ANT-MAN Actors Exit Due to Scheduling Conflicts

     July 25, 2014


Marvel’s Ant-Man has certainly had its fair share of drama behind the scenes before it has even started production.  The Interwebs are well aware of once-upon-a-time director Edgar Wright’s long-standing attachment to the project and his supposedly amicable departure from it.  Wright’s exit was more about creative differences than scheduling conflicts, which is the reason for the latest bout of difficulties besetting the film.  Hit the jump to find out who is on the way out.

Starring Paul RuddMichael DouglasMichael PeñaEvangeline Lilly, and Corey StollAnt-Man opens July 17, 2015.

patrick-wilson-ant-manAs The Wrap reports, a trio of actors is departing Ant-Man due to scheduling conflicts brought about by the film’s production delay.  The sharp-eyed readers among you will notice that Patrick Wilson was not mentioned in the casting roundup above.  That’s because Wilson has exited the picture, along with Matt Gerard and Kevin Weisman.  Wilson’s character, which was believed to be of a villainous nature, will remain in the script but will have to be recast.  Gerard and Weisman’s parts were cut from the script after a recent rewrite.  Adam McKay took a crack at the script written by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, followed by the most recent draft from screenwriters Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer.  Director Peyton Reed will now get the chance to have some input into the casting decision of at least one character.

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  • Brad Jolie

    Despite everything that’s going on, all I really want is for this movie to be at least decent. That’s it.

  • TigerFIST

    This is horrible!!! I have absolutely no faith in this project! Way to go whomever @Marvel/Disney who changed Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish’s script causing this snowball cluster fuck of a production. What was anticipated to being one of the BEST MARVEL solo movies (maybe BEST overall) has now turned into a sloppy rushed desperate attempt of film making due to idiotic pride having no faith in Wright. I WANT EDGAR WRIGHT!!!

    • Zarles

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • TigerFIST

        I wish I could but this is completely STUPID!!! What valid reason do they have to wanting to changed Wrights script?!?! He’s brilliant! I know it may not be what the studio dreamed of but he was there first with an vivid imagination. Wright knows it has to tie in with the rest of the films but it seems like the business men wanted that to happen tomorrow instead of organically over the next decade. They treat the audiences like idiots sometime. If they think about it they have enough brand power and source material to have an MCU for the next 75-100 years but this stupid prideful BULLSHIT studio business man bombardment will cause watered down films fresh off of a bland machined assembly line. LET THE FUCKING FILM MAKERS DO WHAT THEY DO. Example TASM2, spiderman 3, or any other abomination that’s obvious!

      • Zarles

        Unless you are Kevin Feige or Edgar Wright or Peyton Reed or anyone else who has actually read the scripts and knows exactly what’s going on, shut the fuck up. You don’t know why Edgar left. You don’t know anything Disney/Marvel did or didn’t do. You don’t know the current status of the film. You don’t know why those actors left. You don’t know anything beyond the end of your nose, and for what it’s worth, neither do I. Say it with me – EDGAR WRIGHT IS NOT COMING BACK. Dry your eyes and get Edgar’s wang out of your throat for ten seconds, and maybe you’d realize that.

        So to sum it up, quit shitting on what you don’t know about. YOU and this type of brainless, uninformed herd behavior is what’s wrong with the internet. Now run along upstairs before Mom has to tell you the meatloaf is ready again. Twat.

      • TigerFIST

        No meatloaf but turkey burger. And dude saying fuck me wasn’t necessary. If I’m that annoying just ignore me. I don’t know anything about the script but more than the average. This has been a 180 to greatness that you have to admit. I’m just passionate using the comment section to voice my opinion.

      • Lex Walker

        “I’m just passionate using the comment section to voice my opinion.”

        Much in the same way a petulant child “voices their opionion” by using the floor in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store to throw a tantrum.

      • eternalozzie

        I don’t think there is a box of tissues big enough for TigerFIST at this point

      • TigerFIST

        That was kinda funny. Guess you guys disagree

      • Art Vandelay

        Hehe, Stripes reference.

    • Aquartertoseven

      Joe Cornish ‘wrote’ Attack the Block, so I doubt the script was good.

  • Verbal Kent

    “Scheduling Conflicts”.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      The ultimate Hollywood oxymoron.

      • NephewOfAnarchy

        Up next, Paul Rudd exits due to “exhaustion”

      • Al

        He has never said a word. Even more so then Wright, I think I feel for Rudd the most. The dude was was in good hands in an obscure comic book title. Now hes in Reed’s hands in a pre production plagued obscure comic book title. And has been very very silent about the whole thing.

  • Werefon

    Wahahhahhahaaa !!!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I thought Ant-Man had left this film, as well, and the working title was Capt America 3, no?

  • Strong Enough

    In Peyton Reed I Don’t Trust

  • Jamie Teller

    Good for you, Patrick Wilson.

    Seriously, though, I’m really not optimistic.

  • Lex Walker

    The headline had me worried until I realized if it was someone really important to the cast there’d be enough substance to the article to not need the ambiguity. Wilson was a good addition, but he’s not even close to being one of the draws considering the other cast members. Oh well, it’s only really bad news if the person replacing him isn’t as good, and it wouldn’t be hard for Marvel to find someone equal to Wilson.

  • goober

    I’m glad Wilson’s out. I like the Idea of Michael Douglas being a golden age Hank Pym. When I first heard he was cast, I was hoping Wilson would be Hank Pym Jr, the brilliant son of the golden age hero, that didn’t want to follow in his fathers footsteps. Hence, Sr. would turn to Lang, to save the day…. I’ve had enough of Wilson as a bad guy, I prefer him in his more everyman heroic roles.

  • Jonboy

    So he exits before they can officially say that he was part of the film?… what difference does that make exactly?…

  • Peps Llamas

    Pstricl Wilson is more of a hero kind of actor. He was really good in Watchmen.:)

  • randommale7

    Well that’s depressing, Patrick Wilson is a great actor who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

  • Early Edition

    love patrick wilson. oh well. go see a team if you havent seen. hes wonderfully despicable. plus that movie rockssssssssssssss

  • Jotun

    This shit is going to suck.

  • Tom

    *Matt Gerald not Matt Gerard.

  • Philip Joseph

    I keep thinking of honey i shrank the kids

  • Joel Emmett

    Hey Marvel, why don’t you just use sock puppets? Then you can save a lot of money! That’s the goal, right? Right?

  • Joel Emmett

    Hey Marvel, why don’t you just use sock puppets? Then you can save a lot of money! That’s the goal, right? Right?