ANT-MAN Director Update: New Report Has Peyton Reed as Frontrunner, David Wain Also in the Mix

     June 6, 2014


The latest update in the on-going Ant-Man director search is that Peyton Reed (Bring It On, The Break-Up, Yes Man) is the current frontrunner for the job.  Reed, whose upcoming 50th birthday would certainly be made sweeter by landing the gig, has a string of comedies both in television and on the big screen.  However, the closest thing to an action-comedy in his resume appears to be the cheerleading picture Bring It On, which doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence.  On the other hand, he does have a pair of $200+ million efforts at the box office, though the bulk of that comes from the international arena.  Another report suggests that David Wain (They Came Together, Wanderlust, Role Models) is also in contention, with a case strengthened by his previous work with star Paul Rudd.  Hit the jump to get this all sorted out.

david-wain-ant-manAs The Wrap reports, Reed is the frontrunner for the high-profile director’s chair on Marvel’s Ant-Man.  While their source says that Reed has emerged as a serious contender for the position, the only case they make for why Reed would win out over other contenders like Rawson Marshall Thurber, Ruben Flesicher, or Michael Dowse is that he “could use the job a little more than they could.”

Heat Vision, however, reports that Wain is also in the hunt for the helm.  This makes a bit more sense in light of their concordant report that “the single biggest thing Marvel is looking for is someone who can work with the talent already assembled.”  While it’s important to note that this report also mentions Reed as being in discussions with the studio, it might just come down to establishing the best working relationship off camera.  Then again, Wain’s name might be making the circuit for no reason other than he and Rudd have the upcoming R-rated comedy They Came Together opening on June 27th.

Neither Wain or Reed has much experience in the action-comedy department, but I’d give Wain the edge at this point simply due to his relationship with Rudd.  If I had my pick of the current lot, I’d like to see what Goon director Dowse can do with the material, but at this point Marvel just needs a warm body to put in the seat.



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