New International Trailer for PARANORMAN

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Following on from the US trailer and poster out earlier this month, Focus Features have now released a new, longer international trailer for their stop-motion zombie horror, ParaNorman. When a small town is besieged by zombies, responsibility falls upon Norman, a local boy with the unique ability to speak to the dead, to save everyone from a centuries-old curse.

ParaNorman is Coraline writer Chris Butler‘s directorial debut, although Sam Fell (The Tale of Despereaux) is also co-directing. The film features the voices of Kodi Smit-McPhee, Casey Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Leslie Mann, Jeff Garlin, John Goodman, and Alex Borstein. The movie opens in 3D on August 17th. Hit the jump for the trailer.

George Clooney To Write, Direct and Star in MONUMENTS MEN

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George Clooney has kicked off work on a new project, a big-budget affair set in Europe during World War II. Clooney will be writing, directing and starring in the movie, entitled Monuments Men, which will follow a group of art experts selected by the US Government to locate and retrieve artwork stolen by the Nazis. The film will be based on the Robert M. Edsel book “The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History”. Hit the jump for Clooney’s comments, as well as the full synopsis of the book.

Sam Rockwell in Talks to Replace Jeremy Renner in BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY

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Sam Rockwell is in negotiations with Occupant Films to star in the black comedy/thriller Better Living Through Chemistry. Jeremy Renner, who was previously slated for the role, has jumped ship to maintain a slightly more manageable schedule (he is currently on board Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Avengers, and The Bourne Legacy, just to name a few). Starring opposite Jennifer Garner and Michelle Monaghan, Variety reports that Rockwell will play a small town pharmacist whose unhappy marriage (to Monaghan) leaves him vulnerable to the alluring wiles of a sexy trophy wife (Garner) and the highs of prescription drugs. Chaos breaks loose when their affair escalates and the unfaithful couple hatches a plot to murder her husband. The film will be a debut feature from writer-directors Geoff Moore and David Posamentier. Judi Dench is on board to narrate the pic. Hit the jump for more on Rockwell and Better Living Through Chemistry.

Christopher Nolan, Jon Favreau, and More Sign up to Combat Premium VOD Service

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Chris Nolan and Jon Favreau add their voices to April’s open letter appeal by The National Association of Theater Owners protesting to DirecTV’s new Premium VOD service, Home Premiere. Home Premiere is a video-on-demand service backed by four major studios, Fox, Universal, Warner Bros., and Sony, which provides audiences with the opportunity to rent a new film two months after release, for the price of $29.95. According to THR, the Batman Begins and Iron Man directors are two of the latest signatories to oppose the service among a group of high profile talent including Quentin Tarantino, M. Night Shyamalan and David Dobkin, plus screenwriter Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker) and former president of Warner Home Video, Jim Cardwell.

Hit the jump for more on this controversy.

HAPPY FEET 2 Trailer

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The first trailer has landed for Happy Feet 2, the sequel to 2007′s best animated feature Oscar winner, and it has to be said, it is pretty grin inducing.  As to be expected, it features a host of cute and cuddly penguins bopping about and tapping their (happy) feet, and in this case rapping to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back”, albeit cunningly reworded “Fluffy Back” – think of the children!  Happy Feet 2 carries some heavy weight vocal talent, including Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Sofia Vergara among a ton of others, and Mad Max‘s George Miller is returning to direct.  It opens November 18, 2011 in the US, followed by a later release of December 2, 2011 in the UK.  Hit the jump for the trailer and official synopsis.

Ferrara, Malco, Owen, and Union Sign on for THINK LIKE A MAN

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The film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s best-selling book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man has new names attached to star alongside Kevin Hart. According to Deadline, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco, Gary Owen, and Gabrielle Union are all now signed to the comedy project which sees Hart as a “relationship expert” who dishes out advice on love whilst struggling with his own failing marriage. (Move over Agony Aunts, Uncles are stepping up.) Unlike the long winded book title, the film is named simply, Think Like A Man and, as we reported last month, will be helmed by Fantastic Four director Tim Story and produced by Will Packer (Takers). Friends with Benefits writers Keith Merryman & David A. Newman have penned the script. Hit the jump for the synopsis of the book.

Triptych Poster for CARS 2

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Continuing their epic poster campaign for their forthcoming animation Cars 2, Disney have released a monster triptych image detailing scenes across Tokyo, London and Italy. The artwork was created by a team of 20-25 people, captures 415 posed characters and took a total of five months to create – some might say overkill, although it is pretty captivating!

Directed by John Lasseter, Cars 2 features the voice talent of Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Emily Mortimer, Jason Isaacs, Bruce Campbell, John Turturro, Thomas Kretschmann, and Michael Caine. It opens in 3D June 24th.

Lionsgate Developing CUBE 3D?

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Exciting news for fans of sci-fi horror Cube, Lionsgate are currently fielding pitches for a Cube 3D. STYD reports that there is no word yet on whether the 3D movie would be a sequel or a remake of the 1997 original, but surely whatever they come up with can’t be much more disappointing than Cube 2 or Cube Zero, both unworthy follow ups. Cube offered up a simple premise: seven strangers awake in inside a colossal cube and attempt to navigate their way through a maze of lethally booby trapped rooms to escape the geometric prison.

Hit the jump for more.

