‘Arrow’ Video Recap Show: Father Doesn’t Know Best

     February 11, 2016


This week on the Arrow Video Recap Show, Ann Campea, Josh Macuga, Michael Medina, Jason Inman recap the episode of the hit CW series, “Sins of the Father.”

Last week’s episode gifted Diggle fans with a Diggle family-centric episode. The episode finally brought us to a key moment in the exploration of the relationship between John and Andy Diggle. The flashbacks provided a glimpse into the brothers’ past in Afghanistan and while it did not do much to move the plot along, it did introduce an emotional aspect to the relationship that has been lacking thus far. Andy also finds a moment of redemption, helping to save Lyla from Shadowspire, an organization whose responsible for the drug called Slam made in the fields of Lian Yu. 

This week’s episode brings to head the sins of many fathers — Felicity’s father Noah, Thea’s father Malcolm, Nyssa’s father Ra’s, and Oliver as a father to William.

The Calculator, Noah, finally unveils himself to daughter Felicity. Felicity has to deal with her father’s reveal, as well as his desire to rekindle their relationship. Malcolm also reveals his true colors, unwilling to sacrifice his throne as the “Demon’s Head” in exchange for his daughter Thea’s life. Nyssa has to deal with the sins of her father by facing Malcolm Merlyn and definitely (maybe?) eliminates the League of Assassins in the process. 

How did this episode stack up against the rest? Is Star City rid of the League of Assassins? Is Damian Darhk going to go after William (Oliver’s son) in next week’s episode? We discuss all of this and lots more on this week’s episode of Collider Arrow! 

Arrow returns with an all new episode next Wednesday, February 17 on The CW.


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