ANT-MAN Update: Nicholas Stoller Not Involved with Marvel Movie

     June 4, 2014


We have it on very good authority that reports of Nicholas Stoller’s name “making the rounds” in the discussion over who will ultimately direct Ant-Man are unfounded.  It’s understandable that all sorts of names will get thrown around in the  presumed chaos that has resulted from Edgar Wright departing the project just a few days ago, but Stoller ain’t the man for Ant-Man.  However, someone’s gotta direct this thing, right?  It’s not just going to become self-aware and assemble itself into a cohesive film, will it?  Hit the jump to sort out who’s in and who’s out.

nicholas-stoller-ant-manIn a separate story concerning the search for directors, Deadline recently reported that Stoller was one of the names floating around the Ant-Man director’s chair.  We have word that this is not true.  Their report also stated that Michael Dowse (Goon) was another name being bandied about, but on that front we have no further information.

What we do know is that after Wright left, Adam McKay was offered the job, but quickly turned it down due to his commitment to his own projects he’s working on.  This left directors Rawson Marshall Thurber and Ruben Fleischer in contention.  Fleischer’s chances remain speculative since he’s also being reported as in the mix for the Ghostbusters 3 director’s chair.  Marshall Thurber, on the other hand, is a bit more confusing.  Early reports suggest he was offered the role, then turned it down, while follow-up news states he never received an offer in the first place.  Most recently, it sounds like he’s still the frontrunner for the helm, after being jostled around for the lead in this bizarre race to the bottom.  One wonders if Marvel wouldn’t have been better served by patching things up with Wright from the get-go and saving themselves all of this hassle.



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  • pickaname

    LET. IT. DIE. Please Marvel. It’s pointless to make this movie at this point. Let it die peacefully.

    • MCP

      Yeah, lost all interest on this. Esp. with all this back n forth blah, blah, blah everyday it seems. Next movie…

    • The Flobbit

      What about the awesome cast? What will Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Evangeline Lilly do? Marvel will never let this die.

      • RussBurlingame

        What will they do? Any number of other Marvel projects. They go back to actors to try and make it work again and again all the time.

  • Jim Bo

    Just make a compromise with your script and get Edgar back on

    • Edgar Wright for the win!

      Yup. That’s all I want to happen

    • fluxCAPS

      Marvel, you know it’s the Wright thing to do.

      • Jim Bo

        ooh, you’re killing me flux

  • bork1138

    Honestly don’t get why they didn’t trust Wright, he has an amazing body of work, they clearly liked his ideas. This is just stupid, they should swallow their pride and let Wright back on

    • The Red Viper

      It’s not about trusting him, the problem was that Wright crafted this story since 2006, before the MCU and since Marvel has established a certain tone and structure to the MCU and they realized that although that idea was good in 2006, it didn’t fit into the current MCU. Wright understood and agreed to some rewrites but Marvel still saw it as out of balance from the rest of the film universe and decided to further rewrite to adjust the story to their style which pi**ed of Wright and he decided to leave. From one side you can understand that Edgar didn’t like how Marvel tampered with his story but on the other you wouldn’t want Ant-Man to be the ugly duckling of the series by having a completely out of place structure which might have worked back in 06. That being said i really do wish Edgar and Marvel can find a common ground so he can return to the project. Fingers crossed!

      • Sean Chandler

        ^ Exactly

      • bork1138

        I disagree, its evident they didn’t like his script and didn’t trust him in bringing it together for a film they were willing to put their name on. As seen from TWS, it’s not like they’re afraid to mix up the tone. I think they just didn’t have the balls

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        So, does Guardians of the Galaxy fit in tone with the rest of the MCU?
        Besides, the ugly duckling did in turn become a swan, right?

      • Josh B

        i couldn’t of said it better Diego, Every movie released since the start of the MCU had a different tone to it. Avengers had the most Comic book tone to it compared to the others and Iron Man 3 was the more serious, Thor 2 was the more drama related and TWS was straight action. Guardians will be Sci-fi…I dont think at this point they care about the tone of the movies, just giving people a good movie

      • the king of comedy

        Even tough the tone of the movies were different, they all fitted perfectly into their cinematic universe, we all know that even tough Wright was directing this movie it was going to be a PG-13 film, so I don`t think it was because he wanted to go too far with violence, language or sex, but probably something he wanted to do with the character that would take him far away from what they have envisioned for avengers 3,

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        Right? I think it was the character. I mean, Pym beat his wife and had substance abuse issues (if I recall correctly, I’m not so sure) and Lang is a burglar… not precisely world’s finest there. Maybe Marvel wanted to tone that down or downright ignore it, just like Stark’s alcoholic tendencies.

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        And somehow, that’s the issue: they want to give us a good movie, not a great one. Take away IM, IM3, Cap2 and The Avengers (the movies were the team had creative freedom), and the rest of Marvel movies are just good (Thor is above good thanks to Brannagh’s direction and eye for casting not the script). I hope Guardians and Avengers 2 are great but I lost all hope for Ant-Man

  • Person

    As long as they’re gonna keep raiding comedy directors and/or ones that Paul Rudd has worked with in the past, they should talk to the guy who did Role Models. Arguably Rudd’s funniest role. They’re not gonna scrap the movie, Ant-Man will likely feature heavily into Phase 3. As much work as this may be, it’d be more work to re-structure their universe after removing Ant-Man.

