First ARE YOU HERE Trailer Starring Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, and Amy Poehler

     June 5, 2014


Millennium has released the Are You Here trailer online.  The movie centers on childhood best friends who go on a road trip after one of them inherits the estate of his late father.  Are You Here is the directorial debut of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, and it stars Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, and Amy Poehler, so you would assume it would be a popular film.  Instead, when the film premiered at TIFF, the word was nothing but negative.  I didn’t see the film, but I was told that there were plenty of walkouts, and judging from this trailer, it’s not too difficult to see why.  It looks like a hodgepodge that’s trying way too hard to be funny and heartwarming.  However, Weiner tells EW that the theatrical cut is “actually quite a bit different than it was at Toronto.”  So maybe it will be good?

Hit the jump to check out the Are You Here trailer.  The film opens August 22nd.

Via Millennium Entertainment.


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  • Amanda

    it doesn’t look very good. It struck no cord, and didn’t really strike me as anything unique. Too bad I like most of the actors in it and that it’s from the creator of Mad Men comes as a surprise to me.

  • LEM

    Zach is stuck in these movies basically playing the same guy over and over again but eventually will get to do something dramatic and win an Oscar.

  • Bronson


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