GOTHAM Recap: “Viper”

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Tonight’s episode of Fox’s Gotham was particularly difficult to watch for the lactose intolerant.  Yes, a bulk of the episode’s plot centered on a drug that drained the victims of their body’s calcium, leading them to binge on dairy projects before eventually collapsing under their own body weight as their bones crumbled from the inside.  Pure nuttiness.  That aside, there was a good bit of this hour dedicated to young Master Wayne and his ever-present desire to solve his parents’ murder once and for all, now, thankfully, with more help from Alfred.  Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin continues to steal the show, followed closely by Donal Logue’s roguish Harvey Bullock, but is it enough to keep viewers addicted?

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap: “Strangers”

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Now that the group of survivors has been reunited after the chaos at Terminus, what are they to do?  The Walking Dead has spent plenty of time in past seasons bottled up in one location or another (the farm and the prison, notably) but it looked like they were getting ready to hit the dusty trails for good this season.  Not so fast.  In the fifth season’s second episode, we get a momentary glimpse of life on the road for this unwieldy group before a new arrival (and an old foe) turn a possible sanctuary into a probable death trap.

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ARROW Recap: “Sara”

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Warner Bros. went a little crazy with the movie news today, but nary a word was heard on Green Arrow’s appearance on the big screen.  That’s fine.  We’ll continue to join the Emerald Archer on The CW’s Arrow.  The action takes a bit of a backseat to the drama in this week’s episode, which makes sense considering the shocking conclusion of their season three premiere.  That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of fighting, feuding, and flying out of buildings to be found, because if it’s one thing Arrow does better than most it’s balancing heroic action beats with strong character dynamics, even when the team is bidding farewell to one of their own.

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THE FLASH Recap: “Fastest Man Alive”

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The Flash got off to a great start in last week’s premiere, but time will tell if it has the legs to go the distance.  If you doubted Grant Gustin’s ability to portray Barry Allen, or the new-found powers that give the title hero his meta-human status, then you fell into lock-step with this episode’s central theme.  Yes, it seems that doubt is currently The Flash’s biggest foe, since Barry is rather green when it comes to fighting other super-powered foes. He’s just beginning to learn the limits of his powers, but The Flash is quickly establishing its own identity; there’s no doubt about that.

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GOTHAM Recap: “Arkham”

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Hot off the news that Fox’s Gotham will be adding six episodes to their premiere season, we get to enjoy the fourth installment titled simply, “Arkham”.  By rights and by design, the first season should be exactly one-quarter of the way through their planned story arc by episode’s end, but now that pre-plotted landscape may be in for a shake-up thanks to the new episode orders.  Will we get some bottle episodes?  Some spin-offs featuring side characters that were tossed out of early edits due to time constraints?  Whatever we end up with in the long run, at least we get a chance to take a peek at the original design for a few episodes.  After all, there’s a war coming.

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THE WALKING DEAD Recap of the Season 5 Premiere: “No Sanctuary”

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Season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead ended with one hell of a cliffhanger that saw the fan-favorite group of survivors biding their time in the Terminus folk’s make-shift railcar prison cell.  Thankfully, season five kicked off more or less from this same spot, so viewers didn’t have to hang on too long to find out the fate of Rick & Co.  Now that it’s arrived and the wait is over, just how good was the premiere?  In a word: Perfect.

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ARROW Season 3 Premiere Recap: “The Calm”

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The Flash got off to a fantastic start with its series premiere last night, so I was curious to see how Arrow would follow it up with its own third season premiere.  Since it’s first episode was titled “The Calm”, I honestly didn’t expect much beyond a bit of catch-up with the cast and a setup for where the show will go this season.  And that’s pretty much what we got from the first 58 minutes, right up until that very last gut-wrenching moment which Arrow has become known for.  As for how that surprising moment will impact the rest of the season, well we’ll just have to wait and see.

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THE FLASH Series Premiere Recap: “City of Heroes”

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The excellent premiere of The Flash deserves better than speed puns, so let me just say it plainly: This show is really, really good.  And not just The CW good, but good across the board.  “City of Heroes” nails its comicbook source material, brings home the dramatic feels, and freshens up the action scenes in a fun new way.  So what’s the downside?  The premiere was so strong that it has set an incredibly high bar for the rest of the series’ episodes going forward. That not only puts the pressure on the network’s brother-show Arrow, but other small-screen ventures into the world of superheroes.  This is the way you kick off a signature series.

