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flying swords of dragon gate jet li

I am a big fan of martial arts films. I watch them constantly and although I prefer the more gritty realistic ones like The Raid Redemption, I do enjoy a good wirework fantasy swordplay extravaganza too.  So when I heard that Tsui Hark‘s new film, Flying Sword of Dragon Gate 3D, starred Jet Li and was in IMAX 3D, I was 100% sold.  I went excited to a matinee with maybe 20 other people. Having already read some reviews that said the plot is a bit muddled, but that the fight scenes were worth sticking around for, I felt the bar was set in a good middle ground place. Oh, and did I mention I took a Dramamine beforehand?  Just in case.  Any kids reading this, just wait till you hit 30, 3D movies are more like an assault to your senses, then they are a movie.  So, drugged up on anti-nausea medicine and stoked for some flying swords, I settle into my seat as the credits start to roll and it’s clear from the start 3D is the only way to see this film.  Hit the jump for my review of the Blu-ray.

DUE DATE Blu-ray Review

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Due Date movie image Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. slice

Due Date is a road trip movie mixed with The Odd Couple.  Using the classic comedy device of throwing two people together, whose personalities are so different, it’s a miracle they don’t kill each other, and then letting the chaos ensue.  Directed by Todd Phillips, made legendary in the comedy world after hits like Old School and The Hangover, this film has a ton of laugh-out-loud moments and good pacing, but character likeability is an issue that comes dangerously close to distracting from the funny. More after the jump:

CONVICTION Blu-ray Review

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When a movie is based on a true story, it goes one of two ways, dipping into the realm of over-sentimentality or actually portraying the events in a real and human way.  Luckily Conviction is the latter.  The film is based on the true story of Betty Anne Waters and her 18-year struggle to free her brother, Kenny Waters, after he is wrongfully imprisoned for murdering an elderly neighbor.  This film is confident that the story itself is powerful enough and doesn’t try to sprinkle too much extra on top.  After watching this movie, it reminds me again how Sam Rockwell is one of the most overlooked actors by Awards season every year.  Hit the jump for my review of the Blu-ray of Conviction.


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The Tournament comes out of the gates guns blazing/blood splattering and for 90 minutes keeps that momentum going.  It is one of those rare straight-to-DVD action films that avoids looking super low budget and lame, features a cast of pretty well-known actors and a contains a heaping helping of blood, bullets, as well as some awesome stunts.  But is there some higher meaning to the film or any redeeming qualities outside of mindless violence?

Find out in my Blu-ray review, after the jump.

THE BIG BANG THEORY: Season 3 Blu-ray Review

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“The Nerd Empire Strikes Back” for season three of The Big Bang Theory and the gang is back and up to their usual shenanigans.  Raj is still too nervous to talk around Penny, Howard is willing to try anything to get laid (even almost get a tattoo), Sheldon is still a hilarious and neurotic mess, and Leonard and Penny are dating.  Wait a minute, that’s a new development…  Now Sheldon has to deal with being the third wheel to Penny and Leonard’s tumultuous and severely awkward relationship.  This season delivers the same amount of laughs as the last two and Sheldon is still the NERD KING, but the flaws of the more standard sitcom jokes and some performances are starting to stick out more this time around.


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Repo Men is like a sci-fi greatest hits album compiled into one film.  It has a heaping helping of Minority Report and Repo: The Genetic Opera mixed with Blade Runner, and a dash of Jacob’s Ladder for good measure.  The plot follows a sociopathic Repo Man name Remy (Jude Law) whose job is to repossess high tech organs from people when they miss a payment.  Lots of gore and sci-fi action ensues and the inevitable reversal when the hunter becomes the hunted.  The question is, does this film offer enough new to an already full table of sci-fi hits and misses?  My full review of Repo Men after the jump.

THE BOOK OF ELI Blu-ray Review

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I want to first start out by saying Matt Goldberg wrote a dynamite review when The Book of Eli was in theaters and I agree with him completely.  What could have been just a standard action flick, ends up being a soulful exploration of one man’s quest to guard a book at all costs, with loads of awesome cinematography and action to keep even die-hard action fans satisfied.  More after the jump.

