Anna Torv Exclusive Video Interview FRINGE

     July 1, 2010


At last week’s Saturn Awards (yes, I’m still posting interviews from the event), I got to speak with Anna Torv on the red carpet before the show.  As one of the stars of the great FOX show, Fringe, we talked about what happened last season, what does she know about next season, Comic-Con, HBO’s The Pacific,  and Lance Reddick.  Hit the jump to watch the interview.

Spoiler warning: We talk specifics about the season finale.

Anna Torv

  • Was she told in advance how the season was going to end
  • :45 – Does she want to know more in advance
  • 1:05 – Was she a fan of Lance Reddick and when she first started working on Fringe, did she ask him a lot of The Wire questions
  • 1:45 – Season 3 talk
  • 2:00 – They start filming on July 8 and Comic-Con talk
  • 2:55 – Is she looking forward to playing more of the “dual” role
  • 3:10 – How will the other Olivia do in our world
  • 3:50 – The Pacific talk
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  • Warpcrafter

    Fix the sound please. It sounds like the creatures from The Thing.

  • thatpj

    Is she Australian? Never knew she had an accent!

  • Alexander

    It looks like they're talking under the water. Awful sound!

  • xfsista

    I didn't like her at first, but I've really come to love her.

  • jg

    Fun fact! Torv is the niece of Rupert Murdoch – yeah, that one. So if you are wondering how and talentless and utterly unknown actress landed the lead on a prime time show at Fox, now you know.
    Torv is possibly the worst actress on tv. I wouldn't mind, but Fringe could be a truly great show. The dynamic between the Bishops is excellent (Noble's Walter is the best thing to happen to tv since Ben Linus joined Lost) and the side characters and villians, like Astrid, Agent Francis, Nina Sharp, Mr. Jones are great – great but grossly underused because we have to spend at least a third of each episode watching Torv act like she isn't acting.

    • paul

      She is so boring that I use her scenes on nights I have trouble sleeping.

      She has NO inflection whatsoever. Is she a robot? Hmmmm.

    • paul

      She is so boring that I use her scenes on nights I have trouble sleeping.

      She has NO inflection whatsoever. Is she a robot? Hmmmm.

  • Dogg

    If she was prettier or uglier she'd be interesting, but she's just SO DAMN PLAIN she sucks all interest from the screen. Fringe should be my favorite show, but I find myself making excuses to skip it.

  • peten

    Maybe she's the niece of the Rupert Murdoch from the other world. The one who isn't evil.

  • buddhawithmace

    He's a non-blood relative who was married to her dad's side of the family, and she hasn't seen her dad since the age of 8. Pretty sure Murdoch had nothing to do with her getting the part.

    In addition, she's amazing in the role. Have you been sleeping for all of season 2?

  • mlb

    hahahaha sure your favorite actress is Jennifer Lopez because is very clear that you don't have any idea how to judge an actress. Anna Torv is one of the best actress in American TV.

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