Anthony and Joe Russo Talk CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Spoilers, Which Scenes Were Part of the “Reshoots”, the Post Credits Sequences, and More

     April 9, 2014


With Captain America: The Winter Solider currently the number one movie around the world, it’s finally time to share some of the filmmaker interviews that get into the spoilers of the film.  At the recent Los Angeles press day, I landed a regular TV interview with directors Joe and Anthony Russo where they talked about being comic book geeks, the difficulty of balancing the Marvel sequel’s action with the character moments, if they read the message boards or comments sections to get an idea of what the fans wanted to see, whether they fought over any ideas, Captain America 3, and more.  You can watch that interview right here.

However, the day after that interview, we sat down in their hotel room for an extended conversation that got into specific plot points from The Winter Soldier.  During this interview they talked about how much of the story came from Marvel, which scenes were “plussed,” Robert Redford’s role and developing his character, the mid-credits and post-credits scenes, deleted scenes, their first cut, a plot point involving Nick Fury, the exposition bunker scene, and a lot more.  If you loved Captain America: The Winter Solider, you’re going to enjoy hearing about how it all came together.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, click here if you missed what screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely said Captain America 3.  And here are my video interviews with Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Kevin Feige, Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie.

Anthony-Joe-Russo-Captain-America-2-3Anthony and Joe Russo Time Index:

  • 0:25 – They talk about the progress of the script from start to finish, how much came from Marvel directly, and how much they added.
  • 2:30 – They comment on the scenes that were “plussed” for the film, and mention other films that have influenced scenes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • 5:20 – Regarding Robert Redford’s role and dramatic arc, they talk about the process of developing his character and why Redford was perfect for the role.
  • 6:25 – They talk more about casting Redford and expanding the role to fit him.
  • 7:55 – They comment specifically on a scene in which Redford shows his character’s true nature and their goal to surprise the audience.
  • 8:35 – They talk about the mid-credits and post-credits scenes, the decision to fill out the ending of the film, and what to use for a tag scene.
  • 10:00 – They talk about the length of their first cut and emphasize how much work went into figuring out the script before starting production.
  • 10:35 – They say there will be about five minutes of deleted scenes on the eventual Blu-ray, and expand on a deleted scene between Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson.
  • 12:15 – With regard to Nick Fury’s injured eye, they explain the logic behind being able to scan it.
  • 14:00 – They comment on the bunker scene with Arnim Zola, using it to get exposition across, and loosening the restraints of reality for the scene.

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  • Matt <3's Kevin

    Kevin has done nothing but ruin the comic book movie genre, especially since everyone is jumping on the whole cinematic universe bandwagon. Now every movie has to have unnecessary subplots and characters jammed in. They no longer have the strength to stand on their own merit and instead act as one long trailer for the next installment.

    That said, The WInter Soldier was able to overcome the Marvel Studio/Kevin Feige pitfalls due to its beefier plot that made the characters worthwhile, as well as action that actually had balls. All things missing from the rest of their catalogue.

    • Niklsun

      You could not be more wrong!!!

    • TigerFIST


    • Zarles

      Dude, fuck off.

    • TToughnuts

      Wow! I am surprised about the harsh reactions to this post! Chill out! Matt hearts Kevin, you make some legit points here. My problem with Marvel has been: 1. Overreliance on CGI. 2. Plots that either are too convoluted/too boring. 3. The fact that even with this “cinematic universe” you never really get crossover. The only time a major player has been in another major players film was SPOILER when captain america was a Loki hologram uh…guy. These movies truly are just filler until you get to the major stuff in Avengers.

      • Trilly

        “3. The fact that even with this “cinematic universe” you never really get crossover.”

        Um, what? Black Widow was in Iron Man 2. Hawkeye had a cameo in Thor. Iron Man 3 ended up being a story that Tony Stark was telling Bruce Banner. Coulson was in most of the Phase 1 films. Oh, and Nick Fury’s been in all of them.

      • Trilly

        Sorry, Fury was in all of Phase 1, I mean. And Cap 2.

      • Keith Melton

        Fury wasnt in The Incredible Hulk iirc.

      • Trilly

        Oh yeah…but Stark was. :)

    • Dr Pepper Boi

      If they followed the comic book stories completely then we would already know what to expect. What’s wrong with creativity to build a bigger storyline?

    • JBug

      Paint with a broad brush much? Winter Soldier was meant to have a bunch of subplots and characters. Cap is the vehicle to broaden the universe and rightfully so. He is way to boring a character to carry his own franchise (although Evans helps). Having him deal with shield and the rest of the Marvel Universe help the Cap franchise and the MU. IM3 was completely its own movie (despite many hating on it) and so was Thor 2 (I hated it). They’ve got GotG coming out in a couple months, which is stand alone and looks pretty good.

  • TigerFIST

    Thanks for the interview Steve. Your job rocks! I do remember that interview about Fiege’s contract. 2 years ago? How long does fiege have left? The movie was fantastic! I had my not picks too though. Same about the exposition. Cap was a badass. I guess Strange is already established.

    Iron Man 1 10/10
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier 9.5/10
    AVENGERS 9/10 (most fun though and hardest film to make)

    • RecoveR

      I don’t think it would be a far cry to have a Dr Strange movie set before the events of Cap 2 (or even before that). The film could easily suggest the time period for the movie, by- for example- having the movie take place during Iron man 1 then have Dr Strange look at a TV with Tony Stark saying “I Am Iron Man”, then by the time he’s mentioned in Cap 2, he’s already considered a noticeable “threat”. I mean Cap 1 was set 70 years before the other Avengers movies.

    • JBug

      I’d give Avengers an 8/10, but the level of fun was off the charts!

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