THE LAST SONG Blu-ray Review

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More often than not movies are used as recreational escapism. And rightfully so. There’s nothing wrong with zoning out in a chilled movie theater for ninety minutes or so. These recreational movies generally hit generic action, comedic and emotional beats. Love stories usually focus on the struggle to attain love, the pain of losing it, or both.  In my opinion, it is a rare occasion when celluloid presents an honest and engaging love story to its audience. The Last Song starts out strong, but does it withstand its own emotional baggage? Hit the jump to find out.

Could Natalie Portman Be the Next Lois Lane?

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In more Superman linked news, Moviehole is reporting that Natalie Portman might be the new Lois Lane in the reboot of the Superman franchise. The common thread to this rumor, as with current details surrounding Superman: The Man of Steel, is visionary director Darren Aronofsky. Portman and Aronofsky recently collaborated on the director’s upcoming thriller, Black Swan, which has been attracting buzz like the Tea Party attracts middle aged Caucasian women with political aspirations.

While just a rumor, it seems logical given Aronofsky and Portman’s recent work together and Portman’s past connection to the franchise. I’m certain Portman could excel in the role and be a vast improvement over past celluloid incarnations of Lois Lane. Though, would it be beneath her considerable acting chops to play a damsel in distress? Black Swan swoops into theaters with a limited initial release beginning December 1st, 2010.

Ben Affleck Was in the Running to Direct SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL?!

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As reported here yesterday, acclaimed director Darren Aronofsky is on the list to possibly direct the next cinema visage of Superman. Last week Aronofsky was thrown into the prospective list of directors with Duncan Jones, Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Zack Snyder and Jonathan Liebesman.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ben Affleck was also in the pile of possible directors.   Apparently he discussed helming Superman: The Man of Steel last week, but is no longer pursuing it. THR stated that Affleck has (obviously) gained some heat with his critical and commercial hit The Town.

What I want to know is, who yanked on Affleck’s cape and dragged him back to Earth?  The Hollywood Reporter is claiming Affleck backed out.  If he did, it probably was a wise choice on his move.  With 2007’s Gone Baby Gone and now The Town, Affleck has some solid critical and monetary success under his feet and his career is flying again. Was the gamble of overseeing one of DC Comics most iconic properties not worth his current momentum, or did Nolan sprinkle some kryptonite on Affleck?

Do you think he was smart to remove himself from the list of directors, or has he made a huge mistake?

Mickey Rourke to Produce and Star in THE ICE MAN

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Veteran actor and badass Mickey Rourke has been drafted to star in Natural Selection’s adaptation of author Philip Carlo’s The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer. Carlo’s harrowing and unsettling book centers on mafia button man Richard “The Ice Man” Kuklinski.  For roughly four decades, the “Ice Man” carried out countless contracts for his mob employers, using a variety of nasty methods (crossbow, ice pick strangulation, cyanide and others)  to snuff out his targets.  Kuklinski gained the moniker “The Ice Man” once it was discovered he would freeze his victims in order to mask their expiration date.  Screenwriter David McKenna (American History X) is adapting the screenplay with Rourke co-producing.  Hit the jump for more on Kuklinski and the full press release.

AFTER.LIFE Blu-ray Review

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15 years after starring in Casper, Christina Ricci has become Casper in After. Life (shout out to Michael Walchalk for the observation). Or has she? Or, hasn’t she? Are you confused, because after viewing the movie multiple times I sure as hell was.  I was even more flabbergasted by the abundance of zombie boobies, and the police cop that groped them.  Director Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo’s movie posits some intriguing criticisms of people searching for love and acceptance when its clearly smack in front of their self absorbed eyes. But, like my momma always tells me, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Hit the jump to read my after thoughts on After. Life.


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After a marathon viewing of c, one may come to the conclusion that it is an exercise in excessive, lucid and surreal humor. It is. Don’t confuse my syntax as some negative implication. It would be easy and lazy to dismiss the Adult Swim show as another stoner comedy. When analyzed thoroughly, Squidbillies touches on topical events in a rib cracking and smarmy manner. While the show touches on social issues, the forces behind it were architects of Space Ghost Coast To Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, so it maintains a familiar schizophrenic flow. Hit the jump to delve further into the madness of the backwoods cephalopods.

Eva Mendes “Pimps Don’t Cry” Music Video from THE OTHER GUYS

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If you’re like me, you like booze, fast cars, fast women and Will Ferrell. If you aren’t like me than go away because I don’t like anyone not like me. With that out of the way, a video has been produced for “Pimps Don’t Cry”, a song Will Ferrell and the slinky Eva Mendes tenderly sing to each other in The Other Guys. It doesn’t approach the same level of profane, raunchy frat boy irreverence as Step Brothers “Boats ‘N Hoes”, but it’s still a quick fun watch. The video features the always sexy Eva Mendes and Cee- Lo trading verses about the perils of pimpdom. Considering its origins, it’s a pretty good track and the video sports all kinds of cool 70’s exploitation editing and visuals. The Other Guys is currently in theaters and if you haven’t seen it do so. Now.  Pimp smack the jump for Funny Or Die’s video and click here for Will Ferrell’s NYPD recruitment video.

