First Image of Andrew Garfield in Costume as SPIDER-MAN [UPDATED]

     January 13, 2011

Sony Pictures has released the first official image of Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man costume.  I loved the Spider-Man outfit from Sam Raimi’s movies so it’s tough not to mess with a good thing.  I don’t want to nitpick this one image to death when A) I don’t know the context of the scene; and B) it’s ultimately just a costume.  It’s slightly stylized, but it still doesn’t deviate too far from the mesh-style of the costume from the first three films.  I am curious to know why the Spider emblem’s leg reach all the way down to Peter Parker’s crotch, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for it.  But now I’m curious to know what the mask looks like…

Hit the jump to check out the image.  Marc Webb’s untitled 3D Spider-Man reboot is due out July 3, 2012. [Update: Our eagle-eyed readers have pointed out something interesting about the costume.  Hit the jump for more.]

Click on the image to embiggen. And make sure to “like” Spider-Man on Facebook.

Marc Webb’s untitled Spider-Man reboot also stars Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans (Notting Hill) as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard, Sally Field as Aunt May, and Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, Denis Leary as George Stacy, Chris Zylka as Flash Thompson, Irrfan Khan as Van Atter, Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson as Peter Parker’s parents, and C. Thomas Howell.   We currently have no details on the plot, but the budget is rumored to be around $80 million and that the story will be a “gritty, contemporary” take on the popular Marvel superhero.  Filming is currently underway.  Hopefully, Webb and Co. will prove that there was a reason for rebooting this franchise beyond just money and rights issues.

Update: Folks in our comments section have pointed out that the new costume appears to have tiny gold objects attached to the wrist.  Are these web-shooters?  For folks who don’t know, in the original comics, Spider-Man built himself web-shooters that he attached to his wrists.  However, during development of the original Spider-Man, it was decided to make the webshooters an organic mutation since the filmmakers didn’t think it was believable that a high-schooler could build something so advanced.  Here’s a close-up of the possible web-shooters:


  • Wolstenholme

    What the fuck is that…that’s not the spiderman I know and love

    • ringbearer1420

      Hey good to see I’m not the only one who’s read the comics and cares about Spidey as a character.

      • Todd

        What is that suppose to mean? Neither was Raimi’s! This is just a picture. How does that at all reflect on his characterization???

      • sdf

        hate it

      • Wolstenholme

        I liked the visual direction of Raimi’s films…the only reason the third one sucked so much was because of those douche’s at Marvel interfering and forcing Venom in

    • Alan

      What the f*() Sony? Why make a reboot 5 years after the first? Some people will do anything for money. I guess ruining another good superhero and childhood memories is cool.

      • Eric

        The first movie came out in 2002.

    • Alan

      Why not ruin another good superhero and do anything for money?

    • Danny Duignan

      No, Marvel isn’t to blame for the failure of Spider-Man 3 . . . The Sony CEOs are the assholes to be blamed for it . . .

      There’s a 9th circle of Hell for betrayers . . . They need a 10th circle for Sony CEOs . . .

  • paul

    looks sick im glad to see he looks a bit beat up

  • stoudaa

    yep, i like it

  • Bulskov

    Im impressed over the Costume. I expected a lot from Sam Raimis’ Spiderman Costume, but the new one looks knit. The colours and the form. It’s so COOL!!!1

  • ringbearer1420

    So by reboot they mean homage to the other films? Looks like the texture of a action figure. But regardless of the context this image doesn’t convey Spider-Man to me. It conveys that Webb’s seen 1-3 and maybe flipped arbitrarily through some issues. Paired with Garfield being a insufferable prick.

  • Clarkish

    I am actually liking the looks of this a lot more than when I first heard about a reboot. BUT I also watched the Social Network again the other day, and that movie was soooo good on sooo many different levels, especially with Andrew Garfield.

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  • alexc

    Suit looks great, more and more excited about this every day!

    @ringbearer1420 actually the texture is very similar to the raimi one, and I’m sure Garfield isn’t as much of a prick as you

    • ringbearer1420

      That’s the point, it’s the same texture. If your going to justify a new film go for a completely new look, or stick with Raimi. And hey I can’t help it if homie conveys prick like Jabba conveys ugly.

