine owns at least one, if not both, of these movies on DVD and know they'll jump at a chance to see the sequels!

  • AngMal

    What are the numbers with regard to DVD/Blu-ray sales domestically and internationally, though? Both movies are considered modern cult classics here in the UK, so they must have done better on home video than at the cinema

  • MovieTechJunkie

    umm? Did you not read the article. The POINT is that they are not dead. There is plenty of demand for both of these sequels, and Hollywood does know about Supply and Demand.

  • Dana

    Maybe the overpaid actors should take less cash so the fans get what they want? I know…i know…they have to take 1 million instead of 2 million…makes me cry too.

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