New Extended Trailer for ARROW Teases DC Comics Villain; New Poster Released

     June 7, 2012


We’ve already gotten a glimpse of Arrow from the upfronts last month, but now CW has released a new longer trailer that seems to set up the whole season of the DC Comics adaptation attempting to fill the void left behind by the end of Smallville. What’s cool is that this new trailer teases at an interesting bad guy, maybe for the whole series. Unfortuantely, it’s only a quick shot in the whole trailer so it’s the epitome of a tease, so there’s no telling where this can go. Check out the trailer after the jump.

Did you catch it? Well, if not, there’s a quick shot of the mask belonging to Deathstroke, a villain (sometimes an anti-hero) who hails from Teen Titans back in the 1980’s. The character actually became so popular after becoming the main adversary for the adolescent heroes that he was given his own series, and is now in the Top 100 favorite comic book characters of all-time. According to the DC Comics Database, Deathstroke is the world’s greatest assassin/mercenary and an enemy of the Teen Titans. Originally a soldier in the U.S. Army, he was part of an experimental super-soldier project where he gained enhanced strength, agility and intelligence. I’m looking forward to checking out Arrow in the fall, and you can be sure there will be a push to promote the new series at Comic-Con so stay tuned for our coverage next month.

If you missed it, take a look at the current TV panel schedule for Comic-Con 2012 right here, which includes Arrow. Check out a new poster for the series below (via Green Arrow TV).




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  • Reijanrobo

    So… this is a spin off from “LOST”? I love it! “LOST: Reincarnation” I will be tuning in! lol

    • {LDS}Locksley

      That would be cool. Would you mind helping me understand this being a LOST spin-off?

      • LEM

        “what happened to you on that island?”

      • Reijanrobo

        Thank you LEM :)

    • derek

      Go read Green Arrow: Year One

      You will be enlightened

  • Dave Nive

    Would be cool if it is Deathstroke. I wonder who would play him and whether he will have any of the superhuman abilities he has in the comic.

    There is a screencap of the mask here

  • {LDS}Locksley

    Do you think this Green Arrow will be the one used in the potential 2013 Justice League movie? (

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  • Griz

    In terms of superhero origin story, I had a similar problem when he was played by Justin Hartley on Smallville: How does being stranded on an island make you buff & an excellent hand to hand combatant? Using rudimentary weapons to hunt in order to feed yourself? okay . . . even Tom Hanks did that in Cast Away. But the kung fu? I mean don’t you need another combatant for that? Who was he sparring with on the island? Bears?

    • Nate H

      My thoughts exactly! I can see being stranded for 5 years making him a really good shot with a bow, but not becoming a bodybuilder and a kung fu master. That would be like me learning kung fu alone in my apartment with no instruction and no prior knowledge. AKA impossible.

      (And did he kill that guy to protect his secret identity? Very heroic.)

  • tinypony

    Lost billionaire: Batman
    Arrows: Hawkeye
    Oh and yes, how DID the island turn him into Jason Bourne?
    How is it that this guy doesn’t just shot, with a gun? Oh, he shoots explosive-tipped arrows, oh wow…. BS! Anyone with a .22 can take him down.
    It’s like the WB thought hmmm…Superman’s been done, Batman’s been done, Wonder Woman didn’t work, Green Lantern bombed, Martian Manhunter is too weird, Flash already had a TV show….uhhhh…let’s make a show about the Green Arrow. Riiiiiight, good thinking…

  • tinypony

    doesn’t just get shot, I meant to say.

  • Jesus

    On the bright side the poster says the series is only 1-hour long, so we won’t have to suffer too long.

  • David Savage




    • derek

      i bet you’re one of those fatasses that yell at their TVs

    • dogg

      Whoa, does he full on snap some guy’s back at 3:11? Does Green Arrow kill people?

    • Nate H

      EXACTLY! What a jerk! “No one can no my identity. So instead of easily solving this problem by wearing a mask (which seems like it wouldn’t work but works for every other superhero), I will just KILL anyone who sees my face under this hood. What? No, I’m not a villain. Seems like it, right? I’m a hero, though. Wait – did you just see my face when you asked that question? You gotsta go!”


  • ClarkKent2o6

    Slow down fanboi’s…

    None of the CW DC universe shows are canon. The Clark Kent we watched on “Smallville” isn’t the Clark Kent that Byrne relaunched in his classic mini series “Man of Steel” 25+ years ago.

    What ever happened to the suspension of disbelief? Why are so many of you sci fi fans trying to fit your fiction into the confines of reality? Let it be fake, campy, unrealistic and allow yourself to enjoy it without questioning it.

    How did he learn H2H on the island? Who cares..? It’s a TV show about a guy who uses archery to fight crime… with trick arrows (crossing my fingers for hte Boxing Glove arrow.) and you want to inject realism?

    Silly. Go read GA Year 1, or stop giving a fuck and enjoy a campy, silly, waste of an hour simply because it’s campy, silly, unrealistic, and hopefully fun.

    • Nate H

      I sense faulty logic here! If it was supposed to be a silly, thoughtless romp of a superhero show, then why bother showing him training upon his return? Why the serious tone? Why all the other attempts at realism? Why not just have him jumping from rooftop to rooftop shooting fireworks arrows and the like? It’s because they want it to be realistic – that’s the new thing. Smallville, Nolan’s Batman trilogy, the new Spiderman, etc – they’re all following the trend.

      If Batman fell into the cave under the mansion and randomly exited it with martial arts skills, people would say it was preposterous. Same deal here. It’s not that we can’t suspend our disbelief. It’s that it makes no sense and they didn’t even attempt an explanation for it. Did he learn it from martial arts monkeys? A random recluse who turned out to be a Shaolin monk? I’d buy either before I bought the idea that he taught himself. Pretty straightforward. Has nothing to do with fanboy-ism. People just don’t like things that need explaining being left unexplained.

  • Jay

    Why does Oliver Queen live in Lex Luthor’s mansion?

  • Nate H

    Seriously? No mask? What a jerk!

    “No one can know my identity. So instead of easily solving this problem by wearing a mask (which seems like it wouldn’t work but works for every other superhero), I will just KILL anyone who sees my face under this hood. What? No, I’m not a villain. Seems like it, right? I’m a hero, though. Wait – did you just see my face when you asked that question? You gotsta go!”


    • Kaimick

      I love how Nate H is bitching about the killing part and the no one knows my Identity. Really Nate get a life, secondly you been complaining how he somehow knows Martial arts and hand to hand and all the nifty Bourne Shit and yet you were posting about this in June. This is where I point to you and say your just a sad pathetic person that likes to cry and bitch just to do so with no solid evidence to support it.

      Since the series is on Epsiode 3 now I can tell people how he learned to be Jason Bourne
      He wasn’t alone on the island. There were others that were hunting him.
      How does one get buff and muscular on an island?
      Well it is a superhero to start so your average person is not going to be able to do it. But when your on the run for your life and your a superhero you get fit real quick.

      I am going to Agree with ClarkKent2o6, it is not meant to be real, although there is a degree of reality here, it is called Comic Book Reality!
      As far as killing people and being a superhero, lets see Wolverine does it a lot. Short lived Anti Venom did it a lot. Pyslock did it also. Gambit killed a few hundred people in the short series explaining the Rouge Cabal. I am sure there are many other super hero that have killed, Hell the Dark Knight: Batman might not directly kill but we will not save someone form dying.

      I just find it amusing that everyone had some crappy thing to say about this speculated all the faults this show had and nothing had aired yet except a trailer. Funny how you can tell a troll and moron from their lack of knowledge