ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Pauses Production as Netflix Orders More Episodes

     December 11, 2012


I fully appreciate the irony of this sentence, but the fourth season of Arrested Development has paused production on the revived series’ new episodes. Though Netflix had originally ordered a ten-episode run for the comedy, creator Mitch Hurwitz ended up shooting additional footage and dreaming up enough material for more scenes and storylines. Deadline reports that Netflix agreed to expand the order to somewhere between 12 and 15 total episodes. Production has paused to allow Hurwitz to review the footage that’s already been shot and work the new arcs into the season. It will also take some time to wrangle the actors for the additional shoots, so plans are for production to start up again in late January. This should still allow time for the show’s debut in April, when Netflix plans to make all of the episodes available at once.

  • ed

    this must be weird for the producers…… they’re only used to getting episode orders cut. good for them though

  • Mikey

    I guess you could say that they really… “blue” through their production order.

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    I JUST BLUE MYSELF!! Wooooohooo!!! STEVE HOLT!!

  • Mason

    I don’t really like this. I think they should release the episodes as intended. i don’t like the idea of them cramming more crap in just to unnecessarily extend the number of episodes. I’d much much much rather see 10 amazing episodes then 15 mediocre ones. Do Season 4.5 if you have to.