Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Involvement in TERMINATOR 5

     January 22, 2013

the terminator arnold schwarzenegger

Word on the net is that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself has confirmed his involvement with the latest Terminator film.  While there is no official confirmation as of yet, Schwarzenegger was said to announce his appearance in Terminator 5 during a recent press day for The Last Stand.  The Kim Jee-woon actioner was intended to be Schwarzenegger’s big return to a leading role in action, but the opening weekend’s box office was a huge disappointment.  Perhaps returning to one of his signature franchises would help return the living legend to his former glory.  Terminator production has been ramping up behind the scenes as of late, so we’ll have to wait and see how all of this plays out.  Hit the jump for more.

arnold-schwarzenegger-terminator-photoThe folks over at Bleeding Cool report that news of Schwarzenegger’s involvement in Terminator 5 comes right from the man himself.  It’s no secret that Schwarzenegger was unhappy with Terminator: Salvation, a film in which he “appeared” as a CG-monstrosity. There’s no word yet on how an aging actor will fit into the plot centering on an immortal machine, but perhaps some more CG de-aging effects will be applied? Either that or the machines will generated a Grandpa Terminator to better blend in with the Baby Boomers.

Plot aside, the behind-the-scenes production of Terminator 5 has slowly been building steam.  Producer David Ellison joined the picture last year as a producing partner to sister/financier Megan Ellison.  As recently as last week, writers Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) were tapped to pen the fifth installment of the franchise.  Almost a year ago, it was reported that Terminator 5 would be rated R, but that director Justin Lin had to step away from the project in order to tend to the Fast and Furious franchise.  With Schwarzenegger’s rumored involvement in the production, hopefully we’ll get confirmation and a bit more news on the development of Terminator 5 over the next few months.


  • Truth

    An aged T-800 model? What’s the target…a geriatric in an old folks home?

  • Um, Sure

    I’m guessing they will use mocap for Arnie. Otherwise, they’re going to need to explain why the T-800 developed saggy man breasts.

    • BigJohnJohnson

      and a receding hairline:(

  • murdernexxus

    maybe the explanation is hes an 800 model that has aged….living skin on the outside.. he said in T2 that the skin would heal but that doesnt mean it wont age.. maybe hes gonna play a robot thats been inactive for many years. works for me

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  • Lance

    He could appear as the human the T-800 was based on. And while Salvation was awful, the CG version of young Arnie showed promise. Just wish James Cameron was involved with the franchise he created – you know he’d get it right.

  • spongefist


    The best plot for this would be that Arnold stays old, not as the T-model but as the original human the robots used as their blueprint for the outside skin, but also as the basic skills and behaviour that they ‘enhanced’. He as the optimal human being the robots copied.

    The resistance find him, to get his help too… blah blah.

    Now, where is my paycheck as the greatest idea man, screenwriter of this generation?

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  • DDGmike

    The Plot: The Terminator effectively terminates Arnold’s cinema “comeback” with a final crappy line: “I’ll be…seeing you…”

  • Cooper

    Keep in mind the terminators are built to be like actual humans. Remember in the first film Kyle explained how these machines can sweat and have bad breath and other stuff i cant remember. But with that said all they have to do is say he is an older model whose skin has aged over time. Or they can just have evil CGI Arnold’s running around and an older one playing a good terminator from the future. Probably sounds like a dumb idea but its the only thing I can think of. I do like Spongefist’s idea of having Arnold plays as his human self that the T-800 is based off of.

    • spongefist

      Thanks dude, truly, that would be an awesome plot. Human Arnold holds the key !!!!

  • Prakash Mukherjee

    Hope T5 must rated R and very danger or thrills

  • bmoriyam

    Some of the novels written after T2 featured the human who was the template for the Ahnuld T800… he even had an accent, I think.

    • bmoriyam

      … so the real, “How do you feel? … Old.” Ahnuld could meet a CGI Terminator. (Or would that be too much like “Looper”?)

  • bmoriyam

    Sorry about the weird repeated posts… the #$!*@ thing kept saying “Invalid secuitry code — please try again” (and that IS how they spelled it), and I didn’t think to see whether the post was getting through anyway.

  • Dan

    Sorry, spongefist, looks like Lance beat you to that idea. At least, according to the time stamps and order of posts as they currently appear

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  • Roger Stephen Roth

    I think it would be cool if in Terminator 5 Arnold was in liquid form like the T-1000 from Terminator 2. James Cameron should direct the film, and i hope they make a good story line. Maybe they could add a time travel plot into it putting the events of the nuclear war away if they manage to change something in the present avoiding Judgement day. The explanation would be that in the time sequence a alternative future is build and if that future is changed the events as well can change for the future of humanity.