FALLING SKIES Noah Wyle and Will Patton Talk the Second and Third Seasons of the Show, the Audience Response and Possibility of Alien Invasions

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TNT’s hit sci-fi drama Falling Skies stopped by Comic-Con to talk about the current second season, the network’s renewal of the show for a third season and how inspiring it is to have the audience’s support.  You can check out our previous interviews with the Falling Skies cast here.  Noah Wyle and Will Patton completed the round table interviews, talking about what we can expect to see between their characters this season, the appearance of Weaver’s daughter and the possibility of an alien invasion.  Hit the jump to read the interview.

FALLING SKIES Drew Roy, Sarah Carter and Connor Jessup Talk About the Third Season of the Show and Wearing Those Uncomfortable Harnesses

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TNT’s hit sci-fi drama, Falling Skies, landed at Comic-Con and the stars were kind enough to sit down for a round table interview.  Drew Roy (Hal), Sarah Carter (Margaret) and Connor Jessup (Ben) talked about the second and upcoming third seasons of the show, gave some insights into their characters and commented on why they think audiences have latched on.  Make sure to take a look at all of our previous Comic-Con coverage here, especially the interviews with other Falling Skies cast members.  Hit the jump to see what Roy, Carter and Jessup had to say.

FALLING SKIES Stars Colin Cunningham, Jessy Schram and Moon Bloodgood Talk Big Boobs, Killing Aliens and the Show’s Third Season

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Falling Skies is a gritty, understandable drama that resonates with viewers through the commonality their characters share with us. At Comic-Con, stars Colin Cunningham (Pope), Jessy Schram (Karen) and Moon Bloodgood (Dr. Glass) sat down for a round table interview. the cast members pointed out that you don’t need to have big boobs and look fabulous to kill aliens, talked about the confidence from the network to greenlight a third season and what they hope to see for their characters in the future.

For more insight into the success of Falling Skies and the actors interpersonal antics, continue reading after the jump.

Comic Con: William Shatner Talks GET A LIFE, Discusses Fandom and His Lifelong Journey with Trekkies, and His Legacy As Captain Kirk

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It’s not often one has the chance to sit down with a living legend, but when you have the opportunity, it’s not something you pass up.  William Shatner surpassed everything I had heard about him.  Perhaps he plays goofy to the crowd because he knows his audience, but when promoting his movie, Get a Life, a documentary examining in greater detail the subject of his book by the same name, he was all business.  It may have taken him a lifetime to understand the historical impact he had on pop culture due to his role as Captain Kirk on the phenomenal Star Trek, but he’s not letting what he discovered go to waste one second longer.  Continue reading about his discovery after the jump. 

Comic-Con: Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy Talk ARROW, Playing a Superhero, and the Possibility of Black Canary

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comic con arrow

Arrow is one of the most highly anticipated comic adaptations to hit the small screen in quite some time. Fans of Smallville expecting Justin Hartley to walk easily onto the new series were surprised to find a stranger in their midst. From co-starring roles as a prostitute on Hung to a firefighter on Private Practice, Stephen Amell takes on the role of the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, and Katie Cassidy comes off a long line of less than savory characters to play the sweet girl that got away, Dinah “Laurel” Lance. Find out what they had to say about the show and their characters after the jump.

Comic-Con: Roger Corman Forced to Bring Bare Breasts to ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT CHEERLEADER in 3D

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attack of the fifty foot cheerleader comic con

Roger Corman, known for producing over 400 movies over the span of 60 years, most of them schlocky B movies and creature features, was at Comic-Con schilling his new 3D film for Epix, Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader. If you like Corman, boobs and 3D, this is the film for you.  To find about Corman’s experience in producing Cheerleader, tops vs topless, and movies with messages, keep reading after the jump.

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