Trailer and Poster for ARTHUR NEWMAN Starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt

     March 27, 2013


The trailer and poster have been released for the dramedy Arthur NewmanColin Firth stars as a has-been golfer who fakes his death, abandons his family, and takes on the new identity of “Arthur Newman”.  On his trip to become a golf pro, he meets a wayward young woman (Emily Blunt) who’s running from her own problems.  They both decide to escape from their troubles by breaking into people’s homes so they can playact the residents’ lives.  I saw the film at TIFF and found it to be the worst kind of indie, and even the trailer plays by the same generic indie trailer beats: problem, quirkiness, drama, uplift.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and poster.  Arthur Newman opens April 26th.

Trailer and poster via EW.


  • Alan B

    Wow, I sure am glad I got Matt Goldberg’s ‘take’ on the film. Normally, I would be happy with a synopsis, an explanation of the project’s background and a release date, but I am SO GLAD that Goldberg was able to shill for his own review in the article. This might be fine if – like ‘The Playlist’ – he simply suggests that it is their reviewer’s opinion, but he acts as if his critiques are the Word of God. In actuality, he has to be the most pig-ignorant, charmless and unfunny reviewer working today, and his smugness and arrogance only serves as further proof of his own ineptitude.

  • yu

    looks alright.

  • terry

    POS! Hi, I’m Arthur Newman.