      • Todd

        You’re obnoxious. Calm down.
        1. There isn’t much variation you can do with this costume….
        2. Good material either way
        3. Took away the STUPID raised gray ribs. Contrary to the author, I didn’t think Raimi’s was very impressive. It was fine, but the raised webbing distorted the look and made the webs indistinct.
        4. the forearm, the abs, the spider, the sleekness, the webs are all completely different

      • Wolstenholme

        Just because everything about this movie is pointless doesn’t mean Garfield is a prick. He actually a very good actor, sorry if you don’t have an eye for talent. Why don’t you grow up

      • Wolstenholme

        Just because everything about this movie is pointless doesn’t mean Garfield is a prick. He actually a very good actor, sorry if you can’t see talent. Why don’t you grow up

      • ringbearer1420

        I’m perfectly calm, my opinion on a actor is not my opinion on the person or my opinion on anyone who likes them. But I can’t really help if some ones conveyed that in everything I’ve seen him in. It’s like Dennis Leary as George Stacy.
        And their actually is plenty to do with the outfit, like trying to actually copy the one from the comics instead of having him in a costume that a 16 year old has no capacity to make. You can do that with Batman who is a billionaire, but with Spider-Man it’s kinda pointless, especially given the fabric doesn’t really offer extra protection. A new take is better than simply improving the costume from another movie.
        It just seems overall lacking in creativity.

      • Anoid

        “It just seems overall lacking in creativity.”

        They made a new interpretation of the suit. Like every other hero movie of this new generation so far. (except the Hulk… but there is only so much you can do with torn pants).

        “And their actually is plenty to do with the outfit, like trying to actually copy the one from the comics instead of having him in a costume that a 16 year old has no capacity to make.”

        Yes. Copy the ones from the comic. Because that isn’t lacking in creativity. And dude, seriously? You’re questioning the reality of a kid making a spiderman suit with functional webshooters while he has super spider abilities and fights with giant man-lizards and alien suits? Really? Batman is already unrealistic as it is. Don’t put that kind of logic in a comic book character It will never work.

      • nNark

        @ringbearer1420: Wow. You get all that from one picture? You must be clairvoyant! They should hire you to make movie-making decisions for the big studios; it would be just as fitting to tag you for wacky ideas like BATTLESHIP.

      • Todd

        I really didn’t mean to come off as a jerk, you’re just commenting everywhere and it seems a bit irrational and preemptively ticked.

        We’ll get Tim Burton on it for the next one. Spider-Man lives anyone?

  • Nick

    I dig this alot actually, doesnt look as perfect as the costume did in the raimi films. They never did explain how peter parker was able to make that costume himself

    • Wolstenholme

      The the first film’s novelization it says that a guy he saved early on was a tailor and as a way to return the debt, he made him like two or three suits

      • Clarkish

        Thats interesting…and dumb at the same time, why wasn’t that explained in the film? Could’ve added just a touch more to the question where he got it from as I’m sure the masses that saw it in theaters wondered.

      • Wolstenholme

        All three novelizations of the spiderman franchise and a few other one’s I’ve read usually always have more information than what ends up in the movie. A lot of it is stuff that was in the original scripts

  • Austin Higgins

    Anyone notice the claw mark on his chest? LIZARD.

    • ringbearer1420

      Lizard is surly a good first villain. He was my first Spider-Man toy after I saw him as the first villiain in the 90′s animated series. Plus it sets Conner’s up as a close ally who is indebted to Spider-Man.

    • Killer B

      I did not notice anything on his chest but I noticed the scratch on his face..

      I think the suit looks ok. I never really gave much thought to the suits orgins in the first series so I dont plan on to worry about it this series.

      I just hope this isnt a lame movie. It has all the potential to be a bomb, so they have to show us why we needed another Spiderman so close to the original series of movies. I will keep an open mind for now..

      I dont think Garfield will be a bad choice anymore than Tobey was.. I really did not like Tobey as Spidey but he will forever be him unless this guy does great

  • dogg

    Suit looks so much better! That tacky raised web design always bugged me–was Peter Parker really supposed to have sewn all that crap on?

