ROCK BAND 3 Review (Xbox 360)

     November 15, 2010

For roughly the past 5 years, the video game industry has seen the rise and rather immediate fall of music games. Over that time, the average gaming household has become cluttered with the various peripherals needed for the likes of …

STARGATE UNIVERSE The Complete First Season DVD Review

     March 20, 2015

As a huge fan of SyFy’s Stargate SG-1 (particularly the Richard Dean-Anderson era), I was very much looking forward to Stargate Universe. The Stargate Atlantis spinoff had always seemed like it was trying to hard to be like its predecessor …

Warner Bros. Picks Up Spy Thriller UNLOCKED

     September 23, 2010

With the hunt to find the next Bourne series still up in the air, Warner Bros. just picked up Unlocked, a spy thriller penned by Peter O’Brien.  Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. picked up the script, which topped the …