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SCORPION Recap: “A Cyclone”

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Last week’s episode of Scorpion rebounded from the frenetic and frankly idiotic pilot to develop some of its characters as they puzzled out a cure to a somewhat realistic threat.  Unfortunately, that unsteady foundation has already been tossed up into the air by this week’s episode, “A Cyclone.”  Sure, the dangers of terrorist bombings and shady government organizations overstepping their bounds are all too real, but this team of super-geniuses continue to find the absolute dumbest ways of dealing with their problems.

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GOTHAM Recap: “The Balloonman”

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Gotham’s got a long way to go before infamous villains like the Penguin, Two-Face, and the Riddler step into the spotlight.  So where do we start instead?  We start with “The Balloonman,” a moniker which is both the title of tonight’s episode and the nickname of the series’ first vigilante.  This hour was a big test for the Batman prequel series since it’s still trying to figure out whether or not it’s a hard-boiled noir drama or a heightened, comicbook version of the real world.  I’m happy to say that I think Gotham is starting to find its tone, as this episode featured some much-needed laugh-out-loud moments amongst the doom and gloom, and began to fully embrace its cartoonish qualities.  There are still some glitches to be sure, but Gotham is … more than just hot air.

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X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Digital HD Edition Is a Worthy Addition to Your Digital Catalog

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In the near future, our world will undergo two drastic changes: firstly, mutants will be hunted to near extinction, and secondly, everyone will download movies to watch in Digital HD.  The heroes of Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past do their best to prevent that first change from happening, but the excellent audio/visual quality of the film’s digital edition will help to ensure that second change still takes place.  Let’s be honest, it’s for the best.  Boasting a clear, crisp picture that is indistinguishable from watching a Blu-ray, along with instant access to special features and behind-the-scenes bonuses, it’s quite apparent that Digital HD downloads are the way of the future.  Hit the jump for my X-Men: Days of Future Past review in this particularly convenient format.

SCORPION Recap: “Single Point of Failure”

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Last week’s premiere of CBS’s action-drama Scorpion was so fast-paced that it didn’t have time to breathe, thus depriving its supposedly advanced collective brain of oxygen.  Thankfully, the follow-up episode calmed down on the l33t speak and took a bit more time between action beats and epiphanies.  The result: a much more enjoyable hour of television that is moved closer to earning its self-described level of intelligence.  The wisest movie Scorpion makes in its second showing is backing off on the braininess a little bit, and allowing each of the characters to show a little heart.  Hit the jump for our Scorpion recap.

GOTHAM Recap: “Selina Kyle”

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In the Gotham series premiere, viewers were introduced to a world without Batman that nonetheless featured many of the other heroes and villains from the storied franchise.  While the characters seem comfortable in their small-screen iterations, some of the actors are still working out the kinks.  It’s early yet, but the frontrunner for “Best Scenery Chewer” so far is Jada Pinkett Smith in her turn as ambitious gangster Fish Mooney.  Detective James Gordon is obviously the show’s lead and the city’s lone straight arrow, but Ben McKenzie hasn’t yet figured out the balance of noble hero and noir tough guy; instead he winds up just scowling a lot.  In between, however, we have quite a bit of potential, specifically in the performances of youngsters David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova, and relative newcomer Robin Lord Taylor.  Thankfully the show’s second episode gives each of them a share of the spotlight.  Hit the jump for tonight’s Gotham recap.

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Unfinished Episodes Available to Stream Online

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Nothing as mundane as cancellation can stop Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  The series has officially been off the airwaves for over a year, but the spirit of it continues on in projects like Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions (the show’s final season) which is available on Netflix, and even the comicbook tie-in “Star Wars: Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir.”  Now, four unfinished episodes of the series are available to stream online courtesy of parent site,  An introductory video explains the power of the series, as well as its stories as of yet untold.  Hit the jump for more.

New PREDESTINATION Trailer Gets Time-Travel Twisty with Ethan Hawke, Noah Taylor, and Sarah Snook

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A couple of months ago, we posted the first trailer for Michael and Peter Spierig’s upcoming sci-fi film, Predestination, and through the power of time travel, another trailer is now upon us!  Ethan Hawke, who previously collaborated with the brother directors in the 2009 vampiric horror film Daybreakers, stars as the enigmatic lead in this mind-bending picture.  It’s inspired by Robert Heinlein’s short story “All You Zombies”, so if you’re familiar with the source material then you should have a fair idea of where this picture is going. Possible spoilers aside, it’s still got potential to be a taut character-driven thriller, as this new trailer suggests.

Also starring Noah Taylor and Sarah SnookPredestination opens in theaters on January 9th.  Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.

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