Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning to TERMINATOR Franchise; Justin Lin to Direct

     April 26, 2011


Yep, he’s back. After announcing he was looking for new projects following his tenure as Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to return to The Terminator franchise in a new film. Long rumored to be attached to a new Terminator film, Justin Lin (Fast Five) is indeed directing. Deadline reports that the two are shopping a rights package around town in order to set the new flick up at a studio.

Schwarzenegger has been attached to a number of projects in the past few months, and it was looking like was close to choosing Kim Ji-Woon’s The Last Stand as his comeback project. There’s no word on how soon the new Terminator film would go into production, but one would assume the studio that grabs the project will want to get going as quickly as possible. Hit the jump for more.

arnold-schwarzenegger-terminator-photoAfter McG’s Terminator: Salvation reboot, the rights to the franchise were in a bit of trouble. Now it looks like the new flick will be set up with a new studio (the report states that Universal, Sony and Lionsgate are “looking hard” at the package). An interesting tidbit in the story, though, is that per copyright law, the rights to Terminator revert back to James Cameron in 2018. While it seems that Cameron really wants nothing to do with the franchise anymore, if a studio were planning on making Terminator films past that date, Cameron would have to sign off.

Nevertheless, this is about an imminent Terminator flick. Personally, I would have rather seen Schwarzenegger take on some new material rather than rehashing a character from his past. After T3: Rise of the Machines , it was pretty clear that you can only do the “robot from the other movies that isn’t really the same robot from the other movies” bit so many times before it becomes a tad tedious.

Lin is expected to be a hot commodity given the strong business that Fast Five is poised to do. The film is doing considerably well overseas and this may be his calling card to be moved up to the big leagues. I’m not a huge fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise, but I can appreciate the guy’s penchant for practical stuntwork, and it looks like he knows how to film action. Not to mention, he directed the “Modern Warfare” episode of Community, which is almost enough to forgive him for pretty much anything he does in the future.

The rights package for the new Terminator should be picked up quickly by a studio, after which a screenwriter will be hired and you can bet the flick will be fast-tracked. Here’s hoping they find an original angle with which to bring Schwarzenegger back into the loop.

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  • dude

    Come on Cohaagen! Give these people an R rating!

  • Jake

    But…Arnold is old? since when do terminators age? a 60 year old terminator? with a fast and furious director? what is this movie even going to be about? something tells me it will suck ass badly. The quality terminator films are gone forever.

    • JohnnyArrombador01

      Actually, no… they could use CGI to make him look younger… I mean, remember what they did with Professor Xavier and Magneto in the beggining of X-Men 3? They could do that… and if the script is good, I think I would like to watch this new movie.

      Plus, I also agree onthe point that he should have picked another project… i mean, I would rather like to see him in the Expendables sequel, right next to Stallone and the rest of the great action actors that entered in it.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    They could bring Cameron, Hamilton and Furlong back and I still wouldn´t care less.

    T1 & T2 are masterpieces, the rest just exists for a quick cash-in. No quality whatsoever.

    Go back to politics, Arnie.

    • Michael

      No, please, I hope he doesn’t go back into politics. How many more murderous sons of political buddies is he going to do favors for? That was just plain low of him to shorten the sentence of Esteban Nunez, who helped commit murder strictly as a favor to Nunez’s father, who just so happens to be former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, and Schwarzenegger’s good buddy. That’s a complete violation of the public trust and a heartless punch to the guts of the victim’s family members.

      He didn’t even tell them he was doing this until afterwards. Talk about lower than low. It was bad enough he did this at all.

      I’d much rather he stick to the movies. He’ll do much less damage there, even if he is shooting up a city block — at least that’s just on the big screen, not real life.

      • Vernetta

        Honestly Michael, he sucked at being Governor for my city; and I got sick and tired of hearing about his wife trapsing through Sacramento n a f***ing cell phone when its the law at least in Sacramento where your soon to be ex was Governor that no one in the city can drive while using one. u may have been under just connected to him, I feel for yur Maria.

