Simon Pegg Tweets Picture of Himself Pointing to Ant-Man in Marvel Office; Internet Assumes Simon Pegg Is Starring in ANT-MAN

     August 15, 2013


Simon Pegg is a funny guy.  He’s also smart.  The Internet rumor machine was kicked into high gear earlier today when Pegg tweeted a photo of himself at the Marvel offices pointing to a picture of the Marvel comics character Ant-Man.  Given that filmmaker Edgar Wright—Pegg’s friend and frequent collaborator—is set to direct Ant-Man as his next film, some folks took this as a hint or outright confirmation that Pegg was poised to star in the feature film adaptation of the sometimes-tiny superhero.  Hit the jump for more, including the “photo of interest.”

Pegg is currently in the middle of the US press tour for his new film The World’s End (co-written and directed by Wright), and today he stopped by the Marvel offices to participate in a podcast.  The actor subsequently took to Twitter to share images from his visit, and after tweeting photos of him holding Thor’s hammer and standing underneath Hulk, Pegg shared the following image:


So, does this mean that Pegg is starring in Ant-Man?  It’s possible.  It’s also possible that Nathan Fillion is starring in Ant-Man.  Or Nick Frost.  Or Brad Pitt.  The fact is, no one has announced any casting for the film.  We don’t even know which iteration of Ant-Man will be the main character in Wright’s pic.  The film isn’t slated for release until November 2015, and filming likely won’t get underway until well into next year, so firm casting decisions probably haven’t even been made yet.

Again, Simon Pegg is not stupid.  He knew exactly what he was doing when he posted that picture of him pointing to Ant-Man, and the internet predictably went into assumption/rumor mode.  While it’s possible that Pegg could end up playing the title character in the Marvel film years from now, you can enjoy a spectacular Pegg/Wright collaboration in just one short week when The World’s End (which is great) opens in theaters on August 23rd.



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  • sense11

    Do it, Please make it happen

  • eternalozzie

    i know Marvel/Disney were going to do everything to destroy my all time favorite superhero from when i was a kid … but seriously? simon pegg? maybe he can throw records and drink the villains under the table. He invented Ultron so I am hoping he is in Avengers 2 … then Ant-Man.

    • Liderc

      He won’t be Ant Man, this pretty much verifies it. The last thing you want to do when you’re up for a role with Marvel is to actually joke about being up for the role.

      • Random Bystander

        I think Marvel would let him do whatever he wanted as long as he didn’t straight out say that he’s up for the role. Look at Diesel, a week after talking to Marvel he put up a picture of Groot on his FB page.

      • Nerdgasm

        Yeah in what instance has a person lost a role to Marvel for doing this stuff? It’s actors who already have the rolls that don’t get to reprise said roles cause they are greedy and assholes. [Norton wanting to have the right to rewrite Whedon's Avengers script in his contract.]

  • The_One_Who_Knocks

    He’s probably just trolling us.

    • Matty

      Or he’s just pointing at his friend’s movie character. Simple as that.

      • Goldie

        Simon Pegg knew what he was doing when he tweeted this pic.


    hank pym wont be in avengers 2 but i hope janet van dyne will. pegg could be a good good pym but fillion would be better. armie hammer, patrick wilson or michael c. hall would be really good too

    • Nerdgasm

      I’m sorry Fillion is not a good actor what so ever. He’s not my cup of tea. But on top of it he’s too old and on the fat side. Ant Man is very VERY active character cause he covers A LOT of ground more so than other heroes. Fillion is over hyped for no reason at all. Sorry. I know i’ll get slack for this. Armie Hammer is too young and also not great at acting. Wilson or Hall would be good picks. I really like the idea of Pegg, he’s a comedian but he can act he needs to be given the chance. He pulls off the dramatic pulls from comedy to drama [I know it's a stretch for most comedies to call it dramatic pulls] but Pegg pulls them off nicely. He has a charm Ant Man needs cause he’s kind of an asshole – more so than Tony is and he needs charm for the audience to be okay with him.

  • Kevin

    Google Pegg’s twitter ghost prank… he screws with people on twitter quite a bit.

  • bruce strom

    If the camera panned out it would show he’s actually
    pointing to a key resting on a wooden pole next to the picture. The key opens
    a locker in Grand Central Station containing a colony of tiny furry aliens.

  • Migz13

    I think he would be great as Pym. Just wondering if he’s gonna develop an american accent or stick with his scottish one if he really is in the running.

    • Random Bystander

      He doesn’t have a Scottish accent, he has a British accent, because he’s British.

      • Fiz

        I’d love for you to describe a British accent for us. Is it the one that sounds like a Welsh accent? Northern Irish? English? You know, since those countries are all part of Great Britain. Unlike Scotland, apparently.

      • Random Bystander

        Okay, a$$hole. He has an English accent. When you say British most people think English, but not you; Mister La-Di-F*cking-Da. Is that accurate enough? Or do I have to change Scottish to Glaswegian as well, just so other especially picky c*nts like yourself won’t drop in?

      • abvflux

        This made my drunk-ass night.

      • Andy247

        No, most people don’t, unless they’re ignorant a$$hole North Americans, honestly, you bloody Canadians are all the same. think you’re the only people on the planet.

      • Random Bystander

        You think I’m Canadian? Why do you think I’m Canadian?

      • Random Bystander

        You think I’m Canadian? Why do you think I’m Canadian?