Juliette Lewis Cast In HICK and A SINGLE SHOT

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Actress Juliette Lewis (Conviction) has gained a few more co-starring roles in indie titles Hick and A Single Shot according to Variety. We’ve mentioned Hick before, an adaptation of Andrea Portes’ debut novel of the same name, telling the story of a 13 year old Nebraska girl who gets more than she bargained for when she runs away to Las Vegas. Portes herself wrote the screenplay and Derick Martini (Lymelife) will be directing. The pic will also star Chloe Moretz, Eddie Redmayne and Blake Lively, although IMDb suggests that Kirsten Dunst is no longer attached as we previously reported.

A Single Shot is described as a cat and mouse thriller between a deer-hunter and some hardened criminals out for his blood. Lewis will star alongside Alessandro Nivola and William H. Macy, Juno Temple and Emily Mortimer.  Hit the jump for full synopses.

20th Century Fox Acquires Matthew Quirk’s Upcoming Novel THE FIVE HUNDRED

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Barely days after closing a publishing deal with Little Brown, the screen rights to Matthew Quirk’s first novel The Five Hundred have been purchased by 20th Century Fox. According to Deadline, the movie deal was worth “low-to-mid six figures against low seven figures”. It has been likened to John Grisham’s The Firm, but against a backdrop of political intrigue.

Prior to this two book deal, Quirk was a journalist at The Atlantic, reporting on crime, terrorism and drugs. The Five Hundred will be the first novel in what is currently a two book deal with Little Brown. No doubt both Little Brown and 20th Century Fox are hoping that this could be the birth of a franchise.  Hit the jump for the synopsis.

Pet Sematary Remake Looks For A Director

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It was reported back in March last year that Matthew Greenberg, who adapted another of Stephen King’s stories, 1408, would be resurrecting Pet Sematary, and it seems that script is now due to be turned in. Or so says The LA Times whose source is apparently briefed on the project, albeit unauthorised to comment publicly. While Paramount have also declined to comment, executives at the studio are putting out feelers for a “high level” director to tackle the tale of the undead, scalpel wielding toddler.

Mary Lambert’s 1989 original film adaptation starred Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Fred Gwynne and Miko Hughes and told the story of the young Creed family who move to a new house next to a high speed road. When their son Gage is killed on the road, the distraught father buries him in a nearby sacred burial ground that reanimates the dead. Hit the jump for more.

Kevin Smith Says Working With Bruce Willis on COP OUT was “Soul Crushing”

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Actor, writer and director Kevin Smith has lashed out at Bruce Willis on Marc Maron’s podcast, claiming that working with the action icon during shooting for his recent film Cop Out was “soul crushing”. It’s not new gossip, although officially denied, there were reports at the time that not all was hunky dory on set. Now that the hype surrounding the movie has cleared, Kevin Smith has more or less explicitly stated that there were problems, and those problems were caused by Bruce Willis. During his conversation with Maron about the movie, Smith referred to marketing issues when “one guy wouldn’t even sit for a f*cking poster shoot”. Prompted for a name by Maron, Smith said:

“Everyone knows who it is.  Put it this way, remember the really funny guy in the movie?  It ain’t him.  He’s a f*cking dream.  Tracy Morgan, I would lay down in traffic for.  Were it not for Tracy, I might’ve killed myself or someone else in the making of that movie.”

It could be a clash of egos, because there’s no denying that both of these men have massive egos, but if we’re to believe Smith’s reports, Willis was no barrel of laughs on set. Hit the jump for the low down.

New Featurette for PAUL Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

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To follow up the new trailer that we posted yesterday, here’s a new Paul featurette with some fresh footage of the Alien comedy and a couple of golden quotes from stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. This is the latest  in our extensive coverage of the movie, so make sure you’re up to date with the poster, set report, and our interviews with Pegg and Frost. The film sees the pair as sci-fi geeks road tripping via Comic-Con to UFO sites and Area 51 when they close encounter an actual alien, Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen), and suddenly find themselves on a mission to return him to his mother ship. Paul is due for release stateside on 18th March 2011 and will be in UK cinemas exactly one month earlier. Alongside Pegg and Frost, it stars Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Hader, and Joe Lo Truglio. Hit the jump for the featurette and more.

Top 10 Soundtracks and Scores of the Decade 2001 – 2010

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With 2010 coming to a close, and the imminent arrival of an entirely fresh, unexplored, and unpredictable decade of cinema, what better time to start bombarding you with top ten lists of past highlights? We’ve done top ten posters, top ten trailers and top ten Christmas movies (and an alternate Christmas list for those who disagreed with the first).

This time: scores and soundtracks. There is a distinction between the two, but it’s murky, and as more and more films are using a mix of both original scores and pre-existing tracks, who are we to try to keep them separate?  Hit the jump for more.

Cameron Crowe’s WE BOUGHT A ZOO Might Have Music by Eddie Vedder and Neil Young

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Writer-director Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous) excited Matt Damon when he gave him the script to his new film, We Bought A Zoo, by including a potential soundtrack compilation featuring “a lot of Eddie Vedder” and “a lot of Neil Young”. In interview with MTV, Matt Damon describes how before even reading the screenplay, he listened to the compilation whilst running in central park. Based on Benjamin Mee’s best selling memoir, in We Bought A Zoo, Matt Damon plays a widowed father who moves his family to the English countryside where they buy and begin to operate a zoo. Alongside Damon, We Bought A Zoo stars Black Widow beauty Scarlett Johansson and child actress, Elle Fanning. It is currently scheduled to open a year from tomorrow, on December 23rd, 2011 and will start shooting next month.

Hit the jump for more on the music Crowe attached to the script.

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