        In the end, Schwartznegger turned out to be even with help, a poor excuse for a Governor. At his age, now we all are poor, but he will be an even poorer excuse should he return to film. At 60, although personally I have nothing against age mind you, I do with this man. He was a body builder and allowed himself to get out of shape? Not Mr. World is he? I saw a photo of him on a family vacation in or near the beach and was absolutely appalled at his weight! What you don’t have a treadmill in your home Arnold, or the State of California couldn’t install one for yu in your Govenor’s office?

        From yesteryears through today, Arnold has and will always be immoral, corrupt, dishonest, crooked, unjust, appalling, monstrous, scandalous, shameful, disreputable, dishonorable, and actually discreditable, a bald faced liar. A true disgrace now to the Kennedy family, vile, detestable; he has humiliated everyone from family, wife, children, the public; anyone who really had any trust in him at all, including any intermediate family; and is a true disgrace to the human race. I have always thought that Maria Shriver out of all of the members of the Kennedy family to be a true beauty with exceptional class except when she chooses not to follow the law. Incidentally Maria, this is definitely NOT your Hyannis Port compound where the law is set by your family. She was and is still a classic beauty. He is vile, a leech, even more despicable, revolting, contemptible, disgusting, and undesirable human being on the planet. Although he has many powerful friends and acquaintances, I hope that he never gets to the place he once was in recognition. A truly vile and distasteful individual; I hope his last son recognizes his father for what he truly is: a horrible, odious intolerable man who changes his spots as quickly as he wakes up each morning and has a cup of coffee. I cannot imagine what Maria feels knowing this but make him pay for all of the embarrassment, humiliation, mortification, shame and disgrace; basically the shame of it all. Can anyone just imagine what the children are feeling? The indignity he has brought on his family. Although scandal is not a new thing in the Kennedy family, they have lived a life as best they could in the public eye and by her face, I can see that she is tired of it all.

        My regrets to the heartache Maria and children, but remember, this too shall pass.

    • me

      The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a masterpiece too.

  • DaDaDa-DaDa

    I was hoping he would come back as Hutch from Predator. That would be epic. Terminator, I am a bit excited for, I mean, it IS the terminator, and it IS Schwarzenegger. However, the Predator would have been a cooler choice. Him having to defend himself from predators that came back to avenge the fallen one, or even as an “expert” in predators to lead a team in to kill one. Something to that effect. Schwarzenegger def needs a cameo in Total Recall reboot. SEE YOU AT THE PARTY RICHTOR!

    • Gonna have me some fun..

      Dutch not Hutch…

      • DaDaDa-DaDa

        I wish that was a typo. I feel I have dishonored Arnold. Thank for the correction. Mistakes were made. See you at the party Richtor.

    • Wulfgang

      I also think there are way better sequels for him like Dutch in Predator, King Conan, or Expendables. Just don’t have him return as Mr. Freeze, please!

  • Michael

    Good on Justin Lin. I hope he does well with the next Terminator, and gets enough freedom to make the movies he wants to make.

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  • pj_campbell

    I find it hard to believe some of you can’t look past Arnold only playing a robot. There is a chance he’s playing a military leader in the resistance that Skynet bases the machines off of. I mean, they did say that the machine killed John, so it would have to look like someone he knew to get close enough to do it I feel. It would make sense the model would be based off someone Connor was close to. But that’s just my idea.

    • tonamania

      completely agree – should have shot it like that for the last flick.

      • alan stowe

        Except that was explained in T3 already when the T-850 explained that his model was chosen due to John Connor’s affinity for it given his “boyhood” experiences. It was picked because that model saved him in T2. How Skynet knows all of this with the future constantly in flux and being delayed/altered is the most interesting question. Did Skynet pick Connor’s brain at one point? They should just reboot the franchise at this point with writers who understand the two prevailing time theories and the effects of whether time is linear or a loop happening simultaneously. THEN the franchise might get to a good place again and fix all the holes in Cameron’s shitty science.

