Asa Butterfield Talks ENDER’S GAME, Fan Reaction, Working Opposite Harrison Ford, and More

     October 31, 2013


Ender’s Game success ultimately rests on the shoulders of Asa Butterfield (Hugo). Butterfield stars as Ender, a genius sixteen year old, who is enlisted into a program designed to train youths in a war between humanity and a hostile alien race.  Of course, not everything is as it seems – and just what is being fought for and who is in the right may not be so black & white.  As the titular character, Butterfield ably portrays a young man struggling to define himself be it via the violent sociopathy of his brother or the compassionate righteousness of his sister.  It’s a striking performance – in that even when millions of dollars of spectacle are unfolding on the screen, they don’t hold a candle to a simple single of the young actor.

In the following interview with Asa Butterfield, he discusses shooting Ender’s Game on a NASA facility, fan reaction to his casting and the tricks of the trade he’s learned from Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley. For the full interview, hit the jump.

Asa Butterfield:

  • How familiar was Butterfield with the novel Ender’s Game?
  • What has the fan reaction been like to Butterfield’s casting in the film?
  • What was it like shooting the film on a NASA facility in New Orleans?
  • How much preparation goes into performing the stunts for the film?
  • What was the auditioning process like on the film?
  • What are the secrets to nailing down an American accent?
  • How did you go about crafting such a complicated character like Ender?
  • What sort of tricks of the trade have you been able to pick up having worked with such esteemed actors as Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley?
  • What future projects does Asa Butterfield have coming up?


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  • Jay

    Make your T’s into D’s and pronounce the R’s. So, England’s ‘Better’ or ‘Behttah’, becomes Behdder in American. Right? I’m fascinated by accents, especially British ones.

  • Jay

    Make your T’s into D’s and pronounce the R’s. So, England’s ‘Better’ or ‘Behttah’, becomes Behdder in American. Right? I’m fascinated by accents, especially British ones.

    • enderandrew

      There is no singular Brittish accent. There isn’t even one singular English accent. There are a huge collection of accepts within the UK. If you’ve seen Doctor Who with David Tennant, there is a British actor faking a British accent to cover up a different British accent (Scottish).

      I think where many people screw up attempting fake British accents is they pull portions from different British accents.

  • chosen1

    I’m an absolute fan of the Harry Potter franchise, but I can’t help but think how incredible he would be as the boy who lived.

    • Norrtron

      Radcliff sucked in the first few movies, but he finally figured it out!

      • enderandrew

        I don’t think it is fair to say he sucked early. I think that each movie got progressively better in that all the actors built upon chemistry that grew over the years.

      • Norrtron

        No, he sucked. He admits it too. Emma Watson and Rubert Grint were fine in the first couple movies, but Radcliff was painful to watch.

  • Chris

    Ender really is a great sci-fi movie. It is NOT a popcorn flick but if you love straight sci-fi you have to watch this one! I loved it. Saw it last week in Germany.

    • enderandrew

      I still can’t get over how much they’re killing the emotional impact of the book with kids that are so much older (not to mention cut content/plotlines from the book). I’m still paying to see it in IMAX, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to overcome inherit disappointment.

  • Alex Hajna

    Is it just me, or does he sound almost exactly like Tom Felton?

    • eternalozzie

      Asa’s voice is a lot deeper than Tom’s

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