Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes to reddit to Deliver Fan-Favorite Movie Lines, Including a New Line from His Upcoming Film, ESCAPE PLAN

     October 18, 2013


No matter how good your Arnold Schwarzenegger impression is, it’s never going to be as good as the original.  Rather than play his greatest hits over and over again, Schwarzenegger took to reddit to personally deliver some fan-favorite movies lines.  We’ve compiled all of his videos in which he voices classic lines from Predator, Kindergarten Cop, Conan the Barbarian, Jingle All the Way, and his upcoming film, Escape Plan, now playing in theaters.  Check them out after the jump.

Escape Plan (2013)

Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Jingle All the Way (1996)

Predator (1987)

Conan the Barbarian (1982)

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  • To Be Continued

    Well… that was… um… that….eh…. yeah. Ok.

  • TurnerTC


  • dg

    I seriously enjoyed that.


    Get to tha chopAHHHHH.

  • Norrtron

    I just don’t see the appeal anymore, I just laugh at him, not with him.

    • bombinUSA

      hope u die of cancer.

      • Norrtron

        Arnold is a tool, sorry that I don’t understand the hero worship some give him.

      • GunzOfNavarone

        Well that escalated quickly.

    • williamdgarcia

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  • tarek

    I need a Conan with a beard now!!

  • RiddleThemThis

    You forgot the “Room for my Fist” clip.

  • Tiago Andrade

    No “I’ll be back”?…

    Well, this was pretty awesome anyway.