  • Neo_3

    How come you so no writer hasn’t T5 had 2 writers already?

    • Will

      There was an outline for where McG’s Terminator series would go, from T4:Salvation to T5 to T6. He’d planned it as his trilogy. Presumably T5 would have involved the acquisition of the time portal by John Connor, but beyond that nothing is known. And it is unlikely that the new owners will ask McG what his plan was.

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  • space cadet

    well i don’t know why i’m surpprised he always said he would be back but fu(k it’s too late man way too late. as for lin , this is the perfect set up to ruin your career knock yourself out.

  • Aeonstrife

    I am a huge fan of Arnold but no way should he come back for another Terminator film. The Terminator film series ended with the Future Coda ending of Terminator 2. There is nothing new to add to the film series. It has been over since 1991! Someone should buy the film rights and give them back to James Cameron as a gift. Arnold returning for another Terminator film just stinks of a desperate one note actor that can’t do anything else. Arnold should have some balls and take on playing some other roles in new original films.

    • Alan Stowe

      The Future Coda ending makes no effing sense whatsoever. Connor a senator? With a criminal mom on paper? What do you think happened after the credits of T2? The cops just FORGOT they had a criminally insane terrorist who likes to blow up computer companies and talk about killer robots from the future? He’s never getting elected and Sarah would forever be a wanted fugitive with literally no way to prove her innocence. Cameron does NOT grasp the concept of time, be it linear or a simultaneous loop. Either way, changing anything would fracture the future or push/adjust time lines that’s it. Based on Cameron’s limited and linear thinking, based on what his shitty science established, if the end of T2 did in fact prevent Skynet (or any other AI who might also wish to destroy humanity) from existing, he would have prevented himself from needing to send back his father and unmake his own existence. The fact that Connor still exists proves that’s not the case. And the future would not neccissarily be aware of failed attempts to alter time because when time is altered, you don’t get a memo. Time is just altered, your reality shifts but you’re totally unaware, your new reality is just reality as its always been to you. #thingscameronneverthoughtthrough

  • Greenboy38

    The only way this could work is if he’s playing a human… like McG’s idea of casting Robert Patrick as the scientist whose dna was used to create T-1000. Cast Arnold as a human scientist in the future war setting, pair him with Christian Bale and lots of other rich characters and make it more of an action ensemble. Oh yeah… and with an unbelievable script with some strong dramatic elements and an underlying element of FEAR (unlike the latest two installments). Tall order.

    • Reese

      I completely agree…they should bring him back as a human, and like the guy they designed the t101 after….if he looks old so what…they should do that, but no not as a terminator…maybe one of the ppl responsible for Skynet, like a Skynet head who designed the t101….unless they bring him back as a failed lab experiment ala Marcus Wright…aged half human/half terminator…like the marcus wright being a prisoner and dying and then them bringin him as a terminator…but yea a more human role woould be sweet…or even a cameo…I actually liked some of MCG’s ideas of where he wanted to take it…But besides Ahnold, they should bring back Sarah Hamilton back to…and if they brought back Robert Patrick t1000 that would be ridonkulous…!! I just hope that Justin Lin does his homework and makes this a “terminator” film…nothing else…sure action will be something to look forward to, but add more the story, clear loopholes, character development, bring back the terminator mythology, music, and most of all remind us of why we loved terminator in the first place…

      • Reese

        Remember Bishop the android in Aliens? Alien 3? That was sooo sick how they brought Lance Hendrikson (aka Bishop) back as the creator and as his human self in AVP….They should stick to that route in a next terminator film for arnold…

    • Reese

      First of all Arnold is no Stallone…Ahem, read the directors credits…Stallone acts and directs his own shit…Stallone is the muthatruckin man..and Arnold is a douchebag…the Governator? ahahaha that shit was wack….Yeah his hopes for a cartoon about him being the Governator probably wasnt working so he turned his campaign to being in a another Terminator movie…great…Please no f’n comedy in the next Terminator film….make it more dramatic, and suspenseful….its a war movie for christs sake…it should be war/sci fi/fantasy…..I hope it doesnt just turn into a quick cash in….MCG really put in work, and I was believing in him, regardless of what critics say…the dude designed some pretty cool, realistic looking terminators IMO…expect for the hydrobots and mototerminators everything else was going somewhere….MCG what happend??? Anyway of Justin Lin can do it, then go for it….but eff Arnolds career this aint about his career this is about Terminator….and another Terminator film…this is a trilogy remember???