    And after The Social Network, is anyone missing Toby? Me either.

    • Wolstenholme

      People usually don’t say “Me either” unless they have an answer to the question they asked. And since the costume sucks, you;re statement is rendered incorrect…that’s what you get for being pompous

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  • barking bud

    You guys missed the best thing: FABRICATED WEB SHOOTERS!!
    No more biologicrap that Raimi came up with.

    • Wolstenholme

      The biological webs were better retard

      • barking bud

        Name calling, really?! Given the fact you apparently are not familiar with the source material, I forgive you. You probably like the Star Wars prequels best too.

      • Wolstenholme

        No, I’m quite familiar with the source material…I just think it’s a dumb notion. And for the record, I like LoTR better

      • Black Adder

        You know, if Raimi had gone truly biological, Spider-Man would instead be shooting his webs out of his ass. ;)

      • Wolstenholme

        How clever, what you are 13

      • Anoid

        “The biological webs were better retard”

        Clever. What are you? Seat warmer on the short bus?

      • Jay

        Agreed. What people seem to miss out and was hidden from the Raimi’s spiderman was that Peter Parker even as a teenager was a fucking genius. Maybe in as much at Tony Stark could build his atomic reactor with nothing but scraps out of a cave. Tony Stark has his resources while Peter came from a middle class family.

  • Dave Trumbore

    Check out his wrists in the hi-res image. Are those web-shooters I spy?? No more weird fleshy spinnerets!

  • Daniel

    So, wait. This is a Spider-Man costume without any webs on it? At all?

    • Anoid

      There seems to be web patterns all over the upper torso and on the gloves. What are you talking about?

  • barking bud

    @Daniel: Those squares represent somewhat of a checkered-web kinda idea.

  • Web Slinger

    I actually like this. Not at first, but its grown on me. And another good possibility, is that the cgi stunts should look more real than in the old Spidey because this suit is shiny, and cgi in everything always looks more real when its wet/shiny. (Use Hulk or any cgi movie to see what I mean.
    Mcquires Spidey was a massive jump from man in suit to Cgi swinger, it looked awful. But this should be a more subtle change.

    • Bigfiction

      I was thinking the same thing. I do think the suit looks incredible anyway, but it seems to me they took the CG issue into consideration and that is another reason to be excited!

  • Grimcicle

    Looks like a mix between the traditional costume and elements of the Spider-Ben suit. I like it.

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  • Cam

    So does this mean no more cry-baby loser Spider-Man?

  • baseball55

    costume looks terrible, i hate it. i hope this remake tanks so marvel can somehow get the rights back and do him justice, dude has no muscle at all. the ultimates comic line just isnt the right depiction for spider man on the big screen, stick to amazing spider man it has the best story arc. so dissapointed

  • Brenno

    looks good

  • Ringbearer1420

    It’s funny how to Hollywood thinks it’s unrealistic for a character who is a inventor to invent something, but not for him to make a costume that clearly cost thousand of dollars. It’s not weather you think it realistic, it’s weather you can make it realistic.

  • baseball55

    new suit looks terrible, i hate it. Garfield has no muscle at all, still cant pass him over as spiderman. i hope this remake tanks so that marvel can somehow retain the movie rights and do him justice. The ultimate storyline is not the way to go for spider man, they should go with the amazing spider man story arc. so dissapointed in this

    • Greg

      Spider-Man (not spider man, please spell it correctly) isn’t supposed to be muscular at all. Heck, the only reason why he was muscular looking in the original Lee/Ditko comics was because of Ditko’s art style.

  • Michael

    Looks bad when compared to the previous Spider-Man films. This remake is looking more and more bad every time they show something of it.

    • Jesse

      Like this picture, and the one of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy sitting on a bench. Definitely enough to make an opinion on the whole movie. Moron.