  • JP

    Come on Marvel, just swallow your pride and bring Wright and his script back. We all know his version would be much better and funnier then anything you guys came up with.

    • The Red Viper

      Yes but his story was created in 2006 and with an established style of the MCU, that story may no longer fit into their universe. BTW that last sentance, seriously? Iron Man, Thor, Cap, IM3, Thor 2, Cap 2, Avengers… cause Marvel is low on creativity, right?

      • Diego Fernando Salazar Proaño

        But Wright has been rewriting it ever since. F knows how many drafts he and Cornish wrote before the scrap. And yes, besides Cap 2 and IM3 (and the first IM) there hasn’t been that great track record of scripts and all of those that shone were because they trusted their writers and people at the helm of the film.

      • the king of comedy

        Agreed, even tough Wright is an excepctional writter and director Marvel is creating a cinematic universe and already has envisioned how phase 3 should go in order to bring us the avengers 3, and maybe wright envisioned the character at first taking him on a different dirrection, I don`t think they were afraid if the things he would bring to the movie, since it would obviously have awesome action scenes, actors the marvel logo and even the director`s name whom has his followers, that`s enough to sell tickets, and since it`s a PG-13 movie it wouldn`t go too far in violenca and sex anyways. It`s a shame their visions coulnd`t mix and bring us something awesome but I`m not going to put all the blame of Disney.

  • hogthebountydunter

    These movies are such giant corporate machines that any director they pick will just end up being a meat puppet whose authority doesn’t extend much beyond where to put the camera. Once the shooting wraps is when the suits stroll in with their studio appointed editors and they cut the shit out of the movie until it fits into a generic pre-packaged mold.

    • milo

      And yet Cap 2 turned out awesome. And GOTG looks like it has a ton of potential.

  • Frank

    I think it’d be awesome if no one else wanted to direct this movie… it would be a big step towards fighting against all of the “creative interference” behind big movies (of course, so would ticket sales…. stop watching Transformers, people!)

    Of course, that probably won’t happen… they’ll put someone in that chair, even if it has to be Renny Harlin.

    • Adrian

      To be fair, Marvel Studios has every right to interfere. This isn’t an original work, it’s a name and property that they own fair and square.

  • Wait for it… waaait for it..

    Maybe they will get a bunch of different directors to each direct different scenes and it will be…

    An anthology film

    • paul h


      Almost as good as one I saw on den of geek earlier – Can’t-Man :D

  • Fire Whale

    Unless Marvel patches things up with
    Wright (not likely), Lord and Miller would be one of my top choices to
    tackle Ant-Man, BUT to take it on with their sensibilities and follow
    the model of 21 and 22 Jump Street, skewering the idea of the super hero
    movie (the same way 21JS skewers the idea of a movie based on an old tv show, and 22JS skewers all sequels). I can just see Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang being utterly
    clueless…”Thor who? And who is this Hawk Guy*? How am I supposed to
    keep all these guys straight?” Of course, this would likely mean
    extensive rewrites and a delayed release date, but that should happen
    now anyway…
    *courtesy of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s awesome Hawkeye series

  • Jones

    Let Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci do it, since they seem to be directors now. The movie is dead to me anyway, might as well take those guys down with it too.

  • Guest

    No Love for Ain’t Man”

  • Werefon

    I am writing a script about all this shit it is currently called “No Love for Ain’t Man”!

    • Werefon

      The sequel will be called “No one gives a Shit anymore” coming in 2015.

      Yeah, it is a trilogy. Guess how third one will be called?

  • RedMercury

    …and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

  • Thomas R.

    I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end of quality Marvel films. The ‘unified’ universe is starting to hurt creativity and it will only continue to get worse. Compromises are having to be made, characters are having to be shoe-horned in and plots points added in order to “fit in” with the rest of the “universe” whilst also advertising the next film. Not to mention all of the films having to maintain the same style and tone. All of which means that we know exactly what we’re going to get with these films. We aren’t going to be suprised by any of them. It’s rinse and repeat. And it’s going to get dull real fast.

    • milo

      I think it’s pretty silly to claim the death of Marvel considering how good their last one was. And GOTG on the horizon, Avengers 2 after that.

      Really GOTG looks like the same style and tone as all the others? Same goes for Cap 1 and 2.

    • 80sRobot

      In other words, these movies are pretty much like the Marvel universe comic books.

  • TigerFIST

    I have no confidence in this film now and no interest. This is soooo stupid! What’s crazy is that Feige said in past months are the are making this film b/C of wrights vision…fuck them!

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  • Honest Bender

    How about Kevin Smith? Being an avid comic reader, I’m sure he would do the material justice.

  • YodaRocks

    I heard they are getting Steven Soderberg out of his hiatus for Ant-man.

  • PresidentObama

    Who you gonna call when you’re out of directors? Brett “Uwe Boll” Ratner.

    • 80sRobot

      Paul WS Anderson, McG or that weird dude who directed The Room.

  • The Flobbit

    The news in two weeks: Director of hit McDonald’s commercial passes on Ant-Man.

  • Royale With Cheese

    Another one bites the dust-ah!

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  • aditya

    looks like Kevin Feige will have to make his directorial debut.

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  • 80sRobot

    I would like to also humbly inform everyone that I too am not directing Ant-Man.

    • The Flobbit

      I regret to inform Collider that I as well, have passed on Ant-Man.

      Creative differences.

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