Fourth Season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT to Premiere Spring 2013; Could Be More than 10 Episodes

     August 23, 2012


Yesterday, we reported the exciting news that the fourth season of Arrested Development might be thirteen episodes instead of its originally-announced ten-episode order.  The upcoming season will premiere on Netflix, and today an unnamed spokesperson for the company tells The Huffington Post that the Bluths will return in spring 2013.  That seems like a reasonable window since filming is already underway.  However, the spokesperson also provided another exciting tidbit: the new season will be at least ten episodes, which lends further credence to David Cross‘ comment that he thinks season four will have thirteen episodes.

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I don’t think anyone is going to argue against more Arrested Development.  Keep in mind that the new season is all a prologue to the upcoming film.  Creator Mitch Hurwitz is trying to catch up with all of the characters so that when the movie comes out, he doesn’t have to spend half of it trying to explain what’s been going on with the Bluth family.  If Hurwitz needs more time to tell his prologue, then it’s a benefit for the film since he can take more time to tell an individual, feature-length story rather than having to add more to the bridge between season three and the movie.

As we previously reported, each episode is supposed to focus on an individual character, but Cross says “There’s too much story. Some characters will have two-parters.”  Here’s hoping there a two-part Franklin episode.


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  • Norm

    I think you would need AT LEAST two episodes for Franklin. There’s just too much material to cover between his pimping, singing, and medical dosage advising.

    • TheHOYT

      And, his occasional change in race …

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    I hope they release them all at once like they did with Lillyhammer. I’d take the day off so I could blow through the season…twice!

    • Keith

      That is the current plan.

  • sloan

    it ain’t easy bein brown

  • Fed23

    What’s the point of having a feature film? I’d just rather have season 5. If the average time per episode is 22 minutes (and they do a 13 episode run) that’s 286 minutes. I’d much rather them do that than a movie to close it out.

  • lester

    I’m so excited that Arrested Development is actually making a comeback! A few of my Dish coworkers were trying to convince me that this was true a while back, but I totally thought they were just pulling my leg. Now the anticipation is going to kill me! I’ll just have to watch the previous seasons in the mean time. They are all available to rent from the Blockbuster@Home service through my Dish account, which makes it easy to get my hands on each disc. I can’t wait to be reunited with Franklin!

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