Danny Boyle Would Like to Spend 127 HOURS with a Man Who Cut Off His Own Arm

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After running through the striking slums of India, Danny Boyle will scale it back a bit for his next film and tell a simple story of a man climbing a mountain.  The only problem is that man got himself caught under a boulder and had to amputate his own arm in order to survive.  Luckily for Boyle and us, that’s a much more exciting story and it will be the Oscar-winning director’s next project, titled “127 Hours.”  More after the jump, but be extremely careful on your way down.

THE THIRD MAN Remake Rumor – Are Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio Planning a Trip to Vienna?

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Well, you’ve been waiting for a big remake bombshell. One of those major “Don’t you DARE you touch that!!” kinds of licenses.  There have been some “relatively” big pictures to receive the remake treatment in recent memory, such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still” but nothing to really stand in disbelief at.  Not a “Citizen Kane”-esque level of audacity, but a recent rumor of there being a potential “The Third Man” remake starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire does tread dangerously close.  Luckily, if proven to be true, there may be some talent to pull this off.  Click on the jump, and let’s hop on this ferris wheel together.

Director George Miller Wants Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy to Pick up Some Gas for New MAD MAX

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Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy Mad Max.jpg

A dirty Charlize Theron in head-to-toe leather? Sure, why not? When she’s dirty she wins Oscars, when she’s in tight leather….she’s in tight leather. George Miller also sees it as win-win because he is going after the A-lister to be the female lead in his next installment in the “Mad Max” series, which would be the first in almost 25 years. Click the jump to hear what’s going on beyond the thunderdome.

Wes Craven’s 25/8 Becomes MY SOUL TO TAKE

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My Soul to Take movie image slice.jpg

It took a while, but Wes Craven eventually realized that an extra hour added to each day doesn’t mathematically warrant an eighth day of the week, and has therefore opted to change the title of his latest film from “25/8″ to “My Soul to Take.”  When you say the two together it sounds like a made-up verse for the Freddie Krueger song by a child who hasn’t learned to count yet.  In any case, click the jump to hear more about the first written by/directed by film from Craven since 1994′s “New Nightmare.”

See Paul Bettany and the Saviors in the 6 New LEGION Banners

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Legion movie poster slice.jpg

There haven’t been a ton of trailers this year that have genuinely put a smile on my face.  The red-band trailer for “Legion,” however, was one of them.  I don’t know if everything I smiled at was the desired reaction, however I smiled and that means I’m going to see the film.  Anyhow, some new banner images have just been revealed for “Legion,” and they look pretty decent. Amongst them Charles S. Dutton does not appear, and that doesn’t speak too well for the mortality of his character. Hit the jump to see them:

Duncan Jones’ MOON Lands at Sitges and Nabs 3 Awards Before Heading Back to the Stars. Plus Other Winners

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Did you happen to see Duncan Jones’ quiet little sci-fi picture “Moon” when it played in limited release over the summer?  Did you love it? Did you hope it won some awards when you walked out (little gold men even)?  Well, it still might.  However, it did receive handsome kudos from the Sitges Film Festival taking home the prizes for film, best actor for Sam Rockwell, and the screenplay award for Nathan Parker.   More of the “Moon” accomplishments after the jump, one of which is the conclusive evidence that there is no cheese on its surface.

Platinum Dunes Next Film Is THE BUTCHERHOUSE CHRONICLES; Signs First Look Deal With Paramount

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Platinum Dunes, the company owned by Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form has signed a first-look deal with Paramount Pictures – whom Bay has worked with on the “Transformers” movies. Now it’s being reported that Platinum’s next film will be “The Butcherhouse Chronicles”, which is being described as “The Breakfast Club” in a haunted house. More details after the jump.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Director Oren Peli Travels to AREA 51

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With “Paranormal Activity” trickling its way into theaters over the past few weeks for midnight shows, and garnering some impressive word-of-mouth and ticket sales per theater numbers, helmer Oren Peli is ready to start production on his next project focused around the mythological Area 51 base.  More of the new scaremeister’s sci-fi venture after the jump.

