Full Theatrical Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION

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The full theatrical trailer for Christopher Nolan’s new film, Inception, was released online today.  The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine, Tom Berenger, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Marion Cotillard.

Since the teaser trailer was released, almost a year ago, we were all enticed.  Then, the first trailer was released at the end of last year and we started to put together a few pieces of the puzzle.  Now here comes the latest theatrical trailer, which debuted last Friday inside the film’s online game.  After seeing this trailer, there’s no mystery left as to what the film is about.

Hit the jump to see the trailer.  Inception hits theaters on July 16th.

Sara Paxton Leads Ti West’s THE INNKEEPERS

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Sara Paxton image (2).jpg

Sara Paxton (Last House on the Left) will be joining the cast of Ti West’s (The House of the Devil) newest horror film The Innkeepers.  Paxton will be playing the lead in the film.  Pat Healy (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), Kelly McGillis (Top Gun) and George Riddle have also joined the cast.

In the film Paxton and Healy play the last two clerks in a hundred-year-old haunted hotel in the last days before its closure as a few final strange guests come to stay. The shoot is taking place at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, a real New England hotel long suspected of actually being haunted. (via THR)

The film will be produced by Derek Curl, Peter Phok, Larry Fessenden and Ti West at Dark Sky Films.  The film begins shooting this week in Connecticut.  There is no current release date.

Statement from SOUTH PARK Creators About Last Night’s Censored Episode

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Comedy Central aired the 201st episode of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s South Park last night. The episode was a continuation of the storyline from the 200th episode which was about Muhammad and how people don’t make fun of him because of religious fanatics.

When I sat down to watch the episode, I was shocked at the level of censorship.  Unlike the 200th episode, the 201st featured tons of bleeps; especially whenever they said Muhammad.  I was left wondering whether the complete change in the censorship was a joke in itself.  Today Stone and Parker released a statement.  Hit the jump for more:

Details on the New Jack Ryan Movie – Working Title is MOSCOW

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Jack Ryan will be returning under the working title Moscow in the new chapter of the franchise that has Chris Pine set to star.  As you can guess from the title, the film will be set in Russia.  According to Pajiba, Adam Cozad (an unknown writer) has been brought in to rework Hossein Amini’s (The Four Feathers) original draft.  Pajiba went on to give us some updates on the plot:

We’ll be meeting up with Jack Ryan shortly after he leaves the Marines, but before he joins to CIA.  When we first meet him, he’s a Wall Street broker.  As opposed to the books by Tom Clancy (which had him working as a financial analyst in Baltimore) he’ll be a financial advisor in Moscow for some billionaire employer.  It’s this new boss that will eventually set up Ryan as the fall guy for a terrorist plot that aims to destroy the U.S. economy.  This is when the adventure begins as Ryan must clear his name, reveal the terrorist plot, and save his wife as she’s been taken hostage by the billionaire.

Hit the jump for more.

Spike Jonze & Arcade Fire Working on Unknown New Film Project

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Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are) has been casting for a new project in Austin, Texas.  According to /Film, the Oscar nominated director has been looking mainly for actors in their late teens.  The film is apparently about friends growing apart.  Spike plans to collaborate with the indie rock band Arcade Fire, whose music he used in the trailer for his last film Where the Wild Things Are.

It’s also been speculated that the project that he’s working on is another short film.  Spike Jonze, who started out as a music video director, isn’t new to short filmmaking.  He just premiered his newest short film I’m Here at the Sundance Film Festival 2010.  The film has been released online for all to view here.  As a fan of Jonze I’m always interested in seeing more and the same applies here.

Watch the MAD MEN Cast and Crew Perform Bye Bye Birdie

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Mad Men image slice.jpg

The cast and crew of Mad Men recorded a sing-a-long to the song ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ from the 60′s musical of the same name for showrunner Matthew Weiner.  It’s also worth noting in the episode Love Among the Ruins in Season 3, the agency was tasked with repurposing the same song for a jingle for a diet soda for women.  I’ll guess the video was recorded at the same time. Personally, I love seeing John Hamm being silly alongside January Jones.

Hit the jump to see the video, and make sure to watch after the song for all the bloopers.  Mad Men returns with new episodes this summer.

Details on the New Blu-Ray Format: BDXL – Can Hold 128GB of Data on 4 Layers

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With the recent news of Avatar‘s Blu-ray release, it’s become abundantly clear 50GB may just not be enough anymore.  It’s being reported on engadget that the Blu-ray Disc Association is planning on introducing the world to BDXL.  This new format will still produce wonderful 1080p HD video, but will be capable of holding 128GB of data as opposed to the current generation of Blu-ray discs that hold only a mere 50GB.

More after the jump:


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Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) has been officially attached to direct the film adaptation for Peter Ackroyd’s novel Casebook of Victor FrankensteinProduction Weekly’s twitter feed broke the news about the book will be reaching the screen.  They also mentioned that the book has been adapted by David Auburn (Proof).

