Arnold Schwarzenegger Set to Star in Actioner BLACK SANDS

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, ladies and gentlemen. After announcing a return to acting following his tenure as Governor of California, Schwarzenegger chose the action film The Last Stand as his comeback project. Soon thereafter, he agreed to reprise his role in The Expendables 2 with pals Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, and now he’s chosen his follow-up project. Deadline reports that The Governator is set to star in the action pic Black Sands, which is said to be a cross between Man on Fire and High Plains Drifter. The stunt coordinator-turned-director duo of Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy are onboard to direct, with a script from Skip Woods (The A-Team).

Schwarzenegger will play “a loner who wages war against a ruthless weapons manufacturer and his private army in the Southwest.” Coincidentally (or not, depending on how you look at it), Schwarzenegger also plays a loner taking on a bunch of bad guys in The Last StandWaugh and McCoy recently directed Act of Valor, the action film starring active-duty Navy SEALs. You can watch the Call of Duty-esque trailer for that film right here to get a sense of their style. Production on Black Sands is set to begin April 1st, 2012.

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  • Dom

    I was hoping he would do more dramas from now on and stop pigeonholing himself as just an action star. This was a second chance for him and it is so disappointing to see from these projects that he is choosing that he doesn’t want to reach his full potential as an actor.

    • Real Man

      Dude, shut the F up. Dramas really man. What have you been smoking. Arnold is back doing what he does best.

    • thats one big twinkie…

      Ah-Nuld knows what his audience wants. He has never really done a drama before, and the few semi attempts he has done, were just terrible. Arnold is an action icon, much like Stallone, but Stallone has proven he can act (as far as Im concerned.), Arnold has not. But he is still great. He knows exactly what he is, and he is going to go at it again the way his fans want him to. I’m all for it! He has always had a bit of a self awareness in his movies that are uniquely Arnold. Thats what makes him great, he knows his acting chops are not up to snuff, so he makes up for it in pure machismo.

    • Norm

      his movie will bomb-he screwed up the state of ca and now hes a 65 year old feeble man-no interest in the public to evr see an arnold movie again

  • Jay

    fantastic…ARNoLD BACK

  • Ringbearer1420

    Roided out dickhead.

  • max

    I doubt that this will put him on the map again, there’s only one person who could turn the shit around for him, and that’s James Cameron but he’s to busy with Avatar sequels unless Arnold could get a role in that there’s realy no future for him

  • trelel

    Max…. you dont know crap, when Arnold hits the screen seats will be filled. I gauranfuckintee it!

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