Eli Roth Prepares for Upcoming Films Including Exorcism Flick COTTON and Sci-Fi Movie ENDANGERED SPEICIES

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America’s horror hopeful Eli Roth is recharging from his “Inglorious Basterds” publicity trip, and is going back to the area most comfortable for him and his fans: behind the camera.  Roth is starting the push for director Daniel Stamm’s exorcism flick “Cotton” which Roth produced, as well as put the finishing touches on “Endangered Species” which is Roth’s first foray into science-fiction.  More of what the future holds for Mr. Roth after the jump.


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Day 4 of Fantastic Fest was a heaping teaspoon of films that directly play to the name of the festival.  It was chockfull of imagination, magic, illusions, wonder, and even a living, breathing wooden baby.  It was one of the more satisfying days of film at this year’s fest overall, and was capped off by one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year for genre fans.

Continue to check back for pieces on the second half of the fest which provided 2 of the best films I’ve seen this year, as well as a reunion between Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren; and no, that wasn’t one of the best films I’ve seen this year, but was amongst the most surprising.


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I saw three films on Day 3 of Fantastic Fest.  Two movies were  family-friendly films, that had different approaches in being a friend to families.  One felt reminiscent of the Disney films that aimed to give families a fun scare, while the other was a more mature “Harry Potter”-esque fantasy of monsters and freaks.  Then, I ended it with the latest from the zombie grandmaster whose movie didn’t really want to be a friend to families.  Read my reaction to “Under the Mountain”, “The Vampire’s Assistant: Cirque Du Freak”, and “Survival of the Dead” after the jump.


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I’ve finished up ingesting, digesting, and recovering from a half-week of Austin’s Fantastic Fest to inform about the films experienced on Day 1, which opened the festival with Jared Hess’ new film “Gentlemen Broncos”.  I’ll admit that the appeal of the big films each year gets me excited – such as this year’s portfolio of “Antichrist”, “Ninja Assassin”, and “Daybreakers” amongst others – it’s the small films that knock me out of my seat knowing little about them that keep me coming back year after year and Day 1 provided one right at the outset.

Continue to read for my Day 1 film experience, and keep checking back for more on the festival in regards to the films named above, as well as some relatively unknown titles that may deserve your attention, and some other potentially big titles that go unknown even to the attendees until the lights dim.

Will TITANIC Collide With 3D? What About Other Mega-Blockbusters?

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The up and coming rereleases of “Toy Story” 1 and 2 in the 3-D format have the industry abuzz in regards to the potential of hitting up popular library titles of the different studios to also give the 3-D treatment.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lightstorm Entertainment is claiming that a 3-D release of the world’s most successful box-office film “Titanic” is itself less than a year away.  With that in mind, the eventual consideration of your favorite mega-action blockbusters to get revisited seems more of a forecast now than just wishful thinking.  Click the jump to daydream about Rivendell, the Death Star, and/or Keanu Reeves in the third dimension.

Tricia Helfer, J.K. Simmons, Scott Caan, and Dennis Hopper Provide A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO ENDINGS

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Okay, so, an easy rider, a casino thief, a Cylon, and Juno’s dad enter a bar.  When they come out they realize they signed on to star in a film called “A Beginner’s Guide to Endings,” says The Hollywood Reporter.  Actually, they said that Dennis Hopper, Scott Caan, Tricia Helfer, and J.K. Simmons agreed to roles for the dark comedy from newcomer Jonathan Sobol – but my story involves a bar.  Click the jump to hear more about the project and fewer bad jokes.

Fox Gives GLEE a Full Season Pickup

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GLEE fox tv show image - slice (1).jpg

Fans of the new hit show “Glee” can rejoice as Fox announced it has ordered a full season of the musical comedy series about a teacher trying to save the McKinley High glee club from falling into obscurity, while also helping its members realize their true potential as entertainers.  More song and dance if you click the jump.

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