Zack Snyder Defends Aquaman’s Role in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE

     August 8, 2014


I’ve defended Aquaman in the past even though I understand why fans think he’s kind of silly.  Even though he usually gets to stand beside top-tier superheroes, his powers, which includes talking to marine life, seem weak in comparison.  Furthermore, his inclusion in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seems like a ham-fisted attempt to cram him into a film that already looks overstuffed.

The DJs on Detroit’s 97.1 The Ticket were also wondering why Aquaman is going to be in the film, and director Zack Snyder called in with an answer.  Hit the jump for more on why Snyder thinks that Aquaman is a worthy addition to the cast.

aquaman-alex-rossAccording to a local Detroit CBS station [via Batman v Superman cinematographer Larry Fong, who also worked with Snyder on 300, Watchmen, and Sucker Punch], a caller with a Los Angeles area code told the DJs he was Zack Snyder, and his voice matched up with the Batman v Superman director.  Listening to the audio, you can tell it’s Snyder not just because of the tone of voice, but if you’ve listened to Snyder before, you know this is his cadence and the way he talks.  Also, for those who don’t know, the film is currently shooting in Michigan, so that’s why Snyder would be listening to a local radio station.

Snyder said that while he couldn’t give away anything from the movie, he did say Aquaman had the power to “cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact … he’s super strong … It’s not to say that he’s in the movie or anything like that but … he has the potential to be bad ass.”

So I put it to you comic fans: How does Aquaman cut Superman?  Does Kryptonite have to be in the water?  I’m seriously asking, because I don’t see how Aquaman comes close to winning in a fight unless it’s in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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  • World’s Finest Comments

    He doesn’t qutie have the strength close to Superman’s, but because he lives under water, all that pressure on his body makes Aquaman incredibly strong when he’s on land and isn’t burdened by the weight. And he is very skilled with a trident. It wouldn’t be a complete one-sided fight like a lot of people think it would.

    • Dude

      ^^^This!The pressure that acts on Aquaman’s body when he’s really deep in the ocean is IMMENSE.You would be blown away by how immense it is in scientific terms.But he’s strong and for him it’s like us on land.And please everyone stop bitching about DOJ being overstuffed.It’s a JL prequel.You have to introduce them.Besides they will have a few minutes at most just like Thanos in GOTG.

    • TG

      I can’t take aquaman seriously.

      • lord jim

        seriously?you can take superman, batman and wonderwoman seriously but not aquaman?i thought the fun about superheroes is exactly that they are not serious, and anything can happen with them in the mix.why do you even enjoy superheroes?

  • DoremusJessup

    Aquaman can be bad ass, and they can display that easily. But they should also embrace the goofiness too. Like, have citizens make fun of him when he shows up instead of Superman or Batman or something. Like, “oh it’s just Aquaman”.

    • SadBatman

      Judging by just about everything Snyder has done so far, I doubt that any goofiness is likely to be embraced.

      • DoremusJessup

        Sadly, I am sure that you are correct.

      • Luciano Jose Marin

        Snyder´s Brooding Aquaman

    • Slade

      That’s what I’ve been saying. They should embrace his reputation and then make him MVP of the Justice League.

  • Max Rockatansky

    His mechanical hand given by The Lady of The Lake or his Atlantean sword/spear.

  • Don

    The current run of Aquaman makes him pretty badass. The only reason people have a low opinion of Aquaman is because of those old Hannah Barbra shows that only gave him the power of talking to fish, and thus made him pretty lame.

    • 80sRobot

      Also the HBO series Entourage did further damage to the character.

      • Don

        never saw that show, but I heard that they did an Aquaman film, and just made fun of the character the entire time.

      • World’s Finest Comments

        The idea of a James Cameron directed Aquaman still arouses me though…

      • Lex Walker

        You should consult your doctor if it persists longer than 4 hours.

      • mbmarquis69

        The HBO series Entourage did further damage to Entourage, so there’s that as well.

  • Django9000

    Methinks Mr. Snyder might just be making this up. Which is disconcerting … to say the least.

    Where is DC / Warner ‘ s Kevin Feige, to keep this guy in line!

    • Dark Knight of Steel

      Making what up? Please don’t comment about this if you don’t know anything about the comic book Aquaman and his abilities/potential, thanks! BTW Snyder (directing MOS, BvS and JLA) currently is the Fiege of DC.

      • Archer

        No, Snyder is the Joss Whedon for DC (for pure comparison’s sake; not to say that Snyder and Whedon are on the same level creatively). Feige is the producer and president/CEO of Marvel Studios behind all the movies. Snyder is the director.

      • SadBatman

        Oh, I thought he was throwing it out as an insult toward Snyder. Like, “you’re such a fiege, Zack.” To which I respond: “Stop trying to make ‘fiege’ happen, Gretchen.”

      • lord jim

        Snyder doesn´t work for DC, he works for WB.he can do whatever he wants and doesn´t have to follow any comicbooks made by DC, DC sold the rights.

  • David Roberts

    Aquamans hand (given to him by the lady in the lake) and trident are imbued with Magic..Magic hurts Superman.

    • Person

      I really don’t think they’re gonna have the magic stuff from the comics in these movies.

      • Dudah

        I doubt there going to have someone like Zatanna but aren’t Wander Woman’s abilities usually shown as magical/mystical in origin? I’ve read very little DC so don’t know the origins of the Atlanteans but surely it must take more then their genetic makeup to survive underwater.

  • Person

    I’m just hoping the upcoming Throne of Atlantis DCAU movie shows what Aquaman can really do, since I’m not super-familiar with the character (aside from Entourage, which I know was completely faithful to the comics).

