THOR Scribes Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz Set to Pen TOP GUN 2

     October 14, 2011


Well that Top Gun sequel is still happening. Variety reports that Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, the screenwriters behind this summer’s Thor and X-Men: First Class, are in negotiations to write the script for the sequel, which Jerry Bruckheimer is producing. When Top Gun 2 was first announced last October, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) was cooking up the idea for the film. He revealed that Maverick would indeed be the star of the sequel, but there was no confirmation as to Tom Cruise’s involvement. Now, with Miller and Stentz being hired to work on the script, it’s unknown if Maverick is still the lead or if Cruise will be relegated to a cameo while some other young actor will get his shot at stardom with an original role. Tony Scott was also confirmed to be returning to the director’s chair at the time, but its unknown if he still plans on taking the helm. Miller and Stentz are pretty busy guys, as they recently inked a deal to adapt Lev Grossman’s fantasy novel Magicians for a TV series on Fox and they’re writing an adventure film for director Peyton Reed.

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  • fozzy2032

    the funny thing is that i was also thinking about this the other day and now i see it “TOP GUN 2″. Did these guys read my mind or something, lol, these guys are very smart (and nerdy) writers and i know its going to have a good story, just needs a good filmmaker and some top notch acting and a good budget as visual effects ARE going to be needed in this to give it a modern touch (the old recording the planes in the air trick is really outdated). Special effects may also be needed so i say jj abrams to direct ( just kidding, i always say jj abrams, love that guy).

  • fozzy2032

    i love top gun! dont ruin this if its made, im a huge fan!

  • ozzie

    tom cruise needs to go away … i dont understand people’s obsession with this guy … he’s a bad actor and a creepy person.

  • Anon

    In case Mr.Scott is reading this, I have a few suggestions for the sequel name if I may?

    Top Gun 2: Full Thrusters
    Top Gun 2: Ejaculation Seat
    Top Gun 2: Cruise Control
    Top Gun 2: Steel Manginas
    Top Gun 2: Gun Harder
    Top Gun 2: Maverick and the Deadly Swallows
    Top Gun 2: Still Ridin That Tail!
    Top Gun 2: The secret of the Goose
    Top Gun 2 – Im Top, Your Bottom.
    Top Gun II: The Reacharound
    Top Gun II: West Side Story II: Full Blown AIDS
    Top Gun II: Katie Holmes Is My Beard
    Top Gun II : Lift in My Shoe!
    Top Gun II: Is It Gay If I Pretend He’s A Girl?
    Top Gun II : Battlefield Ass!
    Top Gun II: Greedo Shot off First
    Top Gun II: I just pissed my pants
    Top Gun 2: Scientology Air Battles

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