Another Comic Book Optioned – CLA$$WAR Film Rights Bought by Mandeville Films

     October 4, 2009


Comic book sales may not be stellar, but their film rights are flying off the shelves. Mandeville Films, fresh off the release of another post-2000 comic movie “Surrogates,” are in a rights optioning mood. The new item on the shelf? “Cla$$war,” a 2002 limited-run comic series by Rob Williams and published by Com.x. The comic is a six-issue political superhero series starring a hero named “The American” and his origins as a government super-soldier. More about the series and purchase after the jump.

Cla$$war comic book image.jpg“Surrogates” producers Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman are tapped to produce. Rick Alexander, consulting producer and writer for Lifetime’s “Strong Medicine” for the better half of the decade, will co-produce the film. A writer has not been chosen. Mandeville has been busy lately, also buying the comic “Alibi” in August.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with a production company that has a solid grasp of the comicbook market,” Eddie Deighton and Benjamin Shahrabani said in a statement to Variety. “This is such an important title for us that we wanted to ensure it’s treated with the sensitivity the material and its fans deserve.”

Movie studios seem to have run out of classic comics to buy. I don’t consider myself a devout comic book fan, but I’ve read a few in my years, mostly the big guns like “Spider-Man.” Still, it’s odd that Hollywood is so saturated with comics that we’re talking about a series like “Cla$$war.” This comic is so recent that it uses ‘leet’ (1337) speech in its title. The hero looks a bit odd as well, but I shall withhold judgment. “Surrogates” was surprisingly good. If the same team is ultimately behind “Cla$$war,” consider me sold.

Cla$$war comic book image (1).jpg

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