The novel centers on the relationship between these two nineteenth century Oxford students, Victor Frankenstein and Percy Bysshe Shelley.  Victor is a serious researcher obsessed with the idea of reanimating the dead.  Percy on the other hand is a poet who befriends Victor to make a great duo for a novel from the English author, Peter Ackroyd, who was honoured with an Order of the British Empire in 2003.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 Update from Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

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Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides slice.jpg

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as we already know is slated for release next summer and filming starts this June.  However, producer Jerry Bruckheimer sat down with MTV and gave us a few updates on the film.  Here is what we now know for sure now:

– Ian McShane (Deadwood) has been confirmed to be playing the villain, Blackbeard “the nastiest pirate ever”

– Geoffrey Rush (Munich) will be reprising his role as Captain Hector Barbossa

– Penelope Cruz (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) has joined the cast as well as Blackbeard’s daughter. Bruckheimer hinted at a possible romantic arc in the story between her and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Hit the jump to see the interview with Jerry Bruckheimer and read the info recap on the project.

Conan O’Brien Live Comedy Tour May Become Feature Documentary

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Conan O’Brien, recently out of work since NBC decided they didn’t need a funny Tonight Show host anymore, is about to start his 30-city live comedy/music tour entitled The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour. Deadline is reporting that Rodman Flender (Idle Hands) may be coming on board to document the tour for a feature film.  It’s an event that many fans of Team Coco will be looking for on stage and eventually in the theatre.

The tour and film are legally allowed under the severance package that Conan took after leaving NBC.  This is his plan to keep his staff from the Tonight Show working and busy.  I am totally into seeing Conan perform live comedy again and admire the guy even more because of some of the reasoning behind it all.

Hit the jump to get a list of dates and venues for the tour.


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David Fincher (Zodiac) is interested in adapting the novel by Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, into a feature film.  Steve Zaillian (Shindler’s List) will be writing the screenplay and Scott Rudin (Fantastic Mr. Fox) will be producing the picture for Sony.  The novel follows Mikael, a journalist, who is hired to document the Vagner family history but is secretly searching for answers as to the mysterious disappearance of Harriet (Vagner’s niece) which occurred 40 years prior. Eventually he teams up with Lisbeth Salander, a genius hacker with Aspergers Syndrome, to solve this mystery.

According to Vulture a deal is yet to be made official, but there is already talk of Carey Mulligan (An Education) to star in the lead female role of Lisbeth.  The novel is the first in the Millenium trilogy.  What I find most interesting is that the trilogy has already been made into feature films in Sweden which were all released last year.

Hit the jump for the trailer to the first film in this trilogy by Niels Arden Oplev: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Ruben Fleischer Wants to Film ZOMBIELAND 2 in 3D – Plus an Update on THIRTY MINUTES OR LESS

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Ruben Fleischer recently sat down to discuss his career and he talked about the sequel to his comedy hit Zombieland.  When asked in a recent interview on IconvsIcon about the upcoming sequel, he said he wanted to film it in 3D and not do it in post:

Nothing has been determined yet but just from the little that I know about 3D, I would greatly prefer to shoot it in 3D.

He’s on the right track with this, as movies shot in 3D look much better than when you do add it in post production.  Think Avatar versus Alice in Wonderland.   Ruben also went on to talk about an upcoming dark comedy heist film called Thirty Minutes or Less.  Hit to jump to read more about the story and my thoughts on Ruben’s upcoming projects.

Robert De Niro Joins Bradley Cooper in Director Neil Burger’s THE DARK FIELDS

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Robert De Niro has signed on to join the cast of the upcoming suspense-thriller The Dark Fields.  Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) has already been cast as the lead, as was previously reported here.  The film will be directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist) and produced by Scott Kroopf, Leslie Dixon and Ryan Kavanaugh.  Dixon (The Heartbreak Kid) also wrote the screenplay.

The film is about ‘a down-and-out Gotham writer (Cooper) who comes into possession of a designer drug that gives him newfound intelligence and success‘.  According to Variety, De Niro will be playing the role of the brilliant financial mogul that’s chasing after Bradley Cooper’s character.   The film will begin shooting in May in Philadelphia.


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Robert Rodriguez - slice.jpg

Robert Rodriguez sat down with Empire Magazine (via The Playlist) and spoke about his myriad of projects that he has going on; namely: Sin City 2, Nervewrackers and The Jetsons. Robert Rodriguez (since the death of James Brown) has taken over the title of the hardest working man in show business as he is constantly attached to write/produce/direct projects left, right and center.

However, ever since he made Sin City in 2005 all comic book geeks across the board have been eagerly awaiting on the sequel.  Last year when Steve got to talk to the director he said that he was still thinking about doing it early 2010 and now in his interview with Empire Magazine he continues to be uncertain as to when he’ll actually get around to it.

Hit the jump for what Rodriguez had to say about his other upcoming projects, the sci-fi Nervewrackers, and a live-action adaptation of The Jetsons:

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