SDCC 2010: MYTHBUSTERS Cast Interview

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I think it’s safe to say that Press Room 1B of the San Diego Convention Center housed five of the smartest, most intriguing, humble, and engaging individuals in the entertainment business. I’m not referring to the cast of some ambitious ensemble superhero movie, but Mythbusters‘ Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara. I rubbed elbows with a few celebrities throughout SDCC 2010, though I was genuinely starstruck in the presence of the MythBusters. Their interview was by far my favorite of the event. Hit the jump to brush up.


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Both MTV and TNT teased eager Comic-Con attendees with glimpses at new television programs Teen Wolf (MTV) and Falling Skies (TNT).  Ironically both panels were back to back and both either draw from familiar source material, Teen Wolf being a re-envisioning of the Michael J. Fox movie, and Falling Skies using themes akin to War of the Worlds and other comparable alien invasion epics. Did the sneak peeks serve anything fresh to audiences with their bite size snippets, or were they awkward rehashes of contrived stories? Hit the jump to find out.

SDCC 2010: Robert Rodriguez’s MACHETE Panel

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At the end of every July, downtown San Diego morphs into a mecca of all things pop culture.  As far as the eye can see are eclectics decked out in the garb of their favorite comic, movie or cartoon character.   Machete swapped Stormtroopers and Ewoks for bad ass old school American cars and sultry go-go dancers.  Machete-1, rest of Comic Con-0.  Oh, and there was never before seen Machete footage and free Tecate, spicy margaritas, and free tacos, served by Michelle Rodriguez.  Machete-5, rest of Comic-Con-0.  Why is the gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez handing out food to socially awkward fan boys? And why did Jason Schwartzman threaten to sick security on me and an associate of mine? Hit the jump to delve into my adventure.

UNTHINKABLE Blu-ray Review

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Hearing or reading the word unthinkable conjures the concept of some fantastically awesome or brutally heinous events. Since this film features Samuel L. Jackson it’s safe to assume that something heinous, horrible and harsh will occur, possibly involving Sam Jackson raising his voice and spitting some hateful yet thought provoking words at some meek opponent. Unthinkable is the sixth movie helmed by director Gregor Jordan.  It is the third film of his young filmography to contain heavy moral and political overtones, the other two being Ned Kelly and the tense, snarky, and excellent Buffalo Soldiers. Unthinkable’s packaging claims that it is “The most suspenseful thriller of the year”, but is it really? Hit the jump to find out.

SUPERNATURAL Season 1 Blu-ray Review

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slice supernatural

Quirky television programs that blend horror, fantasy and folklore such as Supernatural have been a staple of network line-ups for decades. Obviously The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits are classics in the genre and set the bar for freaky quality. Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer came along and injected teen melodrama, genuine emotion and pop cultural quips into the horror/fantasy television playbook. Soon after Buffy’s success, a deluge of similar shows flooded the airwaves (Roswell, Angel, Charmed and so on). Supernatural studiously follows the path blazed by its predecessors. The initial season of Supernatural starts off strong, but begins to meander into a droll villain of the week formula. Though, it’s not how you start, but how you finish that matters. Does Supernatural finish strong? Double tap the jump to find out.


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Warner Bros. has cast the trailer to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows upon the Internet. It will also run in front of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse starting this week. Bleak-looking and stoic-sounding, the trailer is appropriately epic. “The Boy Who Lived” gets some significant face time with Ralph Fiennes dastardly ominous, pasty and nose less Lord Voldemort. The brief glimpses of Harry and Voldemort scrapping looked ridiculous in both standard and high definition. Voldemort and Harry beaming magical energy bolts against one another was so crazy looking it compelled me to view the trailer about a dozen times. The David Yates-helmed grand finale will be split into two parts, the first of which will be released on November 19th, 2010. The conclusion is set to appear in theaters July 15, 2011. Both will be available in 3D, IMAX 3D, and 2D theaters.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and the official synopsis for Part 1.

THE EDGE Blu-ray Review

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The Edge movie image slice

Blu-ray movies are spectacular.  It’s as if some advanced cybernetic organism from the future skipped through the past and impregnated DVD’s with some rad robotic seed that created beautiful looking and sounding Blu-ray discs. Inarguably Blu-ray movies are amazing, though older movies that are mutated into the high definition format don’t always wind up looking better after the face lift. View Ghostbusters on Blu-ray for example. It seems from my experience with Blu-ray thus far, current films look the best in the high def format. This makes sense since many films are shot with an improved visual experience in mind. The Edge on Blu-ray sucker punched my expectations, my eyes and mind with its harsh natural setting and crafty story. Hit the jump for my analysis.

New 4-Minute Clip from THE A-TEAM

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20th Century Fox  has unleashed an action-oozing new clip from the forthcoming A-Team movie.  The new footage is crammed with all sorts of explosive, exploding, detonating, and blowing up pyrotechnic awesomeness.  The clip is also pretty hilarious, focusing on Sharlto Copley’s (District 9) deranged “Howling Mad” Murdock and his unusual approach to wound stitching and other insane antics. Usually these quaint blurbs promoting upcoming movies do little to stimulate me, but this clip was genuinely funny. The action seems like it’s going to be video game over the top, but the manner in which it’s presented is compelling me to want to see this flick with the quickness.  All of the footage up to now has left me feeling “meh” about the A-Team movie, but now I’m ready to carve a mowhawk into my hair and see if director Joe Carnahan’s plan comes together. The A-Team lands in theaters near you June 11th. Hit the jump to check out the clip.

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