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  • Chris

    It’s got swagger but I’m sure the gold things r just a way for the web to come thru the suit so rather than the previous films where it magically came thru the suite, and it looks better than a hole. I’m sure they wudnt use the web shooter things

  • turd ferguson

    I want so badly to like this costume….really….but it just looks like a hot mess. and that is not necessarily because he’s covered in sweat and filth. The spider looks like it got smushed. and i really hope it is not the spiderman with web blasters. i feel all the magic that comes from spidey comes from him being spider-like…not just a spider enthusiast! i know everyone likes the realism of the batman franchise, but i love the superhuman aspect of Spidey…so please STICK TO ORGANICALLY MADE WEBS!!! do like garfield tho…still have high hopes

  • Tom

    This looks really stupid! It’s probably going to be one of those “trying to be like twighlight, only with super heros” thing! No offense to Marc Webb, since “500 Days of Summer” was awesome, but I won’t be seeing this piece of crap!

  • Captain Obvious

    Anyone who doesn’t like this is not a real fan of the comic book. The Sam Rami version was the most dull and boring version of all the Spider-Man costumes in the comic
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Rami version was bordering on the TV version of Batman from the 60′s. The coolest looking Spider-Man costume was the Todd McFarlane version that looked more like a spider and cool. Remember that Rami payed homage to 1970′s Spider-Man which was the most boring Spider-man of all. I’m glad they brought back the webshooters since I found it hard to believe that a person can logically spin that many webs from a body. I hope this costume also has big eyes like all the cool versions. You morons who liked the suit from the previous movies also liked the nipples on Batman in Batman and Robin. If this is the direction they are going than this movie is going to be an even bigger hit than the previous movies.

    • Wolstenholme

      Last time I checked Captain Douche-Nozzle, Amazing Spiderman was running long before the Ultimate Spiderman was…so maybe be weiry of who you’re accusing of being fans

      • dxgarten

        If you had read the Amazing Spiderman then you’d know that:

        1. Spiderman’s original frame is thin and frail. He had muscles but mostly on the arms after he got bitten by the spider. He wasn’t thick like Tobey was in the first film. It was YEARS later that he started to developed his physique.
        2. Spiderman shoots his web from a mechanical web shooter.
        3. Peter Parker is a tall guy, whose height is closer to Garfield’s than Maguire’s ever did.

    • HG Jago

      And there are some of us who think Todd McFarlane isn’t worthy of wiping John Romita’s ass. To each his own.

      And for the record, I prefer the Adam West Batman costume to any of the film versions, with or without nipples. At least it gets the colors right.

  • Ivan

    Please, bigger eyes in the mask. that’s what I like so much in the comics and in Sam Raimi’s version they were so small.

  • mattn

    | know why the spider symbols legs seem to be stretching down. He was obviously just in a fight and must have gotten wet somehow. The ink on the symbol is running since it looks like a makeshift first time suit. I’m sure he wont spend the movie in a scratched, grimy suit like this.
    Anywho, i really like it and i can see the direction they are taking it. Parker is just a kid who fights crime in between homework whos just starting out. As a reboot and judging from what I’ve read, i’m confident it’ll turn out fine.

  • Migz13

    KEWL:D So far I’m liking the new small redesigns they gave the costume:D
    It looks urban, street and a little bit gritty:D Looking forward to this:D

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  • LordOfTheStrings

    260 million budget to an 80 million budget. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. This is going to be awesome.

  • nNark

    If you lighten the image, you can see this young man has a rather nice Spider-package! Hey, just pointing out the way it looks on another web site…

  • Jack Scribe

    Stood close to Andrew this past weekend and guess the dude is around 5’7″ and 130#. He’ll be a big hit with the ‘tweeners.

  • Jesse

    I suppose at this point I shouldn’t be surprised, but you prissy little fanboys are such a joke. The new costume is simultaneously “uncreative” for being too close to the Raimi costume and “ugly” for being too different from the Raimi version. Make up your minds, dimwits. Take your heads out of your collective asses and stop making blanket statements about a film a year and a half away based on a single image. You don’t wield nearly as much power as you think you do and God help us all if someone actually listens to your inane rambling. Also, please stop chewing people out just because they don’t agree with you. I’d rather read a rational thought with typos than grammatically correct bitching and moaning. Take your caffeine-addled emotions out of the equation and give opinions based on rational thought processes.