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  • drewlicious

    He’s strong but nowhere in the same class as Superman. The only ones I can think of who match him are alien (Martian Manhunter, Darkseid, Mongol, Doomsday, etc.) It’s kind of weird that all of these types are popping up in the span of two movies while Marvel brought them out one at a time. I’m afraid the finished product won’t resemble the reality they established in “Man of Steel” where they things were meant to resemble our world. That seems less like the truth if you already have a Batman and an Amazonian princess wandering around.

  • mattinacan

    directors who make good movies don’t need to call into a radio show to defend their work

    • DNAsplitter

      I don’t think he called in to defend his film but a character in a comic book that may or may not be in his upcoming film. The character has been a parody since the 70′s (family guy, Entourage, etc.) and Snyder called in saying that he can be much more when done correctly.
      I actually thought it’s really awesome that he’s that passionate about the character that he’d call a radio station on his way to work (which happens to be BVS) to have a conversation w the DJ’s about it.

      • mattinacan

        i know you have a hard on for this guy and are really excited for BvS – but if MOS is any indication this is going to be all visuals and just as bad.

      • DNAsplitter

        Ahh not gonna lie I do enjoy most of his work including MOS so I’m in the divided group that would enjoy a film like BVS if it matches what MOS was. I was just pointing out that he didn’t call to defend his film just a character that may/may not be in his film.

      • mattinacan

        i respect you, even though we frequently differ in opinion. you aren’t an asshat. also i really liked watchmen until he changed the ending.

      • DNAsplitter


      • Gögi Gonzales


    • jack

      You could try reading the article before commenting. The DJ’s were talking trash about Aquaman and Snyder called in to defend how badass Aquaman can be. Also MOS was written by a comic book hating idiot. This movie is written by someone with an Oscar. I think you should withhold judgement until you at least hear one line of dialogue.

      • mattinacan

        this movie might be the second coming, who knows. it just seems like a rushed mash up, trying to force a Justice League as soon as possible


    I don’t know too much about Aquaman, is he some sort of god? Like Thor? Or vif not maybe this reboot will make him so. I imagine an Aquaman that can control not just fish but the sea itself, that would be epic! And if he can control mythical sea monsters like a Kraken etc.. if Aquaman is equal to Thor and his trident is like mjolner, then I’d say he could draw the blood of Superman!

    Aquamans power is limited to what is written in the script. Old Aquaman is silly as Adam Wests Batman version, move with the times people.

    • MJ

      Yea, why can’t Aquaman be more serious and relevant like Wonderwoman?


  • appolox

    Go Aquaman!!!!

  • TigerFIST

    “because I don’t see how Aquaman comes close to winning in a fight unless it’s in Injustice: Gods Among Us.” He didn’t say win. He just said cut.

  • Josh King

    dude that was badass! zack seems like a dec guy

  • AverageGamers

    “I don’t see how Aquaman comes close to winning in a fight unless it’s in Injustice: Gods Among Us. ” I LOLed really hard reading that…

    Aquaman is my second favorite DC character, and it makes me sad that WB/DC never even treated him properly, not in the movies, not in the animated, always sidelined like an Atlantean foster child. Nice to hear Snyder is defending him, but unfortunately, I couldn’t care less about his take on the character, especially if Jason Momoa is indeed playing him. Arthur Curry is NOT about being a badass, IMHO that’s a wrong point of view. This guy is a king, a passionate king who is born to be one but struggled to accept his fate, the guy who feels the pain when he saw sea creatures being treated like canned sardines. THAT is what makes him different than the other JL members. Casting Momoa thinking it would make him look badass made me cringe, that guy suits better as Lobo or even a villain to begin with.

    I have zero hope he will do justice for the character in the DCCU, I’m placing my hope on the next animated movie Throne of Atlantis instead. It looks like the animation staffs are getting his characterization at least better if not correct there (similar to how other DC characters are still truer to the comic).

  • Time2323

    What if their explanation for Aquaman and Wonder Woman along with their “mystical socities” is that they have Kryptonian ancestors? That scene in MOS where we see the Kryptonian space ship with the empty pods could be foreshadowing the fact that Kryptonians explored the Earth milennia ago and formed settlements in impossibly remote regions so they could observe humanity from afar. Then, as generations pass, their Kryptonian blood could slowly be diluted by outsiders or maybe their physiology actually devolves due to the lessened physical requirements of Earth.

  • Ryan Jeffery Parker

    If he has Atlantean Water Magic as magic is one ofSupes weaknesses.

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  • illipsis

    Aquaman as a character is far more compelling, dynamic, and sympathetic than Superman…and, if the two were to fight, Aquaman could quite plausibly win, given the level of strength he displays (a result of living in depths characterized by their extreme water pressure), his superior tactical knowledge, the ability to communicate with all manner if marine life (idgaf how strong Superman is, he’s not fighting off every creature of the sea simultaneously), and depending on which iteration of Aquaman we’re talking about, magic (Superman’s oft overlooked weakness which rivals Kryptonite as his Achilles Heel).

    Tbh I still haven’t seen Man of Steel and don’t really intend to, but I’d watch the fuck out of an Aquaman movie if they kept Snyder away from it.

  • Phoenix

    I really wish Snyder had cast Liam Mcintyre (from Spartacus) as Aquaman, Eva Green as Wonder Woman and Reeve Carney (from Penny Dreadful) as Nightwing. They just seem right for those rolls, to me at least.

    I just hope that they pick Lucy Lawless as Hippolyta for the solo Wonder Woman film.

  • HG2012

    the moment they cast him

    there is no way to go but him being a bad ass

  • DEADP00L

    So pretty much everybody from both comic companies get their movie – except me!!!!

  • poppincherry

    Why the fuck would AM have a beef with SM…

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