      • Andy247

        Oh dear. I think you may have missed the point.

      • Random Bystander

        No, I’m just a smart arse… and I genuinely wanna know why you think I’m Canadian, and also why is the answer 42?

      • Andy247

        Awwwww look, c’mon everyone and look. A guy on the Internet is trying to backtrack and cover up his stupidity by being “smart”. It’s sooooooo adorable.

      • Random Bystander

        Would you prefer me to refer to myself as sarcastic? And as far as backtracking goes, what am I supposedly backtracking? My question about you thinking I’m Canadian, which you have yet to answer? It seems like you’re attacking me to distract from the probably bigoted answer, judging from your prior comment, that you have not yet given.

      • Andy247

        Really? You still haven’t realised I don’t actually think, or know if you are, Canadian? Relax, i’m not Snowden. What I can safely say is that your age appears to be higher than your IQ. No more trolling now, it’s way past your bedtime.

      • Random Bystander

        I. AM. A. SMART. ARSE. And if you think that is a safe judgement, then I don’t know how you have survived this long without sky diving onto a blimp that’s on fire whilst being doused in kerosene wearing a bag of plastic explosives and strapped to crocodiles with lasers attached to their heads, because that situation would also be wrong to assume is safe. But you’re right about bedtime, it’s 3am and I want to go to sleep. Goodnight you colossal tw@t.

      • Andy247

        No, no you are not. Apologies for breaking it to you bluntly, but it’s best not to confuse you. Your rant is ill founded but then I assume someone forgot to give their special little guy their warm milk before they tucked them in. Thanks for the goodnight wishes, but i don’t tend to sleep at 6pm.
        P.s. Learn to punctuate.

      • Randon Bystander

        wow I am such a bitch!

      • Random Bystander

        I clearly don’t think very highly of myself.

  • Grakk

    Simon Pegg would make a great Eric O’ Grady Ant-Man.

    • Joe

      I agree! :)

  • Joe

    I doubt this will happen…not that I want it to happen either with all due respect to Simon Pegg.

    On a separate note, I thought Wright was focusing on the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man…

    • Nerdgasm

      That’s the rumor. Hank Pym was still highlighted in the movie. Pym was with SHIELD back in the day and then Lang takes over for the movies in the current timeline. But they really wanted to focus on that Captain America is the FIRST Hero and our current roster are the second coming so I think the rumor now is that THAT was scratched. I think Lang is still going to be top dog and Pym is just the scientist guy and never dons the suit.

      • Joe

        Thanks! :)

  • Joe

    Update: Pegg has returned to his Twitter feed with an update that clearly suggests his fans may have jumped the gun.

    “FFS the Internet,” he writes. “All I did was point at the central character in my dear friend’s next movie, because I’m excited for him.”

    • Jaymii

      Using the hashtag #iamantman.

      Simon’s not a dumb guy.

  • Opinionated

    I’m still wondering why they are making an ant man movie. I am a big comic book fan and I have always thought ant man was one of the worst “heroes” out there. I can’t imagine it being a commercial success. Probably the first of the marvel movies I will not end up seeing

    • Random Bystander

      Technically speaking, he may not be a hero in the movie. Captain America wasn’t really a “hero” in CA: TFA, he was a soldier, Thor was a warrior alien in his movie and Hulk was a monster and a public enemy on the run. If rumors are true, Antman will be a spy film (I have also read heist film). So, don’t make any decisions this early on, it may end up being your favourite film ever. I mean… probably not, but it’s possible.

    • Bob

      Don’t understand why anyone would pass on a Wright film. Co written by Joe Cornish as well. No matter what hero it is, most likely it will be amazing. And, actually with this type of power and the right cast Wright could make this hialrious and awesome.

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  • Ben Brooker

    Simon Pegg would take the role of ‘Henry “Hank” Pym’… Obviously… We know the avengers sequel is titled ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’… So Ultron shall appear and Ultron’s inventor was Henry Pym, Henry’s costume is similar to the one shown in Edgar Wright’s test shot for the movie, whereas the other ant man had a very mechanic-heavy outfit. It will also be interesting if they approach it as Gi-Ant man, therefore allowing the character to shrink aswell as grow to the size of a small skyscraper.

    We understand that Simon will bring a comedic twist to the movie, which will be a good thing… Marvel took a risk putting a handful of comedy elements in the avengers, but after, many people enjoyed the whole “He’s Adopted…” and “Puny God!”… This showed that comedy was a good addition to what would be a serious movie.

    Simon Pegg doesn’t have ‘SUPER-ACTION-STAR!’ set to his name and the only action he’s experienced is playing an extreme metropolitan police officer, throwing a punch at some zombies, and hitting aliens with bar-stools… But when you think of possible actors for the role, he’s your best choice and he knows Edgar Wright really well.

  • Baby Jean

    Internet – where Assuming happens…

    • Bruce Banner

      … I’m assuming that I’m going to be spending some time on this site, and all i brought is a tooth brush.

  • kins

    I really Like Pegg in the Cornetto Trilogy, as Scotty in Star trek, in Paul, in The Ghost Protocol. But seriously, I don’t know much about Ant Man, is he a funny character???
    Because even though Pegg is Damn funny in all his roles, even in serious films he is still always the Comic relief, does this really suits with the Ant Man Character.

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  • Kpaqu1

    Hispanic Assessment Webernetz confirms that Idris Elba will be the Ant-Man. Bank it!

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