Warner Bros. Presents Saturday Morning Cartoons 1980’s DVD Review

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Warner Bros. Presents Saturday Morning Cartoons 1980s slice

It’s amazing how with one DVD collection my mind can flashback to all the forgotten memories of 80’s cartoons that I had long since forgotten.  Everyone remembers Thundercats, Transformers, GIJOE, and He-Man; but how many of you remember that Chuck Norris had a cartoon or Mr. T or that there was a whole Flintstone spin-off about Fred and Barney as kids?  I had completely blocked all these gloriously goofy episodes of obscure cartoon nostalgia from my brain, until I popped this DVD collection in.  Some of the cartoons still hold up after all these years, while others are a bit painful to watch as an adult. Which ones?  Guess you’ll have to read more…

SURROGATES Blu-ray Review

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Surrogates movie image Bruce Willis - slice.jpg

Surrogates is another cautionary sci-fi tale to hit DVD/Blu-ray shelves that forgets the main thing that makes science fiction really interesting, is allowing the audience to think.  The movie instead prefers fast pace and a short run time to actually allowing the world and characters to take a breath and live for a moment.  The credits sum up how the surrogacy program began as a way for handicapped and paralyzed people to experience a normal, albeit virtual, life.  Then of course the trend catches on faster than the iPhone and we end up living in a world where everyone is plugged into a computer and disconnected from each other. Unfortunately with an 89 minute running time, we don’t stay in this world long enough to really care for anyone involved.

More after the jump.

Collider Has Seen the 24 Season 8 4-hour Premiere Event

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I am a huge 24 fan and have been since the very beginning of the series.  We’ve gone through some good times and some bad times together, as well as some embarrassing times.  From presidential assassinations, bio-threats, and nuclear bombs blowing up in Valencia; to the infamous cougar lurking in the woods, Teri Bauer’s amnesia, and basically anything involving Kim Bauer.  24 is by no means a perfect show, but what it usually delivers on is action packed seasons and cliffhangers at the end of each episode.  Season 8, which starts with a 4-hour premiere tomorrow night, has a lot to live up to after last year’s non-stop insanely good season.  Some critics would disagree, but I thought season 7 was pure 24 gold.  Although the premiere isn’t as intense as I had hoped, some great new elements have been introduced.  And let’s just say Renee Walker returns with a vengeance!  More after the jump.

PLASTIC MAN The Complete Series DVD Review

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Plastic Man image (3).jpg

We all know the Justice League and it’s main characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  But do many remember the spin-off series about the witty one-line shooting, elastic bodied, silly superhero Plastic Man?  Maybe not as much.  I do vaguely, so I was really intrigued to dive into the full series when it was released on DVD.  And what I discovered was 35 episodes of vintage glorious cheese-ball fun.  My full review after the jump:


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The Big Bang Theory CBS tv show image (1).jpg

Look out! Nerds are taking over movies and TV! Suddenly I’m the cool one because I know the alternate and conflicting origins of Wolverine and just how badly the new movie screwed them up.  All my friends that were the “cool” ones would be eaten alive at Comic-Con, which if you were lucky enough to bare witness to, you would know that Hollywood is really into “Geek Chic” right now.  When every comic book from “Thor” to “Green Lantern” to “Green Hornet” is being picked up to be another franchise opportunity, a show that centers around social outcasts with a plethora of nerd-knowledge is bound to be a hit in the current market trends.  I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and because of that and because “The Big Bang Theory” relishes in its nerd-dom it is easily one of the funniest shows on TV right now and definitely keeping the “traditional sitcom” alive.  More after the jump:


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The Battle for Terra movie image (4).jpg

I had seen a preview for this film when I went to see “Monsters vs. Aliens” in 3-D and I was interested in checking it out, but before I could blink it was out of theaters.  I can’t imagine why a movie about humans invading a peaceful alien planet and in the name of survival tries to destroy all alien life and occupying the land, wouldn’t be an easy ticket for a kid’s film (sarcasm alert!).  It is a bit dark for a kid’s movie and will probably have trouble finding a niche, but I enjoyed the 84 minute animated ride.  More after the jump-


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There have been so many movies based on fantasy books made in the last five to ten years that I can barely keep track of them. It’s getting to the point where a year doesn’t go by without at least one (if not several) movies based on a book that takes place in “another world” where magic exists and monsters lurk in the shadows.  Fantasy movies and vampire movies seem like Hollywood’s favorite cash cow at the moment. “Ink heart” is one of those fantasy movies that came and went for me in theaters and I missed completely. Now watching it on DVD, I feel like it serves its purpose and is an entertaining film, although it adds very little to a genre that is quickly becoming as dusty as the books they are based on. More after the jump:

HEROES Season 3 DVD Review

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Heroes NBC image - slice.jpg

I want to be this show’s biggest fan.  I love the concept of a weekly show about people dealing with superpowers and an evil government agency coming to get them.  I also really like that it doesn’t shy away from the violence, especially when it comes to the ruthless power collecting ultimate bad guy (who at times shows his good side) Sylar.  What I don’t like is how scattered and uneven this show has become.  I dare anyone to try and make sense out of the first half of the season titled “Villains”. The only crime committed was a lack of concern for a coherent plot.  Luckily the second half of the season “Fugitives” got the show focused in and back on track.  More after the jump…

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