  • Bryan Phillippe

    I was hoping they only make another Terminator film if the script was good and that they hopefully conclude the movie series.

    When they announced that Helena Bonham Carter was playing the main villain in Terminator: Salvation, I was expecting her to be the Skynet equivalent of the Borg Queen from Star Trek. I was so disappointed in the end when I saw the film and it was a wasted opportunity to have a really iconic and memorable villain in the franchise. They should have had a confrontation between her, Christian Bale and Sam Worthington towards the end like with Picard, Data and the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact’s climax.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to do more dramas rather than just doing huge action blockbusters because he pigeonholed himself as an actor who just did action movies. He is an underrated actor. So, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

  • Agent_Black

    Despite it’s huge following and state of the art special effects for me T2 was the beginning of the end of franchise with it’s dumbing down of Arnie’s killer cyborg, turning it into a ‘goody’ and shooting people in the legs (but that’s just my opinion) so I won’t even mention T3 .

    But the more mainstream Arnie’s films got the more stupid they became and going back to this franchise which hasn’t had an ‘edge’ since the original movie just stinks of cash, cash and more cash. Probably the most cynical news I’ve heard all week.

  • Dw. Dunphy

    This reeks of desperation and can only come off as a parody of the original, nothing particularly new. Besides, there ought to be an unwritten rule that, no matter how bad the successors are, you can’t de-boot the re-boot. You’ll give the fanboys seizures.

  • nawtnt

    I am happy that Arine will back for Terminator 5.

    Justin Lin directing the film that’s something I’m not sure about but I hope Fast and Furious 5 will be so great that he will be the best director for this film.

    I wish that Ridley Scott or John Hyams (Universal Soldier Regerenation) would direct the film.

    Universal Soldier Regerenation was awesome espically the fight scenes.

  • Pete

    phuck YESSS!!! he’s the only one who can lift the whole franchise out of its mediocrity, go arnie!

  • Daniel Burgess

    CGI Arnold like in Salvation it can work I am sure they have had time to improve the tech/effect since Salvation & even take a look at Tron Legacy it is possible to make him look young

    bring him back as a villain not as a good guy he was much better in the original Terminator film

  • cobby

    I hope Bale remains in franchise

  • rockman_blues

    William Wisher, the co-writer on “The Terminator” and “T2″, wrote a 24-page treatment for T5 and T6 fairly recently. I’m glad he’s involved again. hopefully, T3 and Salvation didn’t screw up the story to the point where it truly isn’t salvageable. I’d personally go back to a point after T2 (preferably 30 years or so) and just tell Kyle Reese’s story. He’s a fan favorite and a fucking awesome character who’s past hasn’t really been explored inside the movies. Anton Yelchin did a great job as him, but his story was undermined by Marcus’. It’s one of the very few ways I can see it actually working.

  • Jazzy

    They should have left it at T2. Justin Lin is a douchebag who doesn’t have a clue how to direct action at all. If I were James Cameron, I would feel a sense of betrayal and Terminate the friendship with Arnie. Another PG13 offering to taint a brand, thanks a f*****g lot!

  • Daft

    Does it say something about his acting that he is most famous for playing a robot?

  • sense 11

    Nice, just like Stalone he needs to stick with what he is good at.

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  • sharrow

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  • Miles Bennett Dyson

    Junior 2

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  • jaykay101

    another Terminator rehash ??…….wasnt T3 bad enough ?!!

