Anne Hathaway Joins Matthew McConaughey in Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR

     April 9, 2013


Anne Hathaway will reteam with Christopher Nolan to star in the director’s upcoming sci-fi film, Interstellar.  Since Nolan is all about the secrecy, all we know regarding the plot is that it’s about “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.”  Matthew McConaughey has already signed on, but Deadline, who reported Hathaway’s casting, doesn’t have any details on either role.  Hathaway is the latest actor who has clearly developed a strong working relationship with Nolan.  She joins Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Michael Caine for the group of actors who have worked with the direction on more than one film (I don’t count Gary Oldman since it’s the same role in multiple pictures).  Caine has been in every Nolan film since Batman Begins, and I hope there’s a role for him in Interstellar simply because he’s a great addition to every film.

Hit the jump for a refresher on Hathaway’s other projects.

Hathaway has a slate of indies coming up as she comes off her recent Oscar win for Les Miserables.  She’s currently set to star in a modern retelling of Taming of the Shrew, the romance Song One, and Lynne Shelton‘s dark comedy, Laggies.  She was attached to star in Steven Spielberg‘s Robopocalypse, but Spielberg took the project back to the drawing board, so Interstellar provides the nice blockbuster picture in the actress’ schedule.


  • jackjack

    Every single thing about this production is so damn pretentious…

    • will

      How? We don’t even know anything about it yet other than the two leads.

    • Josh

      Are you retarded? There’s not even any details besides casting announced for this project, so how can it be pretentious? Lmao, you internet guys take this fanboy stuff to a whole new level.

    • sraks

      Seriously? 2 casting announcemants one of which is Mathew “Alright, Alright, Alright” McConaughey and the movie is pretentious? Dark Knight Rises was a weaker than expected finale but Inception was incredibly entertaining and looking forward to him moving on from Batman. See a trailer before you start the trolling at the very least…

    • Don’t be a Douche

      Stop feeding the troll

      • jackjack

        You people are weird. You just need some free-floating impression to call someone “a troll”. I have serious reasons to call this “yet to be made” movie a pretentious production. One doesn’t need to wait for the final product to predict (basing on ingridients) it’s quality. All you need to discover is the pattern and Chris Nolan is following it yet again – the pattern of sophisticated gimmickry. I love “The Prestige” and everthing he’s done before it.

  • will

    Cue rabid Nolan haters in 3… 2… 1…

    • leo

      I’m fairly convinced there’s really only ONE guy on this and maybe other sites who’s behind most of the “Nolan hate rants”.

      • dogg

        Is it me? Please can it be me?
        Somewhere around the time he shoves the Two-Face bomb plot into the TDK, Nolan lost his mojo. Inception was crap with some good stuff in it. TDKR was solid crap other than Hathaway. There has to be someone around that guy who can tell him “no, that doesn’t work”, but there isn’t.
        I humbly submit myself as official Nolan Hater until he stops sucking.

      • dogg

        Also, does anybody know if there is a Chris Nolan impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d REALLY like that. . . . in fact, i’m pretty sure that it will be the greatest Easter ever. I’m willing to offer $300, cash. $350 if he can make it taste like asparagus.

  • Christopher Nolan

    Click here and get the first preview of the concept art for INTERSTELLAR.

  • André

    Hate McConaughey. Love Hathaway. Finally got my attention.

    • Don\’t be a Douche

      Watch him in Killer Joe. It might change your opinion of him

  • matt

    She is probably the only actress that Nolan has gotten a solid performance out of so I am alright with this.

    • Scullibundo

      Carrie Anne Moss says hi.

    • Scullibundo

      As does Rebecca Hall.

  • Gia

    YES! Hathaway ! Great choice Nolan , still not sure about McConaughey though….

  • Drake

    I’m loving the movie’s casting. Great to see Hathaway reunite with Nolan. She was one of the best things about TDKR. So excited!

  • Obligatory Nolan hate

    Nolan’s a sell out whore…yawn. I’m getting tired of bashing this limey loser’s obvious faults. His fans are worst than Scientologists for rapid, unflinching, undying devotion to self-evident horse manure. Enjoy being mentally stunted for the rest of your lives. Adieu.

    • Don\’t be a Douche

      Adieu and please don’t come back.

  • Dawson

    Only a matter of time before the rest of the TDKR cast shows up.

  • Anonymous

    She will play someone’s dead wife/girlfriend.

  • Adam

    So awesome! This is gonna be Ah-Mazing! Hathaway was brilliant!


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