    • nNark

      Well-worded, Jesse! It’s always the rare treat to read rational/sane/non-bitchy comments, here or elsewhere. I sometimes feel I’m standing alone in a field when I chew out these fickle fanboys for their insipid and contradictory diatribes. Diatribes? That’s being generous!

      I used to greatly anticipate genre films and wanted to know as much as I could about each one, building up to its release. Now, not only is too much information rampant all over the interwebs, none of it seems to make the hardcore sf contingent any happier. These self-important people, who thrive behind cloaks of anonymity, are no better than packs of bullies who troll schoolyards – get them alone, and their power evaporates. It’s fun to shred some on some fantasy website, huh? I think the only problem is that, FOR NOW, studios are giving them the time of day. That it may affect a movie I might otherwise like is plain irritating.

      Jesse, no doubt your (and my) comments will generate a certain amount of inane vitriol. That’s classic, and sadly, expected. I have always welcomed any dissenting or clarifying view, as long as it’s presented somewhat intelligently. Maybe we should exchange emails!

    • Renato

      hi, I’m a fanboy and unlike most I really liked what they made here, at first I was a little stunned by the idea of garfield playing peter but it looks like he fit very well…the costume was nice, different and has that ben reilly look on it…also I loved 500 days of summer, the plot was great, and I think that some of that will be brought here…what I expect to see in this movie is 1st a spier-man who tells joke and is funny in the face of danger 2nd a good villain, loved the coice of the lizard because has much of a moral struggle to peter, 3rd a good role of Gwen Stacy…Gwen Stacy is a character so important for the fans of spidey that it’s kinda of tricky bringing her to the theaters, but it’s look very nice so far…keep waiting for the movie ^^

  • MioCid5

    He’s holding his mask with his right hand.

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  • SaltyNuts

    The costume is fine, but JEEZ, Garfield is such a MOPE! He looks like the most awkward Spider-Man ever (and, I’ve seen the 70′s made-for-TV movies). For all you that complained about ‘emo Parker’ in SM3- Congratulations! You got an ENTIRE movie with ‘emo Parker’! And, for the record, organic web-shooters make way more sense. I mean, Peter Parker could f*cking retire if he invented some super strength webbing like substance that allowed him to fly around from building to building and keep regenerating itself. Where’s he gonna store all this web-fluid anyway? Does he carry it around in that backpack? What happens when he runs out of his special web-fluid? Does he cease to be Spider-Man? And, if he invented this super awesome web-fluid and wrist shooters, what the hell is the point of him being bitten by a radioactive spider?!

    • Alex-mansy

      I agree he looks like a emo depressed Spiderman. Which judging from the directors previous film may just be his speciality.

      It’s gonna take a little more than that, to get me to the theatres. Also I hope they have a good second unit action director cause they one they have now probably sucks ass.

    • O Dear…

      ummm dipshit.. if u knew jack shit about Spidey… yu would obvi know that he makes extra web cartridges that he can refill his web shooters with.. he carries them right under the shirt of the suit which btw is not actually supposed to be a onesie tht looks like it just came off of an action figure… he takes out the spent cartridge and replaces it with a new one. i mean even the arms are technicallly supposed to be seperated into gloves that he can hold onto. the only attached thing from the original comics are the pants. the rest has to be able to be taken off and on and concealed easily.. i mean a shirt sure… but gloves…. no.. and the whole reason he is spider-man is so that he can earn retribution for allowing Uncle Ben to be murdered(kind of ) and I think that Garfields ‘emo’ spidey as most dumbasses are calling it will help represent what the original context was trying to get across. “With great power, comes great responsibility”

    • Jay

      “And, if he invented this super awesome web-fluid and wrist shooters, what the hell is the point of him being bitten by a radioactive spider?!”

