Mike Myers Closes Deal to Return in AUSTIN POWERS 4 [UPDATED]

     August 13, 2011


There have been rumors of an Austin Powers 4 in the works pretty much since Austin Powers in Goldmember grossed nearly $300 million worldwide in 2002.  Some of the talk postulated a movie that centers entirely on Dr. Evil.  That always sounded awful to this writer, so I’m glad to from Hitfix that when Mike Myers closed a deal to return for Austin Powers 4, the deal is to return as Austin Powers.  And as Dr. Evil, and probably as Fat Bastard, too.

Director Jay Roach, the man who directed the first three Austin Powers movies, is not confirmed for the sequel.  But during press for his last movie, Dinner for Schmucks, he was already talking about ideas for Austin Powers 4, specifically how he would like to do it in 3D.  Read what he had to say after the jump.

[Update: Deadline reports that Myers hasn't officially signed a deal for Austin Powers 4 yet, but his reps came to New Line this week to express interest in the deal. In short, AP4 is most likely happening, but it may not be official just yet.]

Roach was asked about the idea of a 3D comedy, and he wondered aloud whether the concept could work:

If we ever did an Austin Powers 4, I would love to do Dr. Evil’s world in 3D. It would be fantastic.  I wonder if anyone would think about… I guess you couldn’t really mix and match. It’d be great to use it as a one-world as 3D and the other world is… it probably would make more sense if Austin’s world was 3D and Dr. Evil’s was more flat.

I don’t know that 3D is the tool that will reinvigorate the Austin Powers franchise, but at least he’s thinking in those terms.  Myers just turned 48, and could very well be 50 before the movie comes out.  This will be a good, two-decade case study for my theory that comedy, like rap, is a young man’s game.

I am not totally convinced the sequel is fact.  The project could fall by the wayside if Myers isn’t 100% motivated.  But if Austin Powers 4 is indeed coming, what is the fan appetite?  Are you in?


  • fravit

    Eh. Sure. Why not.

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  • CMS

    a little ashamed to say that this makes me randy baby.


    I just hope its FUNNY! I love Austin Powers, but in all 3 films theres a lot of gags that fall flat, or go on too long.

    They should bring back MUFASA (Will Farrell) the un-killable henchmen. But in a bigger role.

    I wanna see this film, but I dont wanna see another CAT in the HAT/GURU from Myers.

    • keir

      Mustafa? Or are you referring to Simba’s father in Lion King?

      • cheesefacemonkeytits

        no.. Mustafa. Mufasa is Simba’s dad.

  • Kenny B

    Yes please

  • Eric Erardy

    Im Down! Al 3 Austin Powers Movies are hillarious! i do agree bring back will farrell hahah! but im excited, hopefully its as good as the rest:)

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  • Mike

    I love the idea of another AP but I think they should look at some other Bond films to parody and come up with another villain.

    • tommygun

      would love to see this take a casino royale route
      trim plethora of side characters (fat bastard,mini me, goldmember)
      make it a spoof of the recent wave of ‘darker’ take of franchise movies
      and get back to austin vs dr evil maybe add a little blood and guts but, keep it funny ala pineapple express.

  • Scared for Movies

    I think Myers is desperate. Shrek 3 & 4, Love Guru, & Cat in the Hat is a pretty bad streak. And is it just me or has he looked a little crazier than usual since the Love Guru tanked? Shrek 2 was arguably his last critically successful movie and that was in 2004. Beyond that I do like all 3 Austin Powers, both Wayne’s Worlds, Shrek, & So I Married an Axe Murderer. C’mon Mike, there’s no better opportunity for you to get back on track then with another Austin Powers.

  • Brandon Avery

    I am. I enjoyed all three!

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  • Nawtnt

    Great news that Mike Myers is returning for Austin Powers 4.

    Let’s hope the sequel is better than the previous movies because all of the three movies were funny and great.

    • david

      austin 4 should bring back those cool 60s cut scenes with ming tea ,with an all new groovy tune,and a new villian .i miss those groovy 60s colors and outfits .they should go back to the 60s again.this time with a 60s van dolled up for the time period.to much dr evil would be boring.

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  • arrowproofmonk

    Hell yes,, have been hanging out for more since the final scenes of Austin Powers in Goldmember!!

    It matters not that the actors have aged to me,, simply add this to the plot baby..

    If i may critic here for a moment,, every single movie you have been in Mike Myers has been “very sexy baby”!!

    There simply is no room for me to “Hate” any of your works,, you make me happy and smile and laugh..

    Please bring back Seth Green and Verne Troyer..

    All praise to Mike Myers

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  • Poop


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  • Jackleberg

    im excited, though i havent seen the movies for a while… time to watch them again! :P