Showtime Turning ANIMAL KINGDOM Into a TV Series

     December 16, 2011

Though Showtime already has a fantastic crime drama in the form of Dexter and a great family drama with a bit of criminal mischief with Shameless, another felonious family will be heading to the cable network. THR has word that the cable network is working with Shameless writer John Wells to turn the Sundance selected, Grand Jury Prize winning drama Animal Kingdom into an hour-long TV series. Wells will executive produce the series which will follow a family of criminals as they struggle with the police and deal with their ordinary lives stuck in the middle of their criminal activities. Southland writer and co-executive producer Jonathan Lisco will script the series, but it’s going to take some hard work to measure up to the performances and quality filmmaking that made the big screen story so fantastic. Hit the jump to watch the trailer for the film.


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  • Brad

    Will that keep it Australian themed or turn it into American garbage?

  • whatever

    The success of Animal Kingdom was strictly based on the (stellar) performances – there wasn’t much new in terms of story. Even the characters weren’t particularly novel. If it hadn’t been for Edgerton, Jaki Weaver and Ben Mendelsohn it wouldn’t have been much of a movie.

  • Shaun

    I’m sorry but no…. Animal Kingdom as a story does not lend itself to a long running series. I might be wrong, Romanzo Criminale made a good transfer from film to series, but that was set over years. You could make a good tv series based on the Pettingill/Allen family the real life inspiration for the Cody crime family but taking Animal Kingdom & uprooting the characters to America does not a series make. A Mini series.. maybe at best.

  • SaadGKhan

    This can only work, if they get Jakie Weaver as gang family matriarch… she was Phenomenon in original Australian “Animal Family”.

  • Alex–

    Animal Kingdom is strange, as it’s one of the most realistic crime films there is, yet nonetheless has moments of surrealism. (which may be realistic too with criminal paranoia.)

    I think that’s the most essential thing about the film. Crime dramas have always either privileged melodrama, romanticism or surrealism or drama.

    I think it will be difficult to bring the cinematic surrealist elements of Animal Kingdom to the small screen. It’s rather unamerican.

  • Alex–

    Who’s up for a even more realistic ‘The Wire’ with a dab of dreamlike cinematic imagery? (I mistook surrealism to mean dreamlike)

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