      The spider mutation gives him the strength, agility and the wall crawling, that of a spider. Without his intellect, he wouldn’t be anything more than the arachnids he studies. He catches his opponents off guard with the element of his surprising uses for it, especially with his surroundings. Against specific foes, he has modified his webbing against their elements (fire, electricity, stronger resistance, etc.) Besides that, he has also built spider tracers so besides his abilities that favor being undetected, he can do the same following whoever he needs to. So in essence, his web shooters are his weapons as a science guy besides his strength and speed. And I think its perfect to exploit this seeing people are open to more protagonists who are of the technically and nerdy inclined.

      I mean hell, just because wolverine has claws doesn’t mean he’s the shit if he can’t fight efficiently with them. Hence why you don’t see him with guns often.

    • Kami

      did you ever read one spider-man issue?

  • the punisher

    why this black nets on the arms? The blue color is not right. why so much shine? The red color it is to bloody. Too much swimsuit for my taste, fixet! and do not screw up the mask. Circular eye balls in white like ultimate.

    • LordOfTheStrings

      You’re missing the whole point. This Spider-man is half Gold Fish.

  • João Paulo

    Like the HQs ultimate spiderman and looks awesomeeeeeeee

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  • Steven Gilpin

    Slightly stylized? It’s a comic book movie! Of course it’s going to look stylized. That’s a moot criticism.

  • GW

    Its not bad :)

    1. Andrew Garfield looks lithe, like he can move fast and the uniform doesn’t take that away in the picture at least, unlike Tobey Maguire which I did not like for the part of Spidey with his stiff semi stocky build. Andrew Garfield is a great cast looks wise.

    2. ACTING:
    While we can’t really comment on it for the new movie, I can say I wasn’t overly thrilled with Tobey M’s laid back personality that comes through in the film and I hope they get a better Mary Jane that fits the the comic book. I don’t think we can take much away from her acting skills, she’s better than Toby but Kirsten Dunst is a miscast for Mary Jane if your a purist. MJ is magnetic turn your head red haired, green eyed beauty with a more firey personality. But I think she will be in the movie. :(

    It has a rough texture that is not bulky but we havn’t seen it in action so it hard to say. While the picture makes it look a little plastic I think it looks pretty decent, but a Spidey uniform with a reflective rubber look like that picture has? I wouldn’t do it that way but we shall see, maybe he was just swinging through the rain or somethin. :)

  • howard

    beware the false spider-man.

  • Dave

    ok first of all i’ve been a huge fan of spider-man since i was 5 and i’m only 21 and even tho raimis films were good i still had this feeling that something wasn’t right with all of them even tho i still enjoyed them. Second the new costume looks so much better at the fact that it looks like its more believable at the fact that it looks hand made and that it also looks like he painted the webs and the deffinatly the spider emblem on it and the fact that he has web shooters is awesome because its always been like that since the first issue that spider-man came out with this is gonna be more to the comic book than the other ones and its about time that there using the lizard for the villian. Yea there using the Ultimate series but thats because it the most popular one right now and it has a great story to it. the fact that there using emma stone for gwen stacy is awesome and andrew garfield looks more like spider-man than tobey did. Also even tho it has a 80 million dollar budget thats still alot of money for a movie and they can do a lot with it a bigger budget dosent mean anything i mean come on sp3 had the biggest budget even and it had the most horrible cgi ive ever seen besides sandman that was the exception. and as for everyone already putting down this movie like get over it its one picture they’re jsut about ready to start filming it soon and a trailer hasnt even came out yet and plus it wont be out until July 2012 so like stop ripping apart the movie already and dumbing it down. i think a grittier look on spider-man is better since like most of his comics have a gritty felling to them anyways. so guys be be patient and jsut wait it all out im sure its going to be a good movie and mean come one the director is good i enjoyed (500) Days of Summer i thought the directing was really good

  • sbester

    Raimi’s films were way too childish. I felt even the cartoons from the 90s were more exciting. I really hope this new film is great, but I’m not holding my breath. Marvel seems to fuck everything up when it comes to movies.

  • Bogie

    So i guess his motorcycle helmet is in the back pack?

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  • James

    Is it just me or does this picture look very similar to ‘the incredible hulk’ poster: LOL very original.

  • sense 11

    Looks good and realistic not like that fake ass looking suit from the Raimi spider-man.

  • Terrence

    Ah, why so sad spiderman?
    Give me an effing break.
    And what is Andrew’s Spiderman going to do between action scenes?
    Read aloud Winston Churchill’s greatest speeches?

  • baret maggarian

    I don’t want to appear snippy or mean spirited, but I do think the costume could have done with some attention around the dick area. He looks quite small. Of course we wouldn’t want a massively hung dude distracting viewers with his package, but it’d be best to leave Spidey’s dick to the imagination (if that is what people want to imagine) rather than present a superhero with a chipolata.

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  • Aethea

    Disgusting. Why all the patches?

  • darthmeat

    kinda looks like KICK ASS meets spidey to me. the picks of denis leary in swat are more ‘gritty’ as well. I’ll give it a shot. As long as they don’t try to inject some twilight tweener suck shit goopy gooeynees into it, it might be alright.

    • Jay

      I like the way you coined it. Hopefully this one goes back to his more nerdier roots and explains more of him being a genius who fights crime.

  • A5J4DX

    i mainly like the wrists

  • Dave

    im so glad there using the lizard but im not so sure about this proto goblin in it. if anything it wont bother me cause ill pay more attention to the lizard anyways. im waiting from them to release a pic of the lizard for the movie i wanna see what there gonna make him look like im more excited for that can’t wait

  • scryer41

    Lord I hope those aren’t web shooters. Look… it makes more sense for Spidy to spin a web naturally than to have it come out of some device. Now, if he starts out not being able to “produce” enough webbing at times, he could use these things as back-ups.

    Not to sure I like the costume. Some of it smacks of the Ben Reily style. The spider on the chest and the way the gloves appear suggest this to me.

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  • Makennago smith

    spider man you are look so good but your are down why .

  • George

    The costume is the least of their problems. Why cast people who are pushing 30 as the leads in what they’re hoping will be a “reboot” of the series, with the setting being high-school? At the 5,000 DPI resolution it’s filmed in, we’ll get to see all their wrinkles and stretch marks. And it’s not like there aren’t any real teenage actors and actresses with a lot of talent. The girl who starred in “The Lovely Bones” would have made an excellent Mary Jane Watson. Talented blue-eyed, blonde haired teenagers are about a dime a dozen.
    It they liked the older people that they cast so much, instead of trying to put a middle-aged man in the role of a 15-year-old high schooler, they should have done a total re-write. If the lead actor and actress are pushing the big 3-0, why not make the story about an older spider-man, maybe show how his devotion to being a hero has totally messed up his personal and professional life. Let him get fired from a lab because he was late for work, get a foreclosure notice, Mary Jane, now his wife, leaves him because he’s never home. Now, that would be a good story for a veteran cast.

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  • Jayren Boyette

    I am glad Sam Raimi is coming out with a new Spider-Man. The third one was incredible., high flying and a good story line. Sam Raimi is one of the best dirctors I`ve ever seen make a movie as incredible as SPIDER-MAN

  • tatogv

    looking forward to it….i really hate what tobey mcguire did to spiderman…dude spiderman in one of the coolest and funniest superheroes tobey just made a lame spiderman…i didnt like raimis costume either i think that 3 movies were pretty bad…iam excited to see what it seems and more flexible, agile and pretty cool spiderman

  • Pingback: First Look: Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man « WatDaDickens()

  • Pingback: First Look: Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man « WatDaDickens()

  • prince

    i think tobey will be back after spiderman reboot..its for sure because more people like him . any movie will not be success until movie makers will not think of likings and expectations of fans . . .

    they should think first that what people want….

    there are so many other things except money making . . .

  • katey

    I am not a big comic fan, but from a graphic point of view the red line down the middle looks like a big arrow pointing at his crotch. Looks like another franchise is going down the tubes selling sex because they don’t have anything more to wring out of the character. The guy looks so gay too. Strange casting. Takes all the charm out of the way Toby Maguire mixed sexy with old charm.

  • Wasim

    you can see the biggest flop in the super hero costume…I want Tobey back in this movie…his height and long face doesnt even suit for this costume….Spider Man Reboot will suck!!!!!

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  • Peter

    They probably aren’t web shooters, but rather a hole for the web to shoot through his suit.

  • joseph Jackson

    this is pure shit… looks like KICK-ASS but worse. its all latex nd around the neck you can see its hella loose it looks hella hot in there plus its not even fabric and the spider webs all around the suit its just latex bumps all over and the blue goes all the way to the crotch. its basically faux lether with what looks like scales on the close up plus the spiders totally messed up. what happend to that spider man that i loved from 2002 to 2007? i was waiting for another toby maguire spiderman movie for 4 years! when i find out they are making a fucking reboot what the fucks up with that everybody loves the original spiderman so why do you bring in this gay ass andrew garfield WTF FML.

  • nahor

    hey u GUys!!!!!i admit u guys have ur own lyks and dislyks about the costume but wud any of u ppl ever lyk shining gold strips on spideys boots???????more over tiny eyes luk the ones in the spiderman episodes which was aired in1977???

  • nahor

    well this costume has those features and i for one feel horrified!!I really hope the costume i saw was temporary if u noe wat i mean!!

  • apatheticboy4

    i’m pretty sure that they wont use web shooters instead of the organic webs because it was bad enough it was used in the cartoon in the 90′s. And its dumb when he would run out of webbing. Plus they should have someone else play as M.J. because the last three movies she got uglier and uglier.

  • moscos

    well that sucks! why did they put that gold thing to shoot web on his wrist again? fuck! it should be more natural and organic not with this shit webshooter mechanical…

    • apatheticboy4

      add me on facebook

  • Coolster

    The costume looks great but the actor is super skinny, he is a superhero, he has to have some muscles on…

  • Teztiment

    I think alot of people are missing the point. Let me get into it. Spiderman, like most Marvel superheroes, has had more costume variations than Lindsey Lohan has court dates. The purpose of the reboot is obvious to hardcore fans, a little movie called the Avengers. As it stands all Marvel movies tie in to the eventual Avengers movie including Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Spiderman. I’m confident that the reboot is to put ol Spidey in the mix. Though I love Sam Raimi the last movie was a bit on the Ass Suckery side. No white Spider on the symbiote costume, rushing Venom in and casting him as Eric Foreman(Topher Grace) when the character Eddie Brock was actually a hulk of a man, etc. The point is the costume change is the least of the possible problems that can come from this, however some of the recent Marvel movies(i.e. Ironman) kicked major ass.

  • Spider-manfan

    I still think rebooting the entire Spider-man franchise is a stupid idea. There is no reason for a reboot. This new suit looks terrible in my opinion.

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  • phil

    im sorry but this film is destroying the others because most people who followed te films like i do we all ready no how he became spiderman and all that stuff and in the first spider man film he loved mary jane so in the new film it would make no sence forhim to be bck in high skl and be spiderman and love someone else because he asnt spider man and he loved mary jane watson i have to say the directors n people f####d this one up y didnt they jst do another film with i dnt no vulture (i think its vulture) being the enemyor something cse i think this film will ruin thespider man films nt the actors they r jst doi there jobs bt i think the writers and directors av ruiend it

  • Trudy

    Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become inrgonat.

  • pat

    i really hope that he does not have to refill his web blasters i hope it will be a power

  • Lilplayer93


  • power ranger costume

    Usually I don’t learn article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice article.

  • likeucare

    Franchise is ruined before the film even comes out. 80 million? This whole thing is a slap in the face of the spidey fans who saved Marvel from the brink. Will not watch this.

  • Silver Sulfer

    I think Andrew Garfield depicts Spider-Man coolly, he’s got the original’s physique plus Marc Webb (or whoever the guy is) seems to stick true to the Spidey we all know and love (not the Raimi versions)…. Can’t wait to see how this film turns out, love the costume, realistic enough….

  • JJ

    My mind is open at this point. I’m just glad they got Tobey Maguire out of there. He was NEVER NEVER spiderman, in my book. I don’t know how the Garfield kid will do, but his look (outside the spidey costume) is more how I remember Peter looking from the old comic collecting days of old.
    I really hope he brings more life to the character than Maguire. I loves me some Spiderman.

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