    What would be really cool would be for Schwarzenegger to make his big screen comeback in Ridley Scotts upcoming Prometheus movie

    Cant think of many things cooler than Ridley Scott directing big budget sci-fi- but Ridley Scott directing big budget sci-fi that features Arnold !!………..awesome

  • mike

    i hope they make this look like the war that was depicted at the beginning of terminator 2…good effects and not much cgi needed….arnold should have a small role….like showing his model being sent thru time and kyle resse following him

  • djalkj

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  • chris

    look at Tron, Jeff Bridges acted and they just CGI it and it turned out pretty well

  • Anon

    First of all, I love most of Arnie’s films. Even his crappy ones. Unfortunately this guy hasn’t made a truly good film since TRUE LIES and hasn’t made a semi-decent film since ERASER. He’s pretty much just picked this new role for the money; a familiar franchise not only to the fans, but general public, a director who I think is crap but has shown he can rake in the bucks. Let’s face it, it’s the perfect comeback role. So he thinks.

    You’ve gotta wonder if this is a bad move though. I mean, seriously, to me, it’s just got “shit” written all over it. Let’s take a look at the franchise so far: THE TERMINATOR (1984), IMO the greatest of the series and one of the greatest movies ever made. Arnold was great in it, so were Biehn and Hamilton. The action was fantastic and you could really feel the influences from horror and sci-fi genres. It wasn’t an overblown CGI-fest. It was dark, atmospheric, taut, economic and efficient. Unlike T2, which was an overblown, big-budgeted pure-Hollywood summer blockbuster; still a hard R-rating, but for some reason they went the more kid-friendly route by not having Arnie kill people (what the hell?); the kid wasn’t that annoying, and the action was spectacular. T2 basically defines the modern summer blockbuster; you can see influences of T2 in basically every big-budgeted summer blockbuster these days. T3 basically raped everything T2 set out to accomplish (though T2 kinda did the same to T1); it was also overblown but in the worst sense of the word; it was stale, rather boring, and Arnie was getting old. Most of us hoped he wouldn’t be back. So he decided to go into politics instead. SALVATION? Do I even need to talk about it?

    The series has been getting progressively worse. The first two are classics in their own right. T3 was stale but at least it left the truly horrible to SALVATION. And now they want a glorified hack to direct the fifth installment? I mean, sure, FAST FIVE wasn’t the abominations that the previous films were, but it was pretty terrible dialogue, acting, and plot-wise. Even the action got boring. I hear BETTER LUCK TOMORROW is a good film. Haven’t seen it myself, but I will give Lin the benefit of the doubt. What they need here is a good script. Unfortunately, the sci-fi and/or action genres of the 21st century are lacking in good scripts. Very lacking.

    I have no doubt that even old Arnold can draw asses to the seats. But seriously, how much more money does this guy need? I’m sure T5 with Arnold would definitely draw people in. But I think at this point any film with Arnie would draw people. Remember the hype preceding THE EXPENDABLES? Sure, that film had one of the greatest casts ever assembled, but Arnie definitely received a lot of hype in his own right. Honestly, I would have loved to see Arnie in a *potentially* great action film, that being Kim Ji-Woon’s THE LAST STAND. A director that has definitely proved his worth and testing his mettle in Hollywood. Imagine Arnold in a Kim Ji-Woon film. This is the guy that made A BITTERSWEET LIFE, I SAW THE DEVIL, THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD, etc. Arnold hasn’t chosen a good film since TRUE LIES. He needs to remedy that. Now.

    • Anon

      I should clarify that having a proven director and a great script do not mean that the film will be great. But they definitely improve on the chances. Unfortunately, it seems that screenwriters or studios these days are unwilling to take chances and keep making crap after crap after crap after shit. I remember films in the 80s. I love the fucking 80s. Even the “crappy” films were fun to watch. Maybe it was the ideas driving the films, or the scripts, or the acting, or the way they actually made movies, etc., but something is definitely missing in today’s movies. Fucking Hollywood.

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