THE CONJURING Spinoff ANNABELLE Release Date Set for October 3rd

     July 7, 2014


Fans of The Conjuring should be happy with this one.  For a long time in the horror world (translation – several months) there has been some speculation as to what the Untitled New Line Horror Film scheduled for October 3rd, 2014 was.  Today Warner Bros. and New Line announced that it’s Annabelle, a spinoff of The Conjuring.  You’ll remember that the creepy doll that was featured in several of the film’s set pieces.  It should be noted that this is not The Conjuring 2 (the official sequel to the hit film that will be release on October 23, 2015), but a standalone story in that film’s universe.

The film was directed by John R. Leonetti (who served as a DP on The Conjuring and should be able to recreate that film’s style) and written by Gary Dauberman (the upcoming Crawlspace from the same studios).  James Wan is producing alongside Peter Safran.  The film stars the somewhat ironically named Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders), Ward Horton, and Alfre Woodard.

Nice to have a surprise Annabelle release date.


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  • appolox

    Well this is a surprisingly intelligent way to handle a spin-off.

    • BeatriceJFoster

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      • Musikonica

        Please… Continue.

  • Mixed race rich kid NYC

    I didn’t even know they were filming it
    What happened to the lawsuit?
    I thought the producers were suing for their fair share of the conjuring’s profits
    Did they get it?

    • sam

      Im pretty sure the lawsuit had to do with the Conjuring 2, not this spinoff.

  • Mixed race rich kid NYC

    How u make a movie about Annabelle?
    She does nothing (and I liked it that way)

    • Musikonica

      Have you read the story about the real doll? Do you at all recall The Conjuring’s opening sequence?

  • ash mussterd

    I wonder if the ending will trace back to